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  1. But funny enough, and most likely due to Shay being gay, they were a prime example of a well-done platonic relationship. They worked together and cared for each other like you'd expect from good friends. And that is a foreign concept on One Chicago these days. Now, if male and female characters care about one another, they have to be in a romantic relationship.
  2. Exactly this. That would be so refreshing for this show. Especially, when we consider this is the case in both 911 shows, and was the case way back in Third Watch. On too many shows these days, it seems the female characters exist only to fall in love with one of their co-workers. We've seen it on SWAT with what happened to the only female character.
  3. Gabby didn't work under him on truck when they got married. She was back to being a paramedic. If Matt is Battalion Chief, it's an entirely different conflict, as now EVERYONE: Truck, Squad, Engine, Ambo, works under him. So him choosing to be boyfriend first, over chief of the house, would have a much different impact. And yes, there were times, when he lost all focus over Gabby. The day he made captain, and Gabby was stuck in that parking lot, he was willing to run in, with no gear and despite the fact truck mates were fully prepared to go in, just because it was Gabby who was trapped.
  4. Not possible for her to fill his shoes as Lt. She's not Squad-certified. Though considering the fact that the show-runners and writers no longer care about authenticity, they could actually drum up some pathetic sob-story about how it's only right that she fill the shoes of her dead fiancé, and the Squad members say they'd be honored to have her lead them.
  5. If Boden takes the position, it's going to be a long 2 seasons. Casey as Battalion Chief, while carrying on a relationship with a paramedic at his house would just be pathetic, and scream conflict of interest every episode. "Chief Casey, can I have few moments alone with you in your office? And can you shut the blinds?" Or if he learns that Sylvie is in mild danger, while Squad or Engine is bogged down in a fire. We already who will be the first priority. I hope it's Severide that dies, so that Boden stays to "keep the house together" like Dawson choosing to stay to keep the house togethe
  6. Since the show seems hell-bent on pushing a Street-Alonso romance, when it's good enough not to need it, and just detracts from the actual excitement of the cases, the show ending sooner rather than later, wouldn't be the worst thing.
  7. They had a few seasons, but it was essentially the beginning of the end. CSI: Miami lasted just 2 more seasons, with countless delays after being moved to Sunday nights. NCIS: New Orleans is another casualty after 3 seasons on Sunday nights. And CSI moved to Sunday night in its final season, and suffered delays to the point where episodes were actually pushed to the next week because of the Sunday line-up getting pushed so late due to football. Really, they would have been better off moving this to Paramount+ as well.
  8. As Dove described it last week, this is what happens when you remove the patrol aspect from the show, which gave a strong B-plot to the A-plot. Now, with no patrol, we're stuck with a majority of episodes centered on relationship drama, with LaRoyce Hawkins only ever being utilized as the token black man in two-or-three episodes.
  9. And pick another fire department, instead of making a mockery of the CFD, one the of the most respected in the country. If they wanted a feel good show, they should work under Shonda Rhimes. They'd fit right in with Station 19. Leave Chicago Fire to the original show runners and follow authentic feel that all Dick Wolf show's have come to be known by.
  10. And what's truly mind-boggling about this stupid proposal in such a dangerous situation is that this show is set in the same universe as FBI and L&O: SVU, which was part of crossover event 5-6 years ago. And in the past week, a little girl actually fought off a kidnapping attempt using tips she had learned from watching SVU. It's kind of incredible how two shows, in the same universe, can have two completely different impacts. SVU keeps the realism, and and Fire has decided to become Grey's Anatomy/Station 19. IMO, it would make any idea of a future crossover a joke.
  11. It seems that once again the writers were using Casey's feelings over Gabby as a lame plot device to drag out the Matt and Sylvie drama. Just like bringing up Matt's head injury storyline with time line discrepancies galore. It's pretty obvious the writers have gotten lazy and their one and only focus, it seems, is to push drama ahead of authenticity. It's pathetic storytelling. And compared to other Dick Wolf shows, the Law & Order franchise, and FBI, and even oldies like NY Undercover and Homicide, the One Chicago franchise has totally jumped the shark. None of the shows even try to be b
  12. Though even Will wouldn't have expected a fellow doctor to steal the leftover trial medication and then have her mother use it with no monitoring. He packed up the the trial user's existing meds and and left it available for pick-up by the mail courier.
  13. Not the first time either. Remember Boden's wedding in the Season 2 finale?
  14. If Boden leaves, this show loses all since of credibility. Casey as a battalion chief, carrying on a romantic relationship with a paramedic who works under him. Ugh. That has trainwreck written all over it. And then two Lieutenants in the same house who are engaged. Just ugh. Dick Wolf is willing to let his first Chicago franchise show basically dissolve into a slightly more serious version of Station 19? Please leave Taylor Kinney. Get out of this mess. Run far away. This show is making a mockery of the CFD at this point. This show was supposed to show insight into the every day dramas that C
  15. And this is why this show is getting beyond tired. Even in her final 2 episodes, she is STILL protected from facing any consequences. Her character has never faced any repercussions. One way or the other, rather by sheer luck, or being benefitted by people protecting her, she continues to skate without any consequences for her actions. It's sickening.
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