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S02.E02: New Dawn

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So, Agreus and Imogen weren't captured by her brother, but instead it was the military from their kind of rival land Ragusa, and they are now being held for ransom more or less.  But I'm guessing something big is going on with that Puck played by Joanne Whalley.  I'm guessing she's going to be the head (or part of) the resistance that is causing all of those issues that was being discussed in the Chancellor's meeting.

Speaking of rebel leaders, the more the Black Raven leader kept butting heads with Vignette, the more you knew she was destined to die and will likely open the door for Vignette herself to possibly take over.  I suspect that will cause more friction for her and Philo.

Glad to see Darius again.

Sophie has some kind of Puck friend, now?

Looks like Alice Krige's character somehow transferred her power to Tourmaline, which is why she is transforming and having all of these visions/being possessed.  That's not good!  

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It looks like the show is finally getting interesting. It still is just a colonial British story, with added horns and wings, but it could develop into something interesting, given time. Still moving slowly, though, and canceled.

I'm not sure how Philo can challenge the hereditary claim successfully. Do they have DNA tests, so he can show that he is the trueborn, if iffy, son on the chancellor? And will people then raise him up as Chancellor? No, I don't think so. I don't get this. I get that he can muddy the waters.

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The Pact were really generically brutal adversaries in the first season, so these developments give them a lot more thematic heft (basically they're Russia in the middle of their civil war).

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On 2/18/2023 at 1:10 AM, thuganomics85 said:

Glad to see Darius again.

Sophie has some kind of Puck friend, now?

I was glad to see Darius too! I felt so bad for him last season. 

I said last season that it wasn’t going to go well keeping all the fae locked up- everyone with a fae servant they liked was going to be displeased. And who was going to run the service industry?

Seems Sophie didn’t want her fae servant suck in the hell hole of Carnival Row so she hid her in the attic. Also the woman is smart, she keeps the books and Sophie needs her skills. Sophie spent her entire life hidden from society (remember season 1 Jonah said it was rumored she had a disability that caused her parents shame); so how does she have so many social skills?? Learned it all from books?


Edited to add- the CGI work on Vingette’s wings are amazing. I can really see all of her emotions in her wings. 

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Am I supposed to be upset/sad they killed Dahlia? I've been waiting for that bitch to die. Now if someone would just kill that damn Sergeant Dombey.

Still not thrilled with Tourmaline's storyline. 


Still moving slowly, though, and canceled.

Oh, I didn't know that. Spoiler alert! I hope it has a satisfactory ending and not a cliffhanger.

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