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  1. Now we definitely don't have to worry as Hightown was given an early renewal for Season 2.
  2. Monica Raymund's new show on Starz, Hightown, just premiered Sunday and seems not bad. And if that's the case, we may not have to worry anymore about Gabby coming back. They killed off the wrong paramedic. Shay was the character that seemed to be able to keep Gabby in check keep her from dominating storylines. With Shay gone, it gave Gabby free reign, which was so unfortunate.
  3. Hulu is never going to stream the current season of a CBS show. CBS is the one network that doesn't have this agreement with Hulu since they have their own streaming service, CBS All-Access. So Season 3 won't be available on Hulu until late August, early September, when CBS All-Access removes the episodes.
  4. I do wonder if Shaun would have honored the promise to Vera if she had died, as we know how regimented he is? Though had there been no earthquake, I think he might have eventually forced himself to move on. When he was telling Vera why he couldn't move on, it wasn't because he wanted to keep trying with Lea. It was the fact he was scared he'd stop growing as the person he'd become with Lea in his life.
  5. For Shaun and Lea, I could see them happening. They had been friends for 3 years. And it's not unheard of for friends to fall in love with one another. And I do credit the writers for actually taking the time to let them find one another rather than push them together right away. I think had Lea not left for Hershey in Season 1, they probably would have gotten together sooner. And I, for one, and happy that for once, the main character's love interest is NOT with someone that they work with. Not an attending or resident or nurse. It seems people who actually work together in these shows don't know how to keep a strictly platonic relationship and always have to fall in love with one another. It's the standard for Grey's Anatomy. Claire and Melendez was just forced. She all of a sudden loves him after 2 months of jogging and working out together. After she grieved her mother's death by sleeping with married men. That might be the only reason why I'm glad Melendez is dead, as we don't have to see that relationship come to fruition. If they were to have one, Melendez would have had to move to another hospital or Claire would not have been able to be his resident anymore. He would show favoritism and it would prove Morgan's complaint true.
  6. Finally got around to watching the last episode, and this one, unlike Fire, could definitely pass as decent season finale. When they give Atwater storylines, LaRoyce Hawkins continuously knocks them out of the park with his acting. The only issue is that the only storylines the character seems to get deal with racial issues. And I really think that's stereotyping his character. He's basically the token black man on the team, used for undercover buys and the race issues. He could do so much more if given decent storylines that just have to do with cases, regardless of race. It's a real waste of the character. Doyle got what was coming to him. No tears shed for him. Live by racial profiling, you die by racial profiling. Not sure why Kevin didn't tell the full story of what happened to the officer at the beginning. It took until after they caught the guys and he heard their accounts of what happened that he finally had to give the truth. So glad that Atwater still went through with telling COPA the full story, even after learning of what the blowback would be. I actually thought he might lose his nerve after Price told him he isn't MLK, and he'd be crazy to take this on. But he stuck to his guns. It was probably because he went with the party line to clear Doyle of the shooting last season, and didn't want to make that mistake again. And that last scene was straight gold. All those cops sitting in hiding on Atwater's home and Kevin ready to take them all on. That looked like an entire precinct of cops, or heck of a lot of cops loyal to Doyle and his family. It's going to be interesting to see how Kevin and Intelligence handle this next season. I wish real cops had the guts to call out the racist cops amongst them and not let them slide. I've heard of so many cops that shoot unarmed victims that had prior history of profiling or racism, and they were never dealt with. Or worse yet, other officers cover up evidence of an officer's wrongful shooting, like we saw with Jason Van Dyke.
  7. Could not agree more. It's getting tiring seeing Super Severide having to investigate every suspicious case. If it's a suspected arson, he has to take lead and apparently knows more than OFI investigators. And when he actually gets assigned to OFI to help with the backlog, it's like he couldn't wait to leave, saying he's happy with Squad. If he's happy with Squad, stick to Squad-related duties only and leave possible arson cases to the OFI, as that's their job. Can't have it both ways. The writers do need get more creative with actual fire related stories, instead of just trying to invent new storylines for Severide to save the day.
  8. I could see Brian Tee during the script reading, begging the writers to have the carjacker kill his character off so he can finally be free of April. And the information about Crockett's baby was not anything Nataloon needed to know. It had nothing to do with trying to help with the case against him. She should have just left it alone when his friend said it wasn't his story to tell.
