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Victoria Rafaeli: Invisible Israeli, or Warrior Princess?

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Well…she's still here.  That deserves a topic, right?  Right?


Okay, I just like making topics.  Sue me.


As much as the show itself makes fun of Vic, it's still not impossible for her to win a few comps and become a legitimate threat to win the whole thing.  Cowboy, Ivette, and Adam Poch all managed late-season rallies that brought them unexpectedly close to the big prize.


That being said ™, I have a really hard time seeing it.   She's been so bad in almost every comp where she's been solo.  (Brittany coached her through two Battle of the Blocks to decent success, and she worked well with Caleb in a third. But she's too slow and rut-prone without guidance.)  I think production had a better shot at feeding Colonel Jerry a skee-ball HoH in S10 than they do in finding a way to help Vic…if they even want to.


Well, maybe the Boringnators will turn on each other, and somebody will take the "Last Girl Standing" to the F2, and she'll stun everybody with a killer speech.  Yeah, and maybe Frankie will wake up one morning and decide that being a raging narcissist is really freaking embarrassing.  I'm not counting on it, in other worrds.


Still, at least she's still there…

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She has grown on me. I think production forces her to say those obnoxious DR comments. She's a bad player and doesn't deserve to win of course, but she seems very innocent and sweet and it's very refreshing. I just know why she's on big brother.

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Yay! I love Victoria! BB has been really big is seems on casting "characters" as others have pointed out throughout this season. Even the BB announcer gives them titles, "the hot mom", "the country boy" etc. Anyways, her DRs seem to be 95% scripted, the music they play whenever she is doing a competition, all these things and more just make it seem like she's playing the "dumb girl" role. And okay, maybe sometimes she makes it a little easier to place her in that role…but I think she is smarter than she lets on. Maybe she isn't good at this game (maybe she is..) but that doesn't mean she is a dumb girl. She was one of the nice girls this summer too. And remember Joey?? She is definitely better than that mess at this game!

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JerseyGirl, on 17 Sept 2014 - 2:27 PM, said:


Amber knows she wears extensions, but constantly makes catty remarks about girls who wear extensions.


Vic is very upset at Amber for asking if she had hair extensions. She wants to keep it a secret.



Victoria says she has something personal to say. Amber keeps asking her if she has extensions, “five times” , Nicole, Christine and Jocasta know she does but she never told Amber. .“My whole life I’ve been known for my hair my entire life one of the reason I didn’t want to come on the show was because of my hair”  My best guy friends don’t even know this only my girlfriends and family.. three years ago I lost my hair like all of it gone.


She talks about Amber making fun of her hair. She starts going into telling him about how she lost her hair and how hard it is to be in the house with her extensions.



Found the mention on why production doesn't want her to take them out:


I have heard it suggested that Production wants her to leave them in to maintain a sense of consistency. Similarly, they would not allow Donny to shave off his beard despite him finding it very uncomfortable.




I read all the links, and there's only Victoria saying that Amber is a big meanie.  There's no third person confirming it, nor quotes of Amber actually saying it.  However, in one of her crying sessions over her hair, Victoria took a swipe at how busted Brittani's extensions were.

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I only recall Amber asking Victoria if she had extensions, although she may have asked more than once. IIRC Victoria's standard response was to deny, deny, deny™ - which, if the extensions were obvious enough (I wouldn't be able to tell, so I don't know), may have prompted the repetitive questions. As self-conscious and paranoid as Victoria is on the subject, though, I'd guess she could have easily taken repetitions as being catty in nature.

I wonder how much this paranoia might've colored Victoria's relationships with the other female HGs right from the start...?

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