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The coming-of-age, single-camera comedy, inspired by Shea Serrano’s life growing up in San Antonio, follows Rafa Gonzales, a wide-eyed 16-year-old being raised by his clever mother, Drea, and his five overbearing uncles (Rollie, Mike, Ryan, Jay, and Mondo) as they live their lives on the southside of San Antonio. Rafa is at an inflection point, as three big life moments coincide: he and his friends are nearing the end of high school, he’s pretty sure he just met the girl of his dreams, and he just found out he has a real chance to become the first person in his family to go to college. Over the course of the series, the group—Rafa, his mom, uncles, friends, and crush—will all affect each other and help one another grow in ways they weren’t expecting, whether they like it or not.

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Aww, this is a sweet little show. I heard a very positive review in a podcast recently and I’ve watched the first 4 episodes.  I’m not quite sure what to compare it to. You might like it if you liked One Day at a Time, Wonder Years, The Kids are Alright, Never Have I Ever...teens dealing with family type stuff. Not squeaky clean for the younger viewers but also not gross-out raunchy comedy. 

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Hmmm. I watched the first episode and was kind of disappointed. This type of show is usually my jam, and I thought it would be really funny because I follow the creator, Shea Serrano's, work and he's a super funny guy, but the humor mostly fell flat for me. I know pilots can often be shaky though, so maybe I'll give it another episode or two before giving up on it completely.

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I kept seeing ads for this but they weren't funny...except for the "divorced magician" joke which I liked. I took a chance because of that one joke, and this show is really funny. All the characters are interesting. All the uncles are different in their own uniquely goofy ways and the chaos they create is hysterical. When it's not funny, it has some really sweet and heartfelt moments.

All these streaming services are terrible at advertising good shows. I hope this show doesn't fall through the cracks and gets renewed.

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I did find the characterisation of Rafa a bit inconsistent: sometimes he seemed wiser (and even jaded) to the ways of his uncles, and sometimes less so. Indeed, I wonder if the eps were out of order, though I don't know why a streaming series that dropped all at once would need to rejigger running order. But it was overall a delightful little show, and I especially enjoyed how in the last ep we see


how Sammy the bus driver was kind of there all along. Six months!? What!?


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I feel like every episode has gotten better and funnier. I have watched through the candy bar episode (#6 out of 8), and I thought it and the carnival episodes were the best. I don't know if this show has the audience to get a second season, but it's a cute show. I think it was a mistake to make the uncles soooo dumb from the get go because we almost turned it off, but they seem slightly toned down as the season progresses.

On another note, that was quite the "carnival" - pretty sure that's actually Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park California.....

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My Firestick was pushing the series pretty heavily, so I guess that is an advantage of being on a lower tier Amazon service.

I thought this was both sweet and fun.  I agreed that Rafa and Maya's maturity were inconsistent, but teens do bounce back and forth between childish and adultish.

I think they went silly and extreme on the uncles' personalities early on to help distinguish them from one another.  It's interesting when they break two or three of the uncles off together.  It helps highlight their different quirks.

My favorite part about the last episode


was how the discussion about Drea's relationship with the bus driver immediately devolved into a debate about whether a bus can do the things from Speed.


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