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  1. I almost gave up on the season as it seemed to me that the entitled sisters were being given a winners edit and I just could not be part of it as I really dislike their "reality personas" and their 'brand(!)' A friend talked me into staying with it and boy am I glad. Any of the last 4 teams were worthy of a win and it was a bit heart breaking to see a couple of them go out - but, it is a race after all and most will not make it to the winners circle. most astonishing was that I was rooting for C/C and I never thought I would hear myself saying that after their first season. Thanks for the article explaining their transformation as it was really interesting. Worthy winners indeed. A great season all in all.
  2. kaygeeret

    S31.E07: Living Fearlessly

    You are correct, thank you
  3. kaygeeret

    S31.E07: Living Fearlessly

    Sigh! I remember hating Rachel on her first season because she "literally" did NOTHING in the challenges. She would whine and one of the guys would pity her and either do the job for her (!) or tell her what she was doing wrong. I cannot imagine why she has been on this show over and over and over! No skills, little charm and zero humor (from what we are shown). Who do I contact on the show to express my intense disapproval of 'character' casting. It isn't as much fun as someone in power seems to think it is. While a couple of other teams 'mug' for attention, I find them far less irritating than Team Duck lips! (Thank you for the nickname. It sure fits)
  4. kaygeeret

    S31.E03: Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

    There was a lot to enjoy in this episode even if I actually remember all the players, some with less fondness than others. I did notice tho' that Rachel is up to her old tricks of getting others to show her how to do something or feeding off of them in some way. Then put her with that sister....yuck times 2! I am really sick of already familiar people coming back over and over (or so it seems). Go Becca and Floyd!
  5. kaygeeret

    Whiskey Cavalier

    I want to like this show I really do, but it feels to me as if real chemistry within the cast is missing.....or something. I find the supporting guys far more interesting than the main 2 characters and that is a problem. I just have not connected with the leads...perhaps the level of charm present in the aforementioned The Avengers is missing. Heck even Leverage had a great cast and what felt like a real connection. Of course the characters in Leverage had very distinct styles and jobs, these guys feel a little interchangeable. Maybe the problem is the writing. I sure don't know, but I often stumble on the show rather looking forward to it. PS. RE: The Avengers. About 4 years ago when the major over the air channels were allowed to buy more bandwidth, one of the sub channels showed every episode of the original Avengers. The Honor Blackman seasons were pretty awful. Steed was not the "sophisticate" and the element of snark was missing. Also the black and white sets were basic .. sometimes looked like amateur hour. When the Emma Peel seasons started it was a MAJOR change and the show really took off. Heck I was a young teen girl and I loved the show. Maybe because she was an equal partner and powerful in herself. the Tara years never lived up and I stopped watching.
  6. kaygeeret

    Whiskey Cavalier

    The show is reminding me of Private Eyes, a Canadian show that airs on ION. Both mix lightness with a "case of the week". And they are good at it. They are both reminiscent of early Castle and a bit of the Mentalist. Such a relief as I am heartily sick of the "giant disaster of the week" shows with DRAMA, ACTION and SERIOUS PEOPLE SAVING HUMANITY! Live long Whiskey Cavalier.
  7. kaygeeret

    S03.E01: Uneasy Lies The Head That Wears The Crown

    I agree that Feodora is being portrayed as a conniving and sneaky bitch.... So, of course I did some research, never having heard of her before, and what do I find? Victoria actually loved and missed her and they kept in touch after Fedora married. By all accounts she had a long marriage and a reasonably content one. When she/they visited they did get money, but there is no indication that she was a sneaky person trying to undermine Victoria. In fact, there are copies of many loving letters between the two...so I am not sure what the show is doing here. My info came from Wikipedia mostly, so keep that in mind. This does seem to me to cast a whole lot of doubt about the entirety of the impression the show is leaving about Vic and her reign. I am getting a much better impression of Albert than I previously had, so there is that.
  8. kaygeeret


    Watching the reruns this season and am reminded what really grove me away from the show for awhile. Diane Farr's role just made me crazy...they couldn't seem to really get a grip on what they wanted the character to be. On a VERY shallow note, I found her extremely nasal voice took me right out of many of her scenes - - -drove me crazy. And drove me away from routinely watching. Interestingly enough, in the reruns the nasal quality doesn't bother me as much, but her acting (perhaps the direction? or maybe the concept for her character) take me out. Too bad because I really like the entire rest of the cast and the guests, etc.
  9. kaygeeret

