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S12.E01: Launch Show

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That opening was very hokey.  The Brucie bit seemed to be a way for the BBC to say they hadn't sacked him, it was entirely his own decision.  Tess was bland and Claudia faintly irritating, as I expected.


New pro Joanne had a very bizarrely fixed smile.  


Scottish rugby player/model Tom didn't sound very Scottish to me (but quite nice eye candy).


Judy Murray and Anton: least surprising pairing ever.


Masterchef guy looks the most annoying of the celebs.

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Ooh, I'm looking forward to seeing it. Irritation and all. As long as it's glittery and cheesy....I'm there.


So, they did pair up Tristan with the token Irish lady? Lordy. I don't even think Ireland can vote!

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I loved the launch show.  Glitter and cheese were abundant, Oakgirl ;-).  


So, so disappointed to see Tristan paired with Jennifer, although I have no doubt they'll be a lot of fun. So many of the pairings were unpredictable it made the boring predictability of Jenn/Tris, Judy/Anton and Alison/Aljaz - being that only he is tall enough - so very perplexing.  Gutted for Judy, because she would have so enjoyed a fit, younger partner, but hopeful she will make Anton work hard for once.  She did look the least confident of all of them, sadly.


A little bit of me wonders if giving Tristan the Irish lady was a kindness, so he could be 'home' during training, but I think it more likely they couldn't pass up the opportunity for all that 'Oirish' josh-orama they have up their sleeves.  I'm cringing already at the prospect of the 'funny' VTs and an overdose of the we-didn't-understand-a-word-but-aren't-they-hilarious quippery.  Yikes!


Scott will be a terrible dancer but very lovable, I think.  


Shocked that stand-in newbie Trent got arch-ringer Pixie, although, I have to say, from the little we saw of her, she may not be as good as I was expecting and she came across a touch....vapid.


I loved Iveta's dumbfoundedness at getting Thom.  A 'Yay!' from me for those two.


Pasha - yet again - gets a young lovely.  I'd have liked to see him with a different type, for once.  No showmance rumors for them, though, as it seems our Pash and Rachel (his partner from last year) are in lurve.  Crumbs!

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, Tristan gets screwed on two continents with non-competitive partners.  Sadly, I give him about 3 weeks.   At least the roaming tongue made an appearance.

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Not wishing to add insult to injury, here, but Tristan's partner hasn't even been in the country this past week.  She lives (some of the time?) in Florida and she and her husband have been over there, so she will only start training today. No disrespect to her intended, but, from the launch show, she clearly needs as much rehearsal time as possible.  The first show is a week Friday, with the second on Saturday.  I imagine they have camera blocking and dress rehearsal etc in the middle of next week, so she has about 10 days.....

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Jeez. I wonder why Tristan couldn't go to Florida to try to sneak in some rehearsal time with her. I hope for her sake she has an easier dance. It seems like such a colossal waste of this man's talent. He's a great teacher and definitely has the personality needed to work with the older more tentative celebs but it's still not fair when they can't be 100% committed.

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Lovely.  Tristan's partner is nothing more than the decidedly less sexy version of Pamela Anderson -- just what he needed.  Just what the hell did he do to piss off the franchise on TWO continents and/or the heavens that he seems to be cursed when it comes to this show and its various incarnations?  Maybe he should have tried out for the Australian, German, French, Italian, or Austrian versions instead.

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Well finally a tweet with photo of Jennifer and Tristan in rehearsals:



“Busy week so far in rehearsals”
10:03 AM - 16 Sep 2014



What gets me, though, is that Jennifer sent the following tweet right after the launch, and THEN for some reason went to Florida for a week:


@JennyGibney Sep 7

@bbcstrictly thanks to everyone for all the lovely messages, now have to practice #3weeks xx


And during the launch, Tristan said, "We're going home" but then they didn't (and I think they're in London now.)


So what happened?  Another celeb, Gregg, is on holiday in Italy this week.  He's unlikely to do well in the show, at least going by popularity polling at Digital Spy.  I'm clearly paranoid -- but I'm wondering if Strictly told those two NOT to practice the full time because they want some of the contestants to be unprepared the first week to make for a funnier or more interesting first night??  Pamela and Tristan both told Jimmy Kimmel they didn't know why Tristan wasn't sent to work with Pamela during her travels during the practice time, yet others have been sent overseas to work with their celebs the whole time (like Mark in England with Katherine etc etc)  Why does Tristan always have to get shafted ??  :(


Oh well, maybe she'll do great - or maybe they'll get loads of votes anyway.  It sure can be tough to be a Tristan fan though  :(

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Thom won me over. He learned the Bye Bye Bye dance? I'm an instant fan. He's easy on the eyes too.


I kind of like Simon's personality, but I've remembered that I'm not too fond of Kristina. The radio guy could be fun. I liked Tim (is that his name?) better than I thought I would, but I would still prefer Natalie with a real contender.


I've already forgotten who most of the women are. I didn't like what I saw of Caroline's personalty. Frankie looks like she has potential if she can get past her nerves. Tristan getting another woman of a certain age is kind of funny. 


It's kind of hard for me to figure out who really is a contender having never heard of these celebrities. The group number had way too much going on for me to get a sense of everyone's ability.

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It's kind of hard for me to figure out who really is a contender having never heard of these celebrities. The group number had way too much going on for me to get a sense of everyone's ability.

Are you able to view the videos on the BBC site or on the facebook page? 




The training videos are supposed to be from their first day.  Seems to be one released each day by the BBC.


I think the contenders at this stage look like Frankie, Pixie, Caroline, Simon and Thom, with Sunetra and Jake as maybes.  


Might surprise us?  Alison, Mark, Gregg 


Unlikely, but you never know: Judy, Tim, Scott, Jennifer, Steve

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Tonight's the debut!  I think Tristan and Jennifer dance tomorrow night - the jive to Happy by Pharrell.  Nice song and she looked good in the practice video:




Oh and one of the contestants did an interview saying he wished he had another partner!




Oh my.  And his trousers split open during one of their rehearsals and he wasn't wearing any underwear!  A rip-roaring start to Strictly :)

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Just getting around to watching this:

Don't particularly care that Bruce is leaving. The part when Tess and Claudia come out and pretend to dance a bit is always so cringe worthy... can't one of "the best professionals in the country" teach them how to sashay onto the stage or something?

International rugby player for Scotland/ model... He is going to be shirtless for most of his dances... and no one is complaining. And since we're in shallow mode, Trent's and Tristan's accents can stay too. 

I LOVE how horribly awkward those first pairings can be. The faux tension, the surprised!smile, the walk/dance... 

I'm surprised Pixie Lott and Frankie are there, would have thought they're too successful for this kind of thing but I'm excited to see them dancing. Tim is just fantastic. I hope he doesn't get the Anne Widdecombe treatment cos he genuinely cracks me up. I am so so glad that Anton and Brandon do not get duds this year. They always end up drawing the short stick. 

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I'm surprised Pixie Lott and Frankie are there, would have thought they're too successful for this kind of thing but I'm excited to see them dancing.


From what I've gathered, the Saturdays are winding down, and so their management is trying to set the individual members up for their solo careers as performers/presenters/celebs/whatever (rather than cross-promotion of some group activity, since they just finished a greatest hits tour and don't have anything major on the horizon, except a rumored Christmas album).  (Although, my snarky side views Frankie's appearance on the show as her management's attempt at birth control.)

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