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  1. Maybe that's why they feel they can help, been there and done that .
  2. I hope not !! I think Toya just needed some friends . Scott has already left the marriage , he just hasn't moved out yet . Emotionally he's gone.
  3. Amen to that ! Just because you're wealthy is no excuse to be ignorant of the world around you ! I do realize that most of them live in a Bubble, but dam !!! How stupid can you be ?
  4. I don't care about Wendy , sort of over her from last season, however the new ladies are on fire judging from the previews, can't wait until July . This should be an interesting.
  5. I didn't see that at all Lol !! It's not fair to compare her to Lisa anyway , Lisa was in a class all by herself. However , I would love to see her hold Kyle down this season. I also remember that show , that's why I just saw Kathy a little different, so far she's just blending in for me, no real distinction. Sutton's first season was more impressive on that level, however I have to give it time , Kathy may show up for me yet !
  6. I so agree, Leah is "trippin " , I never thought I could dislike anyone more than Ramona
  7. I thought Kathy would be more like Lisa Vanderpump, with that aristocratic air, I miss that . However she's clearly not that .
  8. Okay Garcelle, Rhinna has shown you and honestly told you that you can't trust her. What more do you need. Stop trying to be friends , just be social and nothing more, keep you business to yourself reveal only what you want to .
  9. Exactly, this is why I could never feel Marlo. It's always a bridge too far, she needs to learn to pull back and shut up. I do believe this is why she was never offered a Peach . Nene could get away with it because she was very popular( until she wasn't ) and Andy liked her. Marlo shade can be very disgusting.
  10. This was a surprise, Porsha says they were not friends, only filmed together. I read that he and Dennis are business partners ? Congrats Porsha, hope this works out for her, but i's just too soon for me, it looks as if Porsha is going off the deep end again.
  11. Marlo acts like the village idiot !
  12. Just stupid and silly , all of them. I hope Marlo doesn't get a Peach , she's just too low for me.
  13. Really Kenya ? What the Hell !! I for one am so happy this crappy show is over. This was just some straight up BS.. The entire cast needs to be scrapped.
  14. Because the conservative white guy wearing the suite dresses up at home in dungeon wear .
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