    The Neighborhood

    I watched this week to give it another shot..... The wig bit was excellent, seemed natural and not overacted. I hated Beth Behr on 2 Broke….actually I found that entire show sophomoric in the worst possible way and also badly acted. That said, to me it appears they are directing her to be as frenetic and overdone here as she was on 2Broke.... and I just want to smack her and bring her down to earth. There's a germ of a good idea here, but all they do is set up the joke, wait for the punch line, wait for the laugh and repeat. It feels like sitcoms of the 50's. Agree the kids are good, unusually so for a sitcom and the wife of the black couple is excellent. As a 'long lived white person' I have always used a washcloth and never knew or even guessed that this was a topic of conversation much less a cultural "thing". Who knew?
  10. kaygeeret

    S03.E03: The Brainy Bunch

    I seriously love this show in all it's manifestations. While Michael and Janet and the 4 core characters remain the focus..... They do such crazy switches every time I turn around that I have stopped trying to guess what the future brings....'cause I would drive myself completely nuts! I just settle in for the ride. Gosh I love this show!
  11. kaygeeret

    03.01 In the Same Boat

    So new thought, so beware folks, this is just my opinion. I have liked Clayton in the British show Hustle, -that guy would have been the perfect Magnum by the way. But I stopped watching due to his story line, TWO SEASONS of the same angst always unresolved. It was actually boring. So tonight I was primed for something different and I really enjoyed the show. I like the new actor he seems to be able to project irony, humor and serious stuff...... The plot on the other hand...….. An ex CIA agent is a meter maid???????????????????????? And after 2 or 3 days is now a DETECTIVE???????????????????????????????? Okaaaaaaay then, but I moved on and enjoyed the rest of the show. I want some snark, some humor and a resolution. This seems to fill the bill. I will be back.
  12. kaygeeret

    S02.E01: Hello

    Gosh, Josh was one of my absolute favorite characters on the show....what a back story and what an opportunity for a bunch of epis - at least in my opinion. Plus I can't deny that this old lady finds the actor to be so seriously hot and cool, I WANT to be 50 years younger! Sigh. What a great opening to the season. As a cancer survivor, I totally understand the feel of "going thru it alone" and yet the need for people. I understand the fear of people to engage not really knowing what they can do (nithing really except be there). Sometimes a car or phone call was enough. Many times a phone call or an inperson visit was too much...it's a tough road for everyone. So happy the show is back.
  13. kaygeeret

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    As I am a civilian would someone please explain this to me. Thanks. Also, I don't understand the references to the title of the epi being disrespectful. I would appreciate someone helping me with that as well. I feel a bit dumb to tell you the truth, but will soldier on. This was a god awful episode. I am not feeling the new Higgins, the old one was everything you needed and an instantly identifiable stereotype that moved the story along. The lead is, I am sure, a nice person and probably a good actor, but doesn't seem to have the sort of off kilter look at life that the original had. That said I know I watched the original from the get go, but do not remember the pilot, so perhaps there were problems there as well. I guess I will give it another chance, but really, there was nothing that was so great that I would HAVE to come back.....if some other bright shiny thing crossed my path I'd follow that rather than watch epi 2.
  14. kaygeeret


    This show really grew on me and became one of my 'must see tv' shows. The writing and acting are top notch from top to bottom. Sorry to see it go when some truly awful shows were saved. Story of my (tv) life.
  15. kaygeeret

    S03.E02: Better Angels

    And to assign a trained ER MD to the ambulance is an enormous waste of resources. The doc is trained to a greater depth than the EMT staff and it makes ZERO sense to use highly trained resources on a task whose job is to stabilize and get the patient to the next level of care. I want to be very clear that I have nothing but the greatest respect for EMTs. They fulfill a critical function in an often chaotic and quick moving situation with little time for delay or reflection or consultation....... BUT, the ER MD at a Level 1 Facility (which this hospital is presented to be) is levels up in responsibility and training and with access to resources that the EMT does not have. Both are critical, but to pretend that it makes sense to swap the two is foolish. Caveat...I do believe that it is important for ER MDs, at some point in the training, to make runs with the ambulance. It is really important to see what the job is and what the problems are.