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  1. IRL, dispatchers make that triage call every single day. Basically following the ABCs is a good rule. Airway, Breathing, Circulation. Air goes in and out, and blood goes round and round. Any deviation is a problem, and calls for a lights-and-sirens response. But with that said, bariatric lift assist calls are as important to the incapacitated patient as a high ankle sprain is to a young jogger or a deep finger lac to a chef. None are likely going to kill you outright, but they absolutely require intervention. And the reality is you never know if that simple lift assist might turn into a cardia
  2. I just handwaived it as Dumb Plot Device #5420, akin to the Slammigan. You never know if that frequent flyer who calls every other night for a free taxi ride to the hospital might just have ODd or accidentally cut his head open in a drunken stupor. Dispatchers might (or might not) have the authority to manage lower priority calls when it's not crazy-busy as well. And besides, how'd you like to see that POS bus show up for your grandmother who just fell out of bed and needs a once-over?
  3. Absolutely. Half the class and the instructor would have let him know. The way it should have played out is to get Eddy suspicious that Jamie might find out, have all the suspicions clearly put in place for the viewer as well, but then they get the big reveal seeing her studying in class. And then the instructor then introduces a special guest who'll give tonight's lecture. Jamie. Favorite by a country mile. He's the only one with even a hint of authenticity in the whole show in terms of personality, but he doesn't belong at Sunday dinner. Speaking of, imagine how awkward it wo
  4. Nope (medical reasons put paid to that a long time ago). There's family history, though, which I'd rather not get into. More on the FD side than PD. What he did was incredibly blatant. Especially today, a copper gets a guy killed or put in the hospital, there's no way that real-world IAB turns a blind eye.At the very least he'd lose his badge or he'd be busted out of his gold shield, and more likely he'd catch a charge by some ADA on the warpath. This police procedural show is utterly horrible when it comes to the depiction of real police procedures. That kind of thing I'm told does happe
  5. I'd be fine with it either way, to be honest. I like that side of Casey a lot. But if he leaves, that will utterly destroy Brett, unless both actors leave or take a break. And speaking of, the One Chicago franchise is going into hiatus after week 6 so perhaps in that time away from Chicago things will resolve themselves and Casey will come back. Personally I'd like to see him mentor the kid and get him into the fire academy. The show could use a probie. And if that doesn't happen then it'll be interesting to see Brett pick up the pieces. I think Kara Killmer has it in her to putt that off.
  6. Yeah, he gives him a got shot to the face, and Voight just takes it. It felt both satisfying and necessary. And for as much as I really don't like Spiradakos' acting on this show, her performance tonight, at least in some of the more intense scenes, wasn't the complete trainwreck I'd been expecting. Sleep deprived and guilt-wracked Upton wasn't horrible, and for once she was able to emote clearly when she nearly spilled the beans. But after that it was back to the same-old Upton we know and loathe. Nice to see that she was able to sleep peacefully after killing someone else, even if
  7. Set a guy up to be hurt and it's a charge, which frankly he deserved right there, and if had been Not-a-Reagan he would almost certainly have been. If the guy had gotten whacked it would be some form of a lesser homicide charge. At the very least, I could see a case for reckless endangerment or conspiracy to commit assault. If it was Not-a-Reagan in that case, on this show, he would be shown perp-walked out of the station house after Frank personally stripped him of his badge for bringing His Police Force into disrespect.
  8. Or worse is the key phrase here. Real world outcome would be the guy ends up on a slab within an hour or two, and IAB would have Danny's shield before the body got cold.
  9. So what makes Claudette or whatever her name is all that special? Given that home invasion plus heart attack call she handled, any call-taker or on-air dispatcher on the floor should be able to do precisely what she did every single time. Plus there are scripts that must be read and followed to the letter. I can't speak for L.A., but in most major cities the 9-1-1 call takers (the ones who speak with citizens) hand off the call to radio dispatchers. Some inside-baseball: In most circumstances you wouldn't find a call taker alternating between the caller and the people in the field. Plus P
  10. No wonder the show was so refreshing. I'd forgotten about him completely. Natalie bugged the hell out of me too, but Choi was the one I honestly couldn't stand. He doesn't have (or at least he doesn't show) the necessary depth of human compassion for the front lines of an inner-city ER. Let's put it this way, if I ever end up in the ER with a less-than-life-or-death injury, I sure as hell wouldn't want someone like Choi treating me. Operating? Maybe, but not as initial point of contact.
  11. The real crime that any real firefighter would have...roasted him for was kicking the door in and not at least partially closing it behind himself. Wanna watch a survivable fire grow to something not survivable in under a minute? Give it some oxygen by leaving a door open. If FFs are going in with a charged line then fine, but without water, giving it more oxygen is suicidal.
  12. Somewhere not too far from New York City. I'm guessing north in the Hudson Valley given the Revolutionary War ghost's having been in Ft. Ticonderoga shortly before his death and the member of the Lenape Tribe. As for the Viking, I'm guessing maybe an exploration down the St. Lawrence River and then down the Hudson?
  13. In an 8pm sitcom played for yukks I can forgive it, if the rest of the writing is good and the jokes are on-point. We're two episodes in so of course it's going to be a bit rough around the edges; the actors haven't yet had time to find their characters. It's a fun, sweet little show and I hope they can keep it that way for a while before going off on heavier themes, like the lives and deaths of the main ghost characters. I really see this show as having the same potential for success as The Good Place if the writing can keep up. I have very high hopes here.
  14. I won't debate popularity, but from the standpoint of this healthy hetero guy, I don't find T.S. particularly attractive, which I think is part of what her purpose is on the show. Is it important? No, absolutely not, but that's obviously what the showrunners want—a tough, hawt, experienced street cop that has chemistry with the leading male character. Tough? Yeah, maybe, and I'm fine with that. Hawt? No. PermaSmirk™ put an end to that. Experienced? I suppose. But a big ol' "F" on her chemistry test. As I said, I don't care whether a detective on a procedural is smokin' hot or plain-Jane.
  15. I'll go one further and say this was an excellent episode overall. I really don't hate the fictional character of Hailey Upton personally. I just think the wrong actor was chosen for the role, and Spiradakos takes me out of the show with every line and every closeup. IMHO she doesn't have the acting chops to pull this off, and as for her facial expressions, you know how creepy the giant plastic Burger King head is in those ads? I think he was her acting coach. I like morally gray dramatic characters in the right context, and being a LittleVoightWannabe isn't the worst storyline the s
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