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  1. treeofdreams, your solution will be added to my most hopeful wish list at the end of every day! From your keyboard to the writers ears. Until they start the new season that is!
  2. OMG, one of the sexiest scenes I ever saw on tv was on The Closer. The show opens with a close up of Brenda's face in bed as she wakes up and says: "Good morning..." A few other words and the next scene is Brenda getting dressed after a shower (her hair is wet). Kyra's delivery of that opening line is ......profound......perhaps enticing....or enlightening.......all of the above LOVED IT!
  3. Clearly I was zoned out during a critical part of the show...but can anyone quote the comment Jake made regarding Bruce Willis. I just don't remember. Thanks
  4. Oh my, my my, my, what a lovely ending... I will miss this sweet, snarky, funny show as much as I miss The Good Place and Schitt's Creek. Make no mistake, I love that all these shows reached a natural end and pulled the plug (or the plug got pulled). It actually doesn't matter because all of these three shows had lovely and sometimes profound endings that paid tribute to everything that contributed to the result, the writing to the acting to the production to.....well everything behind the scenes that I don't know about. This show and Schitt's Creek grew in complexity year by ye
  5. I very much liked the Geraldine McEwan version of Miss Marple. I really enjoyed the 'twinkle' she seemed to bring to the character and prefer her to others. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy other versions, but , for me, Geraldine's version is the best.
  6. I second everything in this post! I love this show and everyone who has been or still is part of the cast. Quirky and goofy while still being funny and sweet are my thing. Probably accounts for why I seldom watch much prime time anymore I am already mourning the loss of the show and hope it shows up somewhere for streaming! Sigh!
  7. Ditto In Wisconsin - Milwaukee area anyway.
  8. Just finished all of season 2 and I have to say I loved it in spite of the fairly ridiculous plot holes. Seriously - SPOILERS - getting tossed out of the equal of a 4-6 story window and landing on your back doesn't incapacitate you in some way? I really did have to laugh at that when all of a sudden he is up and running after Raoul. The unreality of all fights no longer bothers me as it is everywhere on every 'action' show. I do love the cast and the lead is fabulous as are the child actors. I even like Ben, what a transformation in epi 5. The last episode was rollicking
  9. I do admit that I was dismayed when the first cast change came to be. But I grew to like the new inspector and then the other changes happened at various times and now - - - - I am so impressed by the way the show swivels and changes and adjusts to actors who are based in England or France and really need to expand their careers, enjoy their time and move on the the entire show seems somehow to adjust and enjoy a new energy or direction? I give every change a chance (I AM going to really miss JP tho') and find ways to enjoy the entire thing. I will give the Commissioner and Cath
  10. Ah Kromm, I think you nailed it for sure. The former guy brooks no criticism - -- ever - - from anywhere.
  11. I admire the grit and the entertaining entries from those of you who continue to watch. I gave up after season 1.5. Never made it to season 2. I only stuck with it that long because I love the actor playing Red - sadly blanking on the name at this moment. But I do enjoy coming here to read the comments. Apparently someone loves the show as it continues, but the mystery is who and why? I will continue to dip in every now and then to enjoy your commentary. Thanks
  12. So very many thanks to Empress1 for the link to the behind the scenes story. I admit to being horrified at what was going on behind the scenes as related in the link. How tragic. The show was 'must see tv' for me in season 1 and not so much in season 2 as too much devolved into soap opera. I am so sorry for the very talented cast betrayed by ignorant leadership. I tend to really like shows that have interesting starting story lines and a support cast that is every bit as talented as the leads and is given story lines that allow that to shine. I will now always regre
  13. According to IMDB, Boone appeared in a new series that is in post production - no idea if it was picked up and have no idea what it is about. Perhaps she has a new job and will be gone for good. She ruined the show for me, and then of course, the plotting, writing and show running finished the job.......but still, she appears to be shopping her 'skills'.
  14. Good Grief, why was this show renewed?
  15. I am quite new to this show and overall am enjoying it. Caveats: I truly hate the penchant for series featuring women to go into extended episodes dealing with serial killers, capture, etc. I am done with that. Angie Harmon drives me to the liquor cabinet. Sigh! I have struggled to figure out why she mumbles ( my hearing is fine) At first I though she was speaking some lines too fast, but that happens all the time. Then I thought she lowered the volume of her delivery as she rushed it. Possible but not conclusive. And finally, all I can say is she is a "mush mo
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