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S04.E14: Fata Morgana

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As terrifying plagues descend on the detention center, Saanvi scrambles for a solution and Michaela steps up in a crisis. Cal attempts to reach Angelina.

Premiere Date: June 2, 2023     Netflix   

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Are there no other medical personnel in the 828 Detention Center ?  There was no one else to help deliver a premature baby.
It's not like everyone in the detention center didn't know someone was giving birth -- the yelling was a pretty big indicator.
None of the guards even came by to check on what was going on.  Of course the janitor was the father.

Reunited family last episode, sudden baby delivery this episode -- so what's next episode, a crazy wedding ?

Angelina gets caught pretty easily, but not before arranging to get the pilot killed.  So now the two witnesses are dead -- but didn't the Bible verse state that a beast would rise and slay the two witnesses after their testimony.  Except neither of the two witnesses gave their testimony. Does that make Angelina a 'beast' ?

Seriously, couldn't these detention center guards use tasers instead of laser-sighted assault rifles ?  There was no reason for them to gun down the pilot.  Though that head guard was just aching to kill someone.

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Anyway, are they going to amputate her hand with the sapphire embedded in it? (I hate that kind of stuff)

If so, likely Eagan will be involved because of the value of it's power.

Why am still I watching?

Just added to my Google doc for the Fall/Winter 2023 PrimeTimer Awards:

  • Ugh, Not You Again: Least Entertaining Villain: Manifest, Angelina
  • Least Favorite Genre Show: Manifest

  • I Just Can’t Quit You: Favorite Show To Hate Watch: Manifest


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Another Angelina wins episode.  So the pilot was also brought back, only to be killed, just like Fiona.  Without telling us a single thing.  So satisfying.

In summary, four episodes in, we have found out nothing.  Not that we should be surprised.

I thought it was weird that the guard said nothing when Ben came bursting into Saanvi's lab.  Angelina just happened to have a magazine and that guard just happened to be on the cover?  

At least Cal and Olive connected the dots about Angelina using the child to kill Fiona, and Saanvi figured out how Angelina got to Daly.  I don't think I could have watched them be oblivious for longer than an episode.

That top guard was out of control.  Why would he have powers to shoot to kill someone who wasn't even a threat?  Why couldn't he have gotten the plagues and boils instead?

Seeing the origins of Zeke looking for Michaela wasn't that interesting to watch.

Glad the baby came out okay, but why weren't the guards looking for Michaela, who was clearly not in her cell?  They're going to let her raise her baby in the detention center?  I thought the people in charge were heartless, separating parents and children without a thought.

One episode was enough for tonight.  

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I was surpised that one of the other women WHO HAD GIVEN BIRTH BEFORE didn't help michella with the delivery. Surely someone else with some experience could assist.

6 episodes left. I only got into this show this year i think so least its not wasted too much of my life!

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