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  1. Nikki Hanna from S19, who'd been Amber's sous chef in NJ until recently, is now a head chef at Hudson's Mill, in Garnerville NY. Good article on her here. Hopefully Amber's got a new sous to help her temp chicken properly.
  2. There's a PV in North America most years. It's normal. And yeah, it sucks if you hate cold. It's only really news when it hits more southern regions of the country. I'd expect it in AK and northern Canada. Josh can go f--k all the way off. And when he gets there, he can keep f---ing off. I'm half willing to bet that the bosses at Trident gave him an earful about bringing their company's name into disrepute by his assholery on camera since he's wearing their gear. Either that or Disco no longer needs a villain. As for the deckhand, the one part of the conversation that was
  3. Casey is a hell of a skipper and knows the boat inside out and backwards. What does Josh bring to the table, other than a face for the cameras? Who'd you rather have at the helm if things go to hell in a hurry? If there's no TV show, which of the two offers the owners a better skillset?
  4. Yup. Raw chicken is almost always a one-way ticket back to Palookaville.
  5. Sometimes various pieces of the same cuts of meat cook differently. This is definitely the case with brisket. I've had a 14 pounder get to probe-tender on me in as little as 12 hours and as long as 17 hours. I could also never get the whole finger-test thing for steaks. I just "know" from feel what rare and mid-rare is, and I can tell if I accidentally let it get past medium. Pork chops are easy to mess up since there are no real visual clues so I always temp it, and ditto poultry, but at the other end of the scale, I don't think I've ever once temped ribs, and I've smoked hundreds of 'em,
  6. Granted I'm not a line cook in a professional kitchen, but I won't cook any meat, especially poultry, without my Thermapen. I cook competition-style barbecue (brisket, pork, ribs, and chicken) and that's the single best tool at my disposal. But that said, I find it's far better to cook steaks by feel than by internal temp, especially if I've put a nice Mailliard crust on it on a flat-top.
  7. Just thinking more about this. What could work is promote Boden to DDC, staying at 51's quarters, and make Casey his driver. That gets both chiefs doing their own thing and opens up a spot for Kidd being the officer on T81. The only problem here is that BC Casey would be called out far more often than Boden, and to different incidents. So back to two command vehicles. But for the sake of Show Logic, I suppose it could work.
  8. I think that would be best case, but then you have another piece of apparatus to deal with; the DDC command vehicle, the BC vehicle, Engine, Truck and Ambo. Is there even space on the apparatus floor? Boden has gravitas and can hold a room. I can't think of one other character on this show who could pull that off. Voight on PD, and maybe Dr. Charles on Med. The guys you just don't f**k with. The show needs that character, and no offense to Jesse Spencer, but Lt. Casey (BC Casey) ain't it. He's a Nice Guy and an excellent firefighter/officer but he's not written as the proverbial Leader of Men,
  9. From a storytelling perspective this would make the most sense and would be the path of least resistance. It might also make financial sense since Eammon Walker is likely commanding a very big payday already for a mostly-supporting role. My only problem with that is that Walker is the best actor in the entire show and it would be a shame if he left. Obviously the Boden character would become an outstanding DDC but it would be a shame to lose him as a regular. They could still bring him in for cameos at major fire scenes, where he's in charge of the entire fireground (a very real thing).
  10. Yep, Heavy rescue squads are trained for underwater rescues, high-angle building rescues (think scaffolding collapses, window-washers, cranes, etc), mass-casualty incidents, and similar technical rescues. Some departments even have specialized heavy rescues (FDNY has one that specializes in building collapses, for example). As an officer of a responding piece of apparatus Casey should have called a mayday the instant it became obvious that their air was just about finished, and brought in at least one more squad, and a shit-ton of engines and ladders. Assuming Kinney is still on the
  11. Damnit, there was a helicopter in this episode. It needed to fall on someone and Natalie would have been as good a choice as any. We all know Will isn't going anywhere so...status quo there. I really liked the Russian doctor. A lot. Character actors make dumb shows like this ever so slightly more three dimensional. Why wasn't security waiting to escort him off the property? He's an MD with basically an all-access pass who, if went off the deep end, could do some serious damage on his way out.
  12. You put water on the fire in almost every scenario possible. Lots of water. Especially when trying to effect a rescue. In a properly-run fireground there are multiple truck companies, and the roof will get vented in short order so as to allow heat and gases to escape upwards. Meanwhile doors and windows on lower floors are kept closed to regulate the amount of air getting in. The combination of an opened-up roof and mass quantities of dihydrogen monoxide will make short work of the actual fire if they get there early enough. With the amount of fire shown, it likely wouldn't have been surv
  13. I hadn't heard that. It makes complete sense that he left and I hope she recovers fully. Now with that said, Iggy needs another character actor to play off. And less screen time.
  14. This episode and the season needed to end at the shower scene. Period. Am I too much of a geek if the words going through my head watching that bit by the tank should have been along the lines of Max: "Helen....the hospital? Out of Danger?" Sharpe: "Max, I've got to get you out of here....you could die." Max: "Die? I'm dead already. I have been and always shall be...your friend." Because that's all I could think about during those tense moments. Then the stupid writers had to break the tension and back to the B- and C-plots. I don't give a rat's ass about Iggy, his partner, Ch
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