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  1. Peanutbuttercup

    House Hunters Renovation

    Last night's couple kept talking about hardwood floors, but that didn't look like hardwood to me -- maybe laminate? Or do I just not know what modern "hardwood" looks like? Anyway, it was nice to see a reno that did not focus on the kitchen. I would not have chosen to do what they did (I really hate subway tile, just for starters) but still, it was a refreshing change. It was also good to see a couple making choices that would save them money instead of feeling like they should blow their children's college fund on the most expensive finishes and materials possible.
  2. Peanutbuttercup

    House Hunters Renovation

    I deleted the show halfway through because it looked like another blah makeover with navy lower cabinets, white shaker uppers, subway tile, farmhouse sink, etc. Nothing I haven't seen a million times before. I was surprised that people with creative careers would have such a blah and uninteresting design for their home reno.
  3. Peanutbuttercup

    House Hunters Renovation

    I hope they had the popcorn ceilings tested for asbestos before scraping it off into their faces wearing those little paper masks. They may have mentioned it and I missed it -- this has turned into more of a background show for me since all the houses end up looking alike.
  4. Peanutbuttercup

    Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    Yeah Girly seemed like she could be a GREAT dog -- obviously both intelligent and willing to learn. Those idiots just have no clue. At least they both seemed to like her and want to do right by her, can't say the same for poor Boo, even though the woman claimed to love him she was fine with him being harassed and stalked by the dog.
  5. Peanutbuttercup

    All Episodes Talk: French Country in Texas?

    I was at least a little pleased that this episode had some different design touches, not just all white everywhere! shiplap! rusty crap and big stupid words on walls! I'll be interested to see if Chip and Joanna wrap up their last season and maintain their "perfect" record of absolutely zero LGBT clients/families on their show.
  6. Peanutbuttercup

    Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    The couple on last nights Cat vs. Dog . . . too stupid to be allowed to own a pet, both of them. #FreeBoo
  7. Peanutbuttercup

    House Hunters Renovation

    Me too, that was excellent!
  8. Peanutbuttercup

    House Hunters Renovation

    Wow that woman last night was a loony toon. She thinks a door is going to stop spiders from going from one room to another? And she wants a "barn" door as well as the apparently spider-proof regular door, so her solution is to keep the regular door (to prevent spiders from marching around her home) and then put the "barn" door over it, just for aesthetics? And what was up with calling that house colonial? I know HGTV plays fast and loose with architectural styles but that was the least colonial-looking "colonial" house I've seen on HGTV.
  9. Peanutbuttercup

    Property Brothers

    A Fan Once Chased the Property Brothers Down the Street, Screaming 'Open Concept sucks!' Amen
  10. Peanutbuttercup

    House Hunters Renovation

    The "pass through" was bizarre. The opening was positioned so that you had to reach right over the stove to use the pass through. It seems like that would be awkward at best, dangerous at worst. I did love the kitchen floor!
  11. Peanutbuttercup

    Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet

    I totally missed the baby switcheroo with Creepy's family. I am so unobservant sometimes! I will say I have noticed no Dr. Amy so far this season. I miss her, she was my favorite.
  12. Peanutbuttercup

    House Hunters Renovation

    ugh, Silverlake-adjacent couple. The purchase just did not seem well thought-out, given their goals. It seemed like they were working with a tiny budget (for LA) and were just too damned precious to consider moving somewhere plebian like Reseda or Downey, so bought a miniature house with structural problems close to their desired hipster haven. I was trying to figure out where their house even was -- the voiceovers coyly refused to say other than "close to Silverlake," but I can't think of anywhere close to Silverlake where you can buy a detached home for just over $400K. East Hollywood maybe? Glassell Park? Even that doesn't seem likely. I liked the floor, and I liked the woodgrain cabinets, but not together. They looked awful next to each other. Did not like the bathroom one bit either.
  13. Peanutbuttercup

    Season 1 Discussion

    That roast pig looked delicious. Larry should have chowed down and said a silent thanks that he wasn't presented with balut.
  14. Peanutbuttercup

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Y'all are more generous than I am, my suspicion was that the couple moving to Las Vegas were setting up an online "escort" directory or "Uber for hookers and johns" or something like that. But I actually deleted the episode without watching much of it, since the people looked annoying and entitled and the houses looked boring.
  15. Peanutbuttercup

    House Hunters Renovation

    I forgot to say, I really loved the Palm Springs reno (except the wooden beam as a fireplace mantel) and thought the latest So Cal/valley couple reno was fine. I liked the couple a lot and appreciated that they seemed to like each other and not think the most amusing thing they could possibly do is to insult each other.