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  1. Fabricationary

    SNL Season 43: Speculation and more!

    Now that season 43 is roughly half-over, what are everyone's favorite sketches (both live and pre-taped)? Not sure if this should be its own thread, so I'm posting mine here for now: 1. Papyrus (Ryan Gosling) 2. Climate Change (Kumail Nanjiani) 3. Whiskers R We (Tiffany Haddish) 4. Sports Announcer (Chance the Rapper) 5. American Girl Store (Saoirse Ronan) 6. The Naomi Show (Gal Gadot) 7. Floribama Shore (Saoirse Ronan) 8. Customer Service (Kumail Nanjiani) 9. E! New Line Up (Gal Gadot) 10. Fresh Takes (Larry David)
  2. Fabricationary

    S43.E09: Kevin Hart / Foo Fighters

    The goodbyes on the ice rink was seriously the only funny part of the whole show. Ouch.
  3. Fabricationary

    S43.E03: Kumail Nanjiani / P!nk

    Cecily's Ivana Trump sounded like she was channeling Alex Bornstein's Miss Swan from Mad TV (RIP), at least phonetically.
  4. Fabricationary

    S43.E02: Gal Gadot / Sam Smith

    I almost thought Heidi Gardner was Maya Rudolph making a cameo during the Naomi Show sketch.
  5. Fabricationary

    S24.E11: The Finale Part 2

    Does the finalist announced to be going on tour with the pros always end up being the winner?
  6. Fabricationary

    S42.E21: Dwayne Johnson / Katy Perry

    That's definitely interesting! I didn't keep stats, but it seemed like Sasheer was in a ton of sketches last night - a lot more than usual.
  7. Fabricationary

    S42.E21: Dwayne Johnson / Katy Perry

    So Vanessa and Bobby are leaving, but why were Beck and Kyle also prominently featured in the graduation skit? Are they leaving also (and if so, can they take Aidy with them)?
  8. Fabricationary

    S42.E18: Jimmy Fallon / Harry Styles

    This had to be the inspiration for the Legally Blonde middle school musical sketch.
  9. The reviews are in, and even cats won't drink cat wine. I'm just waiting for the Amazon reviews to spiral into one of these, though.
  10. Also shocked that the cat wine got a deal. Heck, even the cat wino himself sounded surprised in his post-tank reaction. That tuxedo cat was adorable though! I missed what happened at the end, after the deal was made - did it scratch Kevin or something? Portable cage guy's sob story seemed so contrived. I know the negotiations are highly edited, but the way he went from choking up to talking about how he's all about the $$ and trying to pick Damian's brain on distributors and otherwise get advice for free rubbed me the wrong way. He's one of the most disingenuous-appearing people I've seen in the tank.
  11. Mr. Acai Fruitsnack was so obnoxious and kept talking over everyone. I rolled my eyes at his Peace Corps photos featuring nothing but photos of himself dressed up in ridiculous outfits. I'm glad he walked out deal-less. I share Mark's skepticism about the efficacy of the essential oil-based healing lotion; the photo they showed of the knee replacement scar looks like a typical photo of a post-op knee after surgical staples are removed and its relatively normal self-healing. Because it's marketed as an OTC remedy, it wouldn't have to pass FDA inspection and go through double-blind, placebo-controlled trials. I don't foresee safety issues; I just think it would be no more effective than any other non-prescription moisturizing ointment. Next week: the return of Chris Sacca. Maybe if he stays gone for longer, we'd actually appreciate his return (who am I kidding).
  12. The Little Nomad mats could definitely go down in price (they start at $109 for the 4x6 foot size), but I liked the concept and the entrepreneur and wish the sharks would have made her an offer. I didn't get the pressurized shower kit concept and thought the pitch was boring. Surprised they got a deal. The cart guy was way too smarmy and over-the-top for me; his presentation was way too over-the-top infomercial for me. Also surprised they were practically throwing money at him.
  13. Fabricationary

    S42.E11: Felicity Jones / Sturgill Simpson

    And, Trump is back to tweeting about SNL. Pick your battles, dude.
  14. Fabricationary

    S42.E11: Felicity Jones / Sturgill Simpson

    She is, surprisingly, an actress who's garnered Oscar and Golden Globe nominations in recent years, besides her recent turn in Rogue One. Mike Ryan's SNL scorecard is up; shockingly, he doesn't lambast Felicity's horrid hosting. He is surprisingly generous with his final score.
  15. Fabricationary

    S42.E11: Felicity Jones / Sturgill Simpson

    I groaned as soon as I saw the first sketch after the monologue was another tired iteration of The Bachelor parody. I then groaned even harder when tonight's host appeared to flub her first line and seemed to use a different accent at each appearance. Worst version of this sketch yet. The rest of the show was just OK.