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S03.E06: And a Star to Steer Her By

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Friends rally around Harlan after a crisis. Maddie and Dana Sue hire an esthetician. While at odds with the Magnolias, Helen receives heartbreaking news.


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I thought the reason that Tyler told Annie he wouldn't take to see Jackson anymore was that he started having feelings her, but now I'm not sure. And I thought he was going to apologize for being so harsh when he saw her at school, but he doubled down.

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The fight between the three women is stupid, and Helen, in particular, is majorly overreacting. 

It seemed obvious that Ryan had one foot out the door this entire time…he kept mentioning how happy he was traveling. Not sad to see him go, and I hope Erik doesn’t take Helen back (but I know that’s where we’re headed, meh).

I don’t find Cal attractive, and there is like zero chemistry between him and Maddie. They’re just super boring. 

There is also no chemistry between Annie and Ty, and I have no idea what the deal is there. Ty seems to like her, but then he was weird on the first day of school, and Annie and Kyle had a nice little moment. Is Kyle’s crush on her going to be a thing again? I don’t know what the age difference is, but honestly, he’s the cuter, sweeter, more interesting brother. I’m rooting for Kyle, LOL.

Bill needs to just focus on being a good dad right now. Can he be single for more than like 2 minutes? Geez! Plus, Ronnie’s sister has problems. Just stay away from her, Bill. You don’t need baby number six with lady number four, my god!!!

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Helen is so poorly written! I could understand an objectively super-smart and super-sensible woman in her 20s being this dumb about a man. But she’s more like 40 and has had Ryan bounce in and out of her life and break her heart multiple times, never settling down in one place. Shouldn’t she know better by now??? Seems to me if she had any sense she’d have realized that she was way happier with Erik and would have sent Ryan packing.

IME most on-again/off-again relationships don’t work out in the long run because there’s a reason for the off-again that bites them every time. Of course there are exceptions when the off-again is due to something temporary. But these two are just fundamentally incompatible and that’s never going to change. It was so obvious Ryan was going to pull another disappearing act despite saying he was going to stay in Serenity.

Plus, it was annoying AF that when Helen decided to let CeCe stay with her, he had the gall to bitch that he didn’t get a vote, when he and Helen didn’t even live together. And she actually apologized when he was the one in the wrong! Jeez, just throw the whole man out.

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Helen was an absolute bitch in this episode. Wow. 

Also just completely ridiculous that all of those people would just rush to the hospital. Seriously? It’s amazing that anyone gets fed at Sullivans, Dana Sue, Isaac and Erik, when he isn’t sulking, are practically never there! And do none of the rest of them work? Who was at the spa? Have they never heard of phones? 

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Buh Bye, Ryan.  And because Maddie and Dana Sue can't say it:  Told you so!   Advice for Erik: Run! (though we know he won't and after much angst and back and forth, he and Helen will get back together).



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Helen needs to get over herself, and TBH, that low whisper talk she's now doing almost exclusively is getting on my last nerve. And Dana Sue? You're kind of a two-faced little thing - not sure what Maddie's said that's so horrific.

Both Helen and Dana Sue had plenty of bossy words of advice for her during the course of this show. Team Maddie!

And Bill? You're a horndog. And a dork.

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