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S07.E07: Our Senses Restored

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So happy Darla is allowing the family to help her to deal with this guy from her past. Nova I am proud that you didn't just fall into bed again with her ex. lover. This was pretty mellow episode. Micah still needs to get it together. 

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I actually felt for Micah in this episode as he tried to keep Rah under control. Ralph Angel was about to do something that would cost him everything. Micah telling Chase to shut up felt good. I hope Chase dies in the storm.

I'm completely over the trope of women spinning fairy tales as some kind of allegory for their life story. P-Valley did this and it bored me then too. It's just a time suck.

Hollywood and Vi are so good with the boys. I appreciated the callback to the men who died on the farm.

I can't deal with this show's love affair with Nova. I truly don't care who she ends up with and Calvin needs to move on.

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And now it's happened. Micah got screwed over big by those NFT scammers.

Hollywood showed the boys a Richard Pryor concert movie! Those poor kids were not ready, lol.

Dang, it's Calvin. He's aged well.

I still don't get why Darla doesn't block the phone number. She doesn't need to let it be so easy for her rapist to harass her.

Okay, foul on that play, Calvin. It's not up to Nova to help you get over her.

Ditto comments upthread, Darla shouldn't be treating her situation with her attacker like a fairy tale. I think she might be starting to disassociate due to the stress.

Oh please, what are the odds that Chase a-hole would show up right where RA is?

Ugh, apparently the only reason they brought Calvin back was so he could give Nova a huge tongue bath. He was talking like she wrote the syrupy words for him. Maybe one day he'll realize how lucky he is that she let him go.

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Here we go again with Nova. Now she's back to being interested in a woman. Where is her boyfriend? She's all over the place. At least she didn't fall in to bed with Calvin. His return was useless. This show went straight to hell when Charlie was written out. Do we know what ever happened there?  

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