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  1. So very many thanks to Empress1 for the link to the behind the scenes story. I admit to being horrified at what was going on behind the scenes as related in the link. How tragic. The show was 'must see tv' for me in season 1 and not so much in season 2 as too much devolved into soap opera. I am so sorry for the very talented cast betrayed by ignorant leadership. I tend to really like shows that have interesting starting story lines and a support cast that is every bit as talented as the leads and is given story lines that allow that to shine. I will now always regre
  2. According to IMDB, Boone appeared in a new series that is in post production - no idea if it was picked up and have no idea what it is about. Perhaps she has a new job and will be gone for good. She ruined the show for me, and then of course, the plotting, writing and show running finished the job.......but still, she appears to be shopping her 'skills'.
  3. Good Grief, why was this show renewed?
  4. I am quite new to this show and overall am enjoying it. Caveats: I truly hate the penchant for series featuring women to go into extended episodes dealing with serial killers, capture, etc. I am done with that. Angie Harmon drives me to the liquor cabinet. Sigh! I have struggled to figure out why she mumbles ( my hearing is fine) At first I though she was speaking some lines too fast, but that happens all the time. Then I thought she lowered the volume of her delivery as she rushed it. Possible but not conclusive. And finally, all I can say is she is a "mush mo
  5. Lovely show Lovely ending! I am so very, very sorry that Lauren Ash is dealing with body image stuff. I am 75 and I was skinny as a rail and no bust to speak of and was convinced that no one, Ever would like me or ...whatever. What your body is is almost completely irrelevant. We still are our own worst critics and I truly don't understand how we get there. Stay strong Lauren and know you are never alone!
  6. I believe that Diana's struggle with bulimia began earlier in her teens, prior to her association with Charles. Apparently she had it under control and the stress of the 'royal' contributed to the backslide.
  7. IMDB shows Boone working on a tv series called 'The Underground railroad' due in 2021. she has filmed 2 episodes. Maybe it has not been picked up? Maybe she is trying to play both against one another? As long as she is gone. I had to stop watching due to her acting and story line.....just couldn't anymore. I will watch these episodes that do not have her in them altho' the torture stuff is not my 'jam'.
  8. Thank you to love2lovebadtv. I really appreciate the explanation of the various levels of nursing as I was unaware of a few of them. In my professional life I worked with a number of nurses and was often awed at their knowledge and expertise. To say nothing of often being more welcoming and empathetic than some MDs. My comment about "Mel should not be treating her" had literally nothing to do with her medical credentials and expertise and I do apologize to all who read it that way as I was unclear. I was referring to her conflict of interest, being that she is/was/soon to
  9. I agree, so many lovely ways to get access to books. Hoopla is great isn't it 🙂
  10. Apparently I am very lucky. I live in Milwaukee Cty. and our system is county wide. I have looked into her books and I have access to all of them with the possible exception of the very earliest books in her list. Sorry for those of you who do not have access to a great library system.
  11. Or, check with your local library if what you want to do is read the book and owning it is secondary. PS The library is free
  12. Yikes! I love Kyra, but just........... yuck Sheri Shephard was very good..... And that's pretty much the extent of it. The laugh track was horrific and when I notice a laugh track you know that nothing was funny! I once argued that The Big Bang Theory didn't even have a laugh track! Wrong then, not wrong now. The kids were terrible. Where did this staccato delivery with little inflection and then obvious pauses for the laugh track come from, because the line delivered like an order was NOT FUNNY! And I've noticed this delivery in other shows featuring young actors
  13. Yowza and cheers!!!! ION is FINALLY showing Private Eyes in the US. Look for ION Plus on over the air or you cable station and enjoy. They are streaming all day on Thursdays. They started today with S. 1 Epi. I, so I am hoping they just keep going with the new shows too.
  14. It was a horrific, stigmatizing time for gay men in the US. I was friends with a co worker who was not obviously gay, but as we gradually became good friends, I was introduced to more and more of his friends. It was interesting for me and certainly made me aware that people are people and their sexuality is only one facet of that. I am one of the luckiest people on earth that I can still count as one of my closest friends this lovely, smart, funny, caring man and his husband. But I will say, that the friends I made thru him during that period of time, who are my age (75) are s
  15. Admittedly there was some fear, but a ton of that was wrapped up in anti gay homophobia (if I can be redundant) While there was a ton of fear, I was working at a blood center that also had a very large research presence. We were aware and involved in the science. I never saw fear, I never saw or heard anyone demonize the victims. All I heard and learned was an intense drive to discover the cause and the method of transmission. In other words a total commitment to treat this as a disease, like other diseases that are unknown when we first encounter them. What is the cause? What i
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