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  1. I like Marlo but I think she screwed herself out of that Peach years ago, Marlo made some cruel comments against Kim and Sheree that they better be aware of her arrest records, ( don't mess with me ) supposedly she's been arrested several times, she also got into an altercation in a club with a young woman over a man and sliced up her opponents face with a razor blade and some years later the victim committed suicide by jumping from a bridge leaving a young son behind. , I believe that turned Bravo off.
  2. Riley has her fathers personality and his body mass, she's not petite like Kandi , she is her fathers child. She even looks him. Riley was the only child forever and she is clearly spoiled, I understand, because Kandi