  9. With the shut down, this was exactly the type of episode that you would fear getting to end the season. This episode definitely wasn't made to end a season. I think they would have been better off stopping after last week's episode. The wedding would have been decent way to close the season. Now we have to wonder what's gonna happen with Stella's Girls on Fire recruit next season, if the writers are sure to remember this storyline next season. Is Gallo going to be able to fix things with Violet? He should have just stopped at "I want us to be exclusive." They could be a decent couple if the actress (Hanako Greensmith) chooses to come back next season. Is Foster really going to go back to med school and leave the CFD? It wouldn't surprise me if Foster does leave Fire and comes back in Med as a main character, and Violet comes over to partner with Sylvie. That would be the easy way. But that depends if Annie Illonzeh is staying or going, as well. I didn't really understand Capp's behavior after the injury. What was the point of him leaving AMA, especially with an injury that could permanently affect his vision? And then he becomes unreachable, but winds up just being at home watching TV in the dark. What was Kelly really expecting to do by going back to that salvage yard? And at least we don't have to worry about Brett raising the baby or getting with Matt for another season. But this season is what it is, which is incomplete, unfortunately.
  10. What really was the purpose of April running to the store? Just to stand outside because she heard her ex is inside with a gunman? She was completely useless. And why is Choi talking about how he made a mistake with someone close to him and blew it? He didn't do anything. It was all April, and there's no need to feel guilt about breaking up. I'm glad they didn't use a life-threatening situation as an excuse to get them back together again. I guess Nataloon is thinking of joining CPD like Severide. She went all in on that investigation getting information that was none of her business to save Crockett.
  11. I wish they'd stop trying to push the Burgess-Ruzek relationship. They're on, they're off, they go home together, Kim gets pregnant, wants Adam as the father and not a husband, not pregnant, Ruzek tries to go out but still thinks about Kim. And when they pull up to a possible crime scene, why not throw in "The waitress told me you're sleeping with her." How does that have any bearing on this current case? Just stop it writers and let them move on from each other. This is part of that high school crap that Voight now has to continually referee with no Antonio and Alvin anymore.
  12. The only thing I can recall is that Richard did travel to Boston with Catherine a few seasons ago for the Harper Avery Award Ceremony, but there was never any mention of him needing a hip replacement at that time. There were never any storylines about him having any hip trouble.
  13. Though Tom also bores some of it. He's not blameless. He actually told Teddy 3 episodes prior that he didn't want to be that guy, considering his marriage blew up because his wife was having affair with another guy. He wound up being that guy anyway, which is a homewrecker. He could have stopped Teddy in her tracks and let her know she needs to talk to Owen. "Only come to him if you and Owen are through and you've ended the engagement." But of course, the writers can't have these characters make mature decisions. Teddy is 100% at fault for going back to Tom. And maybe one time is a mistake. But to keep doing it, while making your fiancé believe he's living the dream that with the woman and family he wants, is unforgivable. She graduated from being a homewrecker to having a pre-marriage affair.
  14. And not only was he able to walk, he wasn't even limping. He never talked about having any leg pain. The only physical symptom was his hand shaking. With the shape his muscle tissue was in due to that implant, he should have been in constant pain.
  15. Teddy can go to hell. There is no redemption for her. She's engaged to Owen and wearing his mother's ring. They're raising two kids together. And she does this. Even on her wedding day. And what's even more infuriating is that she has the gall to to get ready to get married like nothing happened. She was actually going to marry Owen hiding this truth from him. I feel crushed for Owen that he had to find out via a sex dial. That's a groom-to-be's worst nightmare. And all this because of an unclear hypothetical, in which Teddy couldn't act like a damn adult and speak to Owen about. Owen didn't deserve that. He worked on himself in therapy to understand why he didn't put Teddy first. He listed his original house to appease Teddy so she wouldn't obsessing that he got it with Amelia. Ughh. Teddy needs to give back his mother's ring and just leave. Korasick can take a hike too. He said 3 episodes ago that he didn't want to be that guy and that Teddy should marry Owen. And now it's "Let's leave together because you're making a mistake." And even before then, he knew Teddy and Owen were engaged, and didn't decide to stop Teddy from throwing herself at him when she was scared. What a snake. I hate that Linc had to miss the birth of his first child because, once again in the Grey's universe, he's the best and only available orthopedic surgeon in the entire hospital capable of removing a cobalt implant. The birth of your first child is a once in a lifetime thing. I would have told Bailey to page someone else because I have to be here. And bravo to Richard to telling Catherine off!!! She deserved it. I was worried that once again, another medical emergency would wind up forcing them back together. Catherine was all worried now about Richard, and acting like her buying his hospital to humiliate him didn't happen. I'm glad Richard was able to remember and shut her down in her tracks. I do hope they decide to shoot the remaining 4 episodes when they're able to start the new season and just add them to the start of the season, similar to Season 2. I'd like to see Owen tell Teddy off and ask for the ring back.
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