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S11.E17: The First Symptom

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Mouch builds a classic firetruck model for the Deputy District Chief but needs assistance from Gallo and Ritter. Brett and Violet encounter multiple victims with a strange set of symptoms. Cindy's chemotherapy results loom over the Herrmann family.

Airdate: 03/29/23

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“Just warning you that there might be construction noise after I’ve hired someone to do the work and they get started sometime after that.”

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So Stella is the boss of everyone now, huh? Not only is she Lieutenant of her own crew, she was also handing out orders to Squad and Herrmann's crew at the blood bank fire.

The whole thing with Mouch and the model fire truck was silly, and I couldn't figure out why a fire engine would have a "deck gun." Took Google for me to realize it's a mounted water hose and not an actual gun! Also, that kid who grabbed the truck and started bouncing around the porch like the Tasmanian Devil needs to be on Ritalin.

Was this another cross-over story? Did anyone watch Chicago PD, and did the poisoned pill story continue over to that show?

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As soon as I saw Carver exit that blood bank building carrying Chekov's Slammigan, I knew it was going to be pivotal in some part of the episode.  Sure enough, the boys traded it off.  Good deal.  However, Gallo left the compartment door open after its retrieval. Wrong, wrong, wrong.  1000 point deduction!  If the apparatus responded to a call and ripped the door off, management would not be happy.  

I was thinking the Chief's dad would be at the house when Mouch got there, and his first comment would be something like "That's great, except for the deck gun.  Ours kept malfunctioning so we finally got permission to remove it."  Mouch picks his face up off the ground...

It would be cool if the story line did cross over, and PD found out that the guy actually had a specific target in mind, and spiked several containers to drag the attention off the one person he intended to kill.

Maybe CFD actually assigns personnel the way the show does it, but, more likely, company officers don't get to boot someone off the apparatus simply because 'they don't fit in', even at Station 51, the busiest, most excellent house in Chicago.  As Boden said, Cruz would have to hang paper on the guy for specific work performance failures.  Otherwise the union would get involved.  Obviously, the idiot needs some serious attitude adjustment, and that falls to Cruz and, if necessary, Boden.  

So, TPTB said to themselves, "Oh shit, Taylor Kinney is leaving.  What'll we do?  I know, let's bring back Casey!"

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On 4/1/2023 at 3:29 PM, KeithJ said:

The doctor moved Cindy’s appointment to the end of the day just so he could have a better evening? Wtf?!?

Hey, at least he admitted he's human also.  Not that I agree, she should get good news ASAP, just saying.


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