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Bella: Peppy Prepper


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Here's your Bella topic.  I am open to suggestions for a new thread title.  Too many to set up to be witty and I don't know these people yet.  I haven't watched any live feeds.


From the Utopia Website:


Bella Chartrand, 45, single
Hometown: Griffin, Ga.
If there’s one person prepped for success in Utopia, it’s naked yoga enthusiast Bella, known as “the peppy prepper with a purpose” in her Southern hometown. “I’d rather be digging a hole than on a date,” says Bella, who nonetheless remains “open to the possibility of having a child in Utopia.”

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Bella Chartrand, 45, single

“open to the possibility of having a child in Utopia.”

OK.... will there be wild Utopian children to adopt?


I've watched collectively 10 minutes of Live Feeds and all 10 minutes, Bella is nagging the others. She is extremely grating.


Utopian most likely to say, "My Utopia is..." and rest of sentence is something completely ridiculous no one is interested in.

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Just from the live feed discussions, does anyone here think Bella is one step from a complete breakdown?


Her behavior is not rational in my opinion.  She is similar to Red and Dave - gets angry at the drop of a hat, victimizes herself, requires other to do exactly as she says when she says it or has a melt down.


Now she is talking to herself.



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LOL and now she has another piece of art advertised there with a story of how the egret in the picture looks like her shaved cat that died.


I swear, she is selling artwork on a site devoted to a television show that was cancelled with one person who is clearly star struck putting her stuff up. Bella is milking this for all it is worth. Good for her, I guess.

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