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S25: Dennis & Isabelle

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Cute, adorable, and definitely scrappy (as they said in their own pre-race video).  Not a good finish, but perhaps they can make up for it next week (or perhaps not, if that preview is of any indication).  I'm glad to have our first Asian dating couple.  That is, our first straight one (Tim & Te Jay are our first gay one).

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Agree that Isabelle is absolutely gorgeous. But she and Dennis seem to partner up based on deeper qualities. Sorry her mother was against the match, but Mother might not have known best. I think they have a good chance of A) doing well in the race and B) still being together at the end.

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Well, based on this week's episode . . . apparently not well.


Really sad to see them go, especially after seeing them calmly reassess and then rock out Pancake Race, but they didn't seem to have nearly enough of the physicality needed to win this race.  Dennis's struggles with rowing their punt kinda proved that.  The only guy to really struggle with that current.  Also, Isabelle's crying near the end turned me off to them a bit.


Still, they seem like a lovely couple, and I wish them well.  Sucks to see another team of superfans go so soon after all of their preparation, though.

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I liked them well enough in the first episode but started having my doubts about them when they collapsed in seemingly total exhaustion after (what was it, 1 min 15?) each pancake race. Didn't seem to bode well.

And then at the mat he says I STILL love her? why "still"? love her would have been super sweet but still love her?

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They seem kind of thin. I wonder how they'll hold up if there are a lot of strength challenges.

Well, I guess that's answered. What kind of training did they do? I would have expected them to be a little stronger. It was a little disappointing to see a team who cared so much about the show (not just winning but TAR as a franchise) go but we didn't know them enough for me to be invested in them. 

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I would like to think racers who are not as strong can also do well, if they balance the tasks between physical and mental.  


I don't think physically, they were any weaker than the food scientists or T&T.  I thought it was weird they collapsed from exhaustion from the pancake run as well.  Isabelle, in particular, was out of breath when they were running to get the umbrella/bowler.  


I was sad to see them go.  I don't think they would have made it to the end, but I think they could have been mildly successful and I would have enjoyed watching them for more weeks.

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And then at the mat he says I STILL love her? why "still"? love her would have been super sweet but still love her?

I don't think he meant anything by that specific wording.  But I just read their profile on the CBS website, and they were surprisingly honest with their relationship issues and how they are different from one another.  Their personalities actually seem quite different, which might contribute to the challenges they describe in their relationship. They thought maybe they could work through them on the Race, but it's such a stressful game that maybe for their relationship's sake, at least the Race didn't create any new damage, since their loss wasn't really one person's fault or the other's.


It was sort of funny how they equated the Race with a final exam and then with a nerdy alternate reality comment at the end.

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In the extra videos from the Premiere, D and I were already tearing into each other in the first airport. They hadn't even left the US and they were already having one of those "But you always..." "No, I don't! You do!" fights. I figured they wouldn't get far.

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On ‎12‎/‎27‎/‎2014 at 8:59 PM, Donny Ketchum said:

Per someone close to them, Dennis & Isabelle broke up.


Sad, because they looked like a nice couple.

The breakup didn't last very long.  They got back together not long after and are now engaged.  They were in the audience when TAR had its Price is Right special, and they were both very much sitting together.

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