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  1. We already know who's going to get the new Lieutenant role on truck if Casey leaves. Definitely will not be an outsider. I cringe at the thought of that workplace dynamic should it happen like we think it will.
  2. I believe Bell is just an attending now. He lost his roles as CEO and Chief of Surgery thanks to Cain and Red Rock.
  3. Jesse's been on the show for 10 seasons, now. He could very well just want to move on. Chicago Fire is a great gig, but he may be looking for a new challenge. Not to mention, this show is physically demanding, and he's 10 years older than he was when he first started. And considering what we've to start this fall TV season, with the likes of Mark Harmon and Emily VanCamp choosing to walk away, it wouldn't be a shock for Jesse to be added to the list. And considering how much the Brettsey stuff was dragged out over the past season, I'm sure the writers panned for their relationship to go o
  4. Unbelievable. This show is going to devolve into being unwatchable with this crap happening. Same with SEAL Team. Christina, the only female member of the SWAT team, being relegated to this. Shame.
  5. I actually do think Morris Chestnust was planning to leave after Season 3, but due to the pandemic, he wound up staying for an extra season to close out his storyline. This type of thing bugs me on all the medical shows these days. The only options to do any surgery or procedure or test are the main characters. And if nobody's available, the whole hospital falls apart. I don't know why shows don't invest in having recurring surgeons and physicians that can help when needed. In a big hospital like Chastain, Billy Sutton, who is still on a probationary status, is the only available neuro
  6. Very sad episode, but a great sendoff for Nic. Couldn't have been done any better. And with the announcement of her leaving, you had to know there was only one way her character was going to exit the show. There is no universe where she's alive, and not with Conrad and Gigi. And there is no recasting Nic. Maybe after a show's first season, if the actor/actress isn't well received, or if it's a child character that's aging, a show can get away with recasting a main character. But not after 4 seasons. Emily is Nic. Emily and Matt had 4 years to build that chemistry. A new actress will be p
  7. Which is why I wonder why Taylor Kinney decided to renew his contract? He could have been free, just like Monica Raymund, and possibly be the lead in his own show.
  8. The thing is, 9-1-1 is not one of those shows. 9-1-1 isn't built around Athena. It's built around the first responders of the LAPD and LAFD, in which Athena is one of the first responders. Similar to how Third Watch was done. The strength is in the ensemble cast. So seeing Athena constantly going rogue, gets kind of annoying. The show wasn't called 911: Athena.
  9. There's a lot on this show that just plain annoys me. But the fact the writers and show runner can't even be bothered to fact check the history of their own damn show is just inexplicable. There is no excuse. Like I said last year, they must think viewers from the early seasons aren't going to pay attention to these little details, but we do, and it gets more and more frustrating that these inaccuracies even make the final cut. This is just further proof that the writers and the show runner don't care about being accurate. They want to make this show a cheesy feel-good story, and damn Griffin'
  10. Totally agree about the big event arcs. They can't seem to end fast enough. At least in the other event arcs, there are different emergencies portrayed to showcase the scope of the event. For the blackout, the focus just seemed to be mainly on Athena. I prefer the theme-driven and concept-driven episodes. And bungled is a good word to describe what the show did to Eddie and Ana's relationship. Though, I will say, looking at Gabrielle Walsh's IMDb profile, she looks to be pretty busy. She may have let the show-runner know that she can't be on the show long-term. I'm also wondering wh
  11. This episode was over the top, IMO. The strength of this show has been its ensemble, and the last 2 episodes have been all about Athena, warrior princess. They're all searching for clues to where Harry could be and know that Hudson is using Ransone's car, gun, and badge. Did they not think to maybe try to track the movement's of Ransone's car, as most every police vehicle would have GPS? Unless the system is somehow down due to the power outage. And again, Bobby and Athena's "love" just seems so forced. Different season, same lack of emotion between them. I do also think Athena needs to be kno
  12. That's the authentic route, but we all know how the show runner and writers feel about authenticity.
  13. True, but remember, he's the one that has encouraged some of his NBC shows to crossover with the CBS shows. And most decisions should still run through him, so he should know. And at the very least, he should notice how much different the Chicago shows have become compared to his other shows. SVU isn't about feel-good stories. The FBI series aren't trying to push relationships, and sacrificing authenticity. It's only with the Chicago shows that the quality has devolved into a soap opera type atmosphere. Even his former shows, like Homicide: Life on the Street & NY Undercover weren't t
  14. That's why these cliffhangers are basically meaningless. If you're going to have cliffhanger, make it count. Last season's cliffhanger and the one at the end of Season 5 ,I believe, would have meant much more had somebody bought it. But the writers continue to just be content with making this a feel good show, and just have drama for the sake of drama with no consequences on the story. I'm sure Cruz nearly dying will be forgotten about by the third episode. And it can't be hoped that Gallo and Violet will grow up because the writers won't allow it. Their childish banter stopped being funn
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