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All’s fair in love and boardwalk games. A day of competition with old and new friends stokes big feelings for Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah, and leads to an even bigger surprise that will affect them all.

Original airdate 7/21/23

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So is Skye going to fall in love with Belly as well?

Nice to see Cam Cameron's Cameo.

Those were some freaky fast movers coz they took out every single piece of furniture of that huge house in half a day and got done before everyone came back..

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Well, it was nice to see them having some fun like actual teenagers. I'm sure Aunt Julia has her reasons for wanting to sell but damn, that was a bitch move to do to grieving boys.

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I quite liked the group dynamics in this, a lot of streaming-era productions don't have room for this sort of loose hangout vibe.

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Those go kart scenes made me long for the Cape Cod palm trees of my youth.  (Could have shot around them, decided not to!)

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