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S02.E01: The Web of Fate

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Olaf is like the proverbial cockroach surviving anything.  Meanwhile Leif, Harald and Freydis are being hunted. I enjoy the show but the writing is not exactly subtle.  Godwin basically told us his fate, and Freydis told Harald his. The wild card is Freydis now.

They have already filmed season 3, so we are assured that but after that Netflix may not want to go further. I want them to get to the ultimate fates of these characters and to the Conqueror.

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The creator has said that he needs 2 to 3 seasons beyond season 3 to tell the whole story. They only have a 3 season renewal and unfortunately Netflix tends to cancel even successful shows after 3 seasons. There are exceptions like Stranger Things - so fingers crossed.

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I had to re-watch all of Season 1 first, I had mostly forgotten it. So I'm just now starting Season 2.

I hope we aren't in for another side plot with Freydis all on her own. That was really the weak spot of Season 1. 

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