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From the Bravo TV site:


Jessel Taank is a fashion publicist, wife, and new mom to twin boys who rarely sit still. Growing up in London, Jessel aspired to chase the American dream, and her hustle ultimately landed her in the Big Apple. Raised in a tight knit yet strict Indian household, she continuously struggles to share intimate details of her life with her parents across the pond. A natural-born problem solver, Jessel is always seeking resolution, but her British sense of humor sometimes gets lost in translation with the New York sensibilities surrounding her.

Joins the cast in season 14.

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I had already seen recent pics and suspected that Jessel had something done to deal with her post-pregnancy body issues, but after seeing her on WWHL last night, it looked pretty obvious that she had a Mommy Makeover or something very close to it.  (Edited to add…Ozempic or even good old fashioned diet and exercise may be responsible for her current shape, of course, the Mommy Makeover was just my first guess when I saw the drastic change)

Sounds as if the drought is history for her and Pavit, as well.  She had already admitted that their lack of post-twins sex was related to her dissatisfaction with her body, so it certainly tracks.  She looked good and seemed to feel more comfortable in her skin.   

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