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Secrets are exposed... new bonds are formed... others are shattered... as our characters journeys grow increasingly intertwined across an ever-changing world.

Premiere Date: May 4, 2023       Prime Video               

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I'm so relieved there was a trailer for next week at the end.  Wikipedia says there are only 8 eps so I thought this was it.

Tunde's hubris really came back to bit him in the ass.  I don't understand why he's filing/posting videos while still in a hostile country.  He really is not very smart.

Damn Tatiana.  Why Do I feel like she has (understandably) been plotting Viktor's murder for years?  And the fact she did it without using her EOD.  Although, wouldn't Viktor have a panic button or something?

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I was going to congratulate Tatiana on the killing of her disgusting husband, but I changed my mind when she also killed her assistant or whatever that poor girl was.

My interest in the show is dwindling down, mostly because I don't really like the characters. The family is boring and trite af, and I can't with the girls in the convent. Right now I'm a bit interested in Tatiana and Rox because they're chaotic, but the show needs something more/else to keep me hooked.



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On 5/5/2023 at 7:46 PM, Shaynaa said:

Although, wouldn't Viktor have a panic button or something?

It would never occur to a guy like Viktor that he needs a panic button. In his mind, he’s too smart/strong/admired/beloved/whatever that no one would ever want to harm him. Especially his own wife, who he believes worships him.

I was okay with her killing him, but didn’t like that she threw her loyal assistant under the bus. At least the assistant is dead and doesn’t have to deal with the betrayal. And I get that Tatiana has endured a lifetime of abuse, but when you actually have one loyal friend, that is not the person to betray.

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