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Favorite/Least Favorite/Most Gruesome Ep-Opening Deaths

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(spoilers, o'course)


Just started marathonning this show in June (love it!), and began S5 today.  One of the things I love (yet dread) are the episode-opening deaths.  Car accident, suicide, natural causes, drugs, freak accident, whatever... it's fun to anticipate who's going to meet their maker at the beginning of every episode.  I love how it's not always who you'd expect.


I have a few favorites, and a few I need to cover my eyes for.  I think my absolute favorite is the man who drove himself to Fisher's because he knew it was his time to go. Nate found him behind fhe wheel in his classic car, in the funeral home's driveway/portico.  The man had pre-arranged everything, so his family didn't have to worry about a thing, and they all had such nice things to say about him.  His funeral was one of the more uplifting, with a gospel choir and a packed house.  I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about it!


Saddest:  Gabe's brother (I haven't gotten to the big death near the end of the series yet, but I was spoiled for it)

Funniest:  Rapture lady was kind of funny, and there were a few other funny/shocking ones (cherry-picker limo lady?)

Most gruesome:  Elevator!

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One of my favorites was in S1, where a woman killed her husband by whacking him in the head with a frying pan. He was droning on and on about someone at work who had made him mad, and how he'd gotten him back. Then -- WHACK!! Then she sat down and started eating her breakfast. Later, Nate and David were talking about it:


David: All she told the police is that he was boring.

Nate: What, that's it? Sick part is, I understand it. Sometimes I'm boring.

David: Me too

[Awkward silence]


Saddest: Gabe's brother, for sure. And there is also an episode in S1, I think when Nate and David are in Las Vegas, where Federico has to prepare a baby who died of SIDS. After I had my daughter, I could never re-watch that part. It kind of freaked me out.

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Oh the death of the baby with SIDS was just awful.  The parents having absolutely no idea what to do with themselves and poor Rico.  That one gutted me.

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Count me in about the SIDS death, ugh.


The death that Rico fixed the face, I think it was the girl that was in the car, standing up through the sunroof and she smashed her face?  That one was pretty gruesome. 

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I always found something sad and familiar in the woman who choked to death alone and unnoticed in her apartment, and wasn't discovered for some time afterwards, and when she was, no friends or family could be located to make arrangements. Even though it's now a familiar stereotype, it highlighted just how isolating life can be, how easily people can be overlooked, and how little trace of ourselves we can leave when we go. The death that didn't come with a story, or a neatly packaged identity for the deceased. Her life seemed to leave a bigger void in the world than her death. I always liked that.


I also have a lot of love for the diabetic grandpa who couldn't live another day without cling peaches. He knew what made life worth living!


And for the grossest, I know there were loads, but the first one that springs to mind was the guy cleaning the industrial mixer when it accidentally got turned on! We didn't see much gore, but the concept was gross enough for me!

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The saddest death scene for me was the one where the woman commits suicide in her garage.  When she leaves the envelope with the pet records for her cat, I get all weepy... not that I've found myself in that position, but that would be my first and last thought, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. 


The worst for me that I refuse to watch was toward the end of the 3rd season, Death Works Overtime, when the poor older Asian woman gets held up at her grocery store and the robber turns back and shoots her point blank.  The cruelty of that is too much for me, I don't even look at the screen.  The mass telemarketing murders were disturbing as well.


Also very sad was the final moment of the third season when Lisa's death card flashed.  Always gets me.


For some reason, I can't remember more than one or two deaths out of the last two seasons.  I'm about to start the 4th again now so I'll have my memory jogged... I only remember peaches and the moron who rolled over his own head.

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I always found something sad and familiar in the woman who choked to death alone and unnoticed in her apartment, and wasn't discovered for some time afterwards, and when she was, no friends or family could be located to make arrangements.

That one made me so sad. 


My favorite was the biker in the Santa suit.  I loved his wife & the relationship he had with her.  I don't remember the exact words used, but the wife explaining that maybe her husband would be alive if he didn't take chances, but he wouldn't be living was great.


I also enjoyed the porn star's funeral.  The things her producer/costars said about her at her service, followed by applause, cracked me up.

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My favorite is the female decapitation in the limo====Rico's 'Sistine Chapel'

That death of Beth Grant and the adult balloons was a hoot too. Second coming of.....{splat}


My saddest is Gabe's little brother accidentally shoots himself with the gun. That scene where he brings the brother's soccer uniform to the funeral home and Claire answers the door. {getting emotional just thinking about it}

That death with the infant and Rico's scenes during that were heart-breaking too.

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Saddest to me was the Vet with missing limbs who killed himself with a little help from his sister.

Funniest was, well, a lot to me, but I am dark. I love the woman cracking her husband in the head with the frying pan after having to endure how many years of his pointless yammering.. And she finishes breakfast. HA!

The stupid girls making prank phone calls and simpleton falls off the bed and breaks her neck.

The cocky yuppie swan diving off the board only to crack open his skull.

The lady in the nursing home who shoved a hot dog down her roommates throat.

The airplane toilet ice..

That dip shit rollerblading. 

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I just remembered the one with the death of the blonde young guy at the ATM.

I love how he played a pivotal role as a ghost to David in letting David understand how to take some pride in himself and continue his coming out process.

This show still resonates with some new things every time I re-watch......It's empowering.

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I agree with everything DJ DAVE said about the ATM guy.  A Private Life is probably my favorite episode.

Another one that I related to was the young woman that was running from the group of guys that were following her and they turned out to be guys she knew and were just messing around.  They were shocked she was actually terrified to be in that situation.  She ran into the street and was hit by a car.


The woman that died of a nose bleed stuck with me because I had a child with real bad nose bleeds and thought of that episode every time he had one.


The death that has haunted me though is the man that was killed by the construction worker's lunchbox.  I think it's because I had never thought of dying like that and now I do every time I see a building going up.

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