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Online Petition Asking PR to bring back 2/3 day challenges

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Hi PR lovers!


I've read all over the forums and the interwebz how frustrated we all are with the one-day challenge format that seems to be the exclusive choice for the show these days.  So, I created an online petition to request that they bring back 2 and 3 day challenges.


How wonderful would it be if we get thousands and thousands of signatures? Not only would that give us some validation as reasonable people, but maybe we can make some noise!  What do you say? Will you sign it? Would you share it in your social circles to get even more signatures?




I hope you do! Maybe we will not get PR to change but maybe we will, remember when the fan community managed to make CBS reinstate a cancelled show? We could be those people!

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I'd troll the Project Runway twitter account during the show. I've been seriously considering creating an account just for that purpose.


Well, I think if we get enough signatures, we can send the petition link to their twitter, but not before, because if they see a petition with 10 signatures, they'll just laugh.  For now, I think sharing within your own social circles will help send the word out.


I've written to Tom and Lorenzo and to EW telling them about it and asking them to mention the petition in one of their recaps, we'll see if they do it.  You could write to them too (look for contact info on heir pages).  If they get several requests, they might pay attention.  I would write to E! but I just hate them so much I can't.  So, if someone wants to write to them with the petition link, that'd be awesome!


Thanks, guys!

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This is a nice initiative, but honestly what bothers me even more is how long the finalists have to make their collections.


We have gone from having several months in season one to produce their collections...to having a handful of weeks coming right after the exhaustion of being on the show to produce a collection for New York Fashion Week.  This is absurd and doesn't lets the designers showcase themselves.  The collection should not just be another challenge to see what you can do in a short amount of time...it should be what is your vision as a designer.

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it would be utterly amazing if they paid even the slightest attention to an online petition.  Only if you could prove a link to declining ratings might it matter.


Then there's boycotting instead.  Boycotts of sponsors work for serious stuff, but I doubt many people would boycott over them being cheap ass scrimpers (the shorter challenges save production time).

That said, I entirely wish you luck. I'd love to be wrong.

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