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  1. AJ has announced he is leaving the show.
  2. I loved it. I think the Master will have survived because he united with the Cyberium, so even if his organic matter is gone for good, his mind will be there and at some point he will find a way to get a body again. The ending could be a way to lose the boring companions, if they choose to do so. Or because they now have a tardis of their own (and I loved that it became an identikit house on a modern housing development, no one would ever notice another one 😉 ) maybe they will rescue the Doctor at the start of the Christmas special before the Daleks invade.
  3. Very sad to hear of the death of Caroline Flack, 2013 champion.
  4. Fab episode and well concealed spoilers 😉 Are they perhaps from an alternate timeline? (Diverging a long way back.) Or has the doctor's memory been interfered with somehow?
  5. I really enjoyed this episode and the previous one; it seemed ike a big step up from last season. Is the Timeless Child perhaps the founder of Gallifrey, and maybe from the alternate dimension?
  6. A lovely final. Kelvin probably deserved to win, but I was a bit underwhelmed by his showdance. It lacked light and shade for me. Karim's quickstep and jive were both fabulous, but I was really disappointed by his choice of a contemporary showdance. But he offered the greatest variety in the final. Emma was not technically as strong, but had grace and charm and a real stage presence. It's been a lovely series (season).
  7. Very good dancing this week, I will be a little sad whoever goes home tonight, though for different reasons. Kelvin - fantastic quickstep, deserved the 40. He's been the most consistent through the series. I'm not sure I like his personality as much as the others. Karim - loved his AS even if it wasn't perfect. Not always the best, but my favourite. Emma - beautiful waltz, terrible Latin. Chris - such a NICE guy, and tries hard, but the weakest dancer left.
  8. Thomas was definitely a bit out of his depth doing anything but selling (although he was genuinely amazing at that unlike all the previous seasons' self-styled big sellers), and I think he had reached the end of the road, but there was something so nice about him despite the steamroller tendencies - he never seemed to hold a grudge when he lost out on something. I wonder if AS knew he would get eviscerated in interviews and didn't want to put him through it when he knew he wasn't going to win, and if he was on the winning team next time he'd be stuck? The only reason I want Lottie to survive another week is so she *can* get eviscerated. Really, your first lessons at four put you in the music industry? LOL.
  9. Much better this week. 1. Karim - a bit stagey, but charming and super-entertaining, loved it. 2. Kelvin - technically excellent but a bit unlikeable in that dance. Great in terms of presenting the character, but … I just wonder if he might not find himself an undeserved B2? 3. Emma - also a great musical style dance, really very good. BIG BIG GAP 4. Alex - it felt a bit like a school show to me, rather than a samba. 5. Chris - not much foxtrot, was there? Past time he went home, but obviously he has a lot of fans for his personality.
  10. A bit of a damp squib this week, I really missed Michelle even though her act of self sabotage last week was her own fault. Karim and Kelvin both underwhelmed with couple's choices which lacked something - technically good but dull in both cases. Saffron probably the right one to go home, very stolid and heavy.
  11. Michelle was an excellent dancer but she totally deserved to go home this week. Is it just me, or did anyone else think Kelvin held back from the group around her afterwards? He didn't applaud in the balcony either.
  12. What a fantastic evening. GREAT Kelvin - outstanding jive, fun staging. Karim - frenetic and showy Charleston, perfect for him. VERY GOOD Emma - classic ballroom, lovely. Saffron, ditto. OK Alex - felt a bit stagy and Alex didn't really stand out when she was with the backing dancers. Not bad though. POOR Chris - not a lot of salsa in that, or movement of any kind from Chris. I like his personality but not his dancing. AWFUL Michelle. Sorry, but that was incredibly self indulgent chorography, and as despite gushy comments she was bottom of the leaderboard I suspect the judges thought so too. And if she couldn't escape the danceoff last week after a very good dance and second place after judges' comments, this ain't gonna do it. Still, as she's obviously not going to get to do a showdance, fair play to her for sneaking it in now as a couples' choice. What kind of dance was it even supposed to be, anyway? Dreadful. Bottom two prediction: Chris vs Michelle, but I honestly don't know who will go home.
  13. Well, I definitely wasn't expecting Michelle in the b2. I've never thought her fanbase was big enough to win and suspected she wouldn't make the final, but she was second on the leaderboard this week and I really thought she was safe. I suspect she will get over marked next week but then will be in the B2 every week until the judges lose faith and dump her. It's a shame, bc she is one of the best dancers.
  14. Best of the night: 1. Michelle - so stylish 2. Kelvin - HOT salsa! 3. Saffron - gorgeous waltz It OUGHT to be Mike going home, but I'm a bit worried for Karim this week.
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