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S02:E04: Hannah

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Thank you! I couldn’t figure out the theme of it, but liked it. 

Why are they letting Edgar’s body just sit there without calling the police again? Is it so Sebastian can take over the business? The longer they wait to get a tox screen they aren’t going to find the murderer, yet everyone is just sitting around.

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4 hours ago, SHD said:

So this episode was supposed to be like a Wes Anderson movie style, correct?

I really liked this one.  I always want to like Wes Anderson movies. They're beautiful, but the stories suck (IMO)  This was much more enjoyable to me.

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Hannah came across as very likeable here but there were a lot of discrepancies in her story. The first big one was that she and Grace have completely different descriptions of the wedding vows. Grace specifically says that when they were in the vow box, she only went through with the wedding because she made Edgar speak from his heart and not read out the vows he had written. Whereas Hannah says she decided to let go of Grace because she heard Edgar read his written vows. So either Grace is lying about making Edgar go off-script or Hannah wasn't actually listening to the vows and assumed he read the written ones that she had previously read. Grace doesn't have a lot of reason to lie about this, as she could easily have said that Edgar reading his neurological readings, though unorthodox, still made her understand his love for her and made her go through with the marriage.

And the other is her description of the Afterparty. First off, she finishes the story on her looking sadly at Grace playing Scrabble. She completely leaves out Edgar's episode of shouting that everyone was a demon/devil. Which is strange in itself. But she describes Sebastian and herself having a slight shuffle trying to get past each other before he drunkenly moves on. When everyone else's description has her and Sebastian standing together, either talking or exchanging looks, when Edgar is shouting. So that's very suspicious.

More suspicious is that in the new information we got about the Afterparty, she makes Edgar look at Sebastian, in the opposite direction of the table between them with their drinks. Then she immediately toasts him, so he drinks from his glass. And straight after he drinks, he shares with Roxanne. So there is a definite possibility that this was the moment he was poisoned. In Travis' description, which continues after Hannah's story had finished. Edgar is in the background as Travis takes a bottle from the bar, noticing something strange on his glass. Which ties in with that being the source of the poison. And the last big thing of note in Hannah's story, is that in her fantasy of stopping the wedding, as Aniq noticed, she assumed Edgar's guilt as he ran upon being accused by Travis. So she does know or think she knows that Edgar is committing a crime. 

So at this point I suspect Hannah the most. I think she had planned to stop the wedding but once she heard Grace hadn't signed the pre-nup but would sign a post-nup on Monday. She changed her plan to allow the marriage to go ahead and kill Edgar before Grace signed away any spousal entitlements. This way, she not only gets Grace, but they can live on Edgar's money. Because the very, very last big clue in this episode, is that on Hannah's calendar, she had the word "Wedding" written on the date of the following week. And we heard her ask Grace to go on a trip with her, and when Grace pointed out she was getting married, Hannah said, "lets do it the week after." Hinting that she thinks she could just marry Grace the following week, either because she ruined her wedding to Edgar or better yet, he would be dead and Grace would be very rich. Something that could be connected to her constantly pointing out her adopted status, because she assumes she won't stand to inherit her family's wealth.

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As a big Wes Anderson fan, this episode absolutely nailed the vibe. Hannah has a real Margo Tenenbaum sort of feel to her and I ended up liking her a lot, even if she's sleeping with her brothers fiancé and I am still suspicious of her. 

Interesting that Sebastian has been friends with Edgar and Hannah since they were all kids, that's certainly a different dynamic than them just being friends/business partners. My guess is that he didn't actually kill Edgar but he's pushing them not to call the cops so that he can keep acting like he's alive to keep closing business deals because no one knows he was kicked out of the company. Did Edgar find out that he was into some sketchy business practices and that's why he fired him?

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I think Edgar was looking for a replacement for himself, to be able to spend more time with Grace and that's also why Sebastian said he'd lose a business partner.

On 7/26/2023 at 3:31 PM, SHD said:

So this episode was supposed to be like a Wes Anderson movie style, correct?

Yep. I think they didn't quite nail it, but to be fair, that style is really hard to get right. Basically the only way would have been to get Wes Anderson to guest direct.

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