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S25: Lisa & Michelle

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I typically root for women's teams, and unlike most, what they did didn't bother me that much.  Adrenaline's running, people do things they otherwise wouldn't do.  They did get smacked by karma, though.  Not since TAR12's Ari & Staella or TAR14's Preston & Jennifer have I been so glad to see a first elimination.  It would've been interesting to see how they'd have done in future legs, but I think this ending for them, after what they did to Michael & Scott, was just perfect.


The only "too bad" I have for this is that I was so excited that they finally saw fit to cast four women's teams this season, something not done since TAR17, only to see one go out first.

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Is anyone following these twits on twitter to see if there was any backlash or if they had any explanation for the stupid sun comment or crawling on the beach?  The look on the sun sister's face when she said "huh?" because she still didn't get it, was priceless.

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They were smug, vain (I hate it when teams talk about how their looks will help them win the Race), stupid (the sun rises where, now?) and were deeply offended when the Firefighters did something to them that was very similar to what they did to the boys earlier - without an iota of irony.


It's rare when the most irritating team gets Philiminated first, so I'm taking a nice helping of schadenfreude in their honor.

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I could go into who has the right to have their feelings hurt but really, I'm just glad they're gone so I don't have to worry about them. I've had it with the flighty all female teams that stick around for way too long and I wish they'd stop casting them. They won't but I can still dream, right?

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I rarely have any strong feelings about the team eliminated first, since they're not around long enough for me to car. But wow, was I glad to see this team go. They really managed to make themselves memorably awful in a short amount of time.

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They speak in opposite language.

The sun sets in the west and rises in the east.

Stealing and shoving in front of someone is playing nice. Not letting someone shove in front of you is playing dirty.

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