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S11.E10: Something for the Pain

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There is no freaking way that alarm would be allowed in the fire station.  For one thing, it sounds just like a smoke alarm, and will get everyone up when all that's needed is a medic.  Secondly, it's activated just by opening the box?  Nobody will ever do that as a prank at 3am would they?  Get a different style of alarm, at least.  I, for one, laughed at Capp's little stunt, because it pointed out this very problem.  

So now it's all out war, with Violet vs. Emma

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Secondly, it's activated just by opening the box?  Nobody will ever do that as a prank at 3am would they? 

Not only that, it's loud enough for anyone outside the station to hear it. So if someone does decide to abandon their baby they're going to get spooked and run off as soon as they open the door and hear that alarm. 

We all knew the show wasn't going to kill off Stella, more's the pity. I guess we should be grateful they didn't drag out some sort of recovery story - when she said she couldn't feel her legs I went "uh-oh." Thankfully she was back at the station 16 minutes into the episode. Thus cementing her superhero status.

I'm glad we finally got some insight into Carver's mystery background as well. They've dragged that out longer than they do most things on this show.

This thing with Emma is stupid. It shouldn't matter whether or not she tried to blackmail someone into giving her a permanent job. They know she was fired for incompetence. In what universe do you promote someone to a position of authority within the same organization after being fired for incompetence? Unless, of course, she managed to blackmail someone else at Chicago HQ into giving her that job? Maybe that's the route Violet needs to explore. Who gave her this job and why?

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14 hours ago, iMonrey said:

I'm glad we finally got some insight into Carver's mystery background as well.

Is his middle name "Sandor" by any chance? Does he like hounds (or chicken)?

His backstory is very much like one of the most tragic anti-heroes from Game of Thrones, Sandor Clegane, known as The Hound. (see below)

From the GoT Wiki: Sandor is the younger brother of Ser Gregor Clegane.  In his youth, Gregor nearly burned off half of Sandor's face because he found Sandor playing with a toy that Gregor had discarded. Without warning or uttering a word, however, Gregor grabbed Sandor and "punished" him by holding his head into a burning brazier. Gregor was only forced to stop after half a dozen servants managed to pry him away from his brother. The incident left severe burn scars over the right half of Sandor's face, thus he usually wears his hair long on that side to cover them. Instead of blaming Gregor, their father merely stated Sandor's bed caught fire. Ever since, Sandor has been deeply afraid of fire.

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Of course, Stella survives. Big shocker. And of course, all the rigs need to be taken out of service because Stella Sue got injured. If every first responder did that in response to someone getting hurt, a lot of people would be dead.

And yes, while Emma is scum, what the hell is Violet thinking? Hoping the boss of IA takes her accusations about Emma at her word with no corresponding evidence other than hearsay? That was stupid and desperate. And as others have said, doesn't the CFD run background on who they hire. Considering the way she left her old department, you would have thought CFD brass would have looked into her then. And I guess Gallo going to her old FD last season was never followed up upon? And then Emma gets moved over to Internal Affairs, which I would think would mean an even more stringent background check, considering she gets to hold firefighters' careers in her hands?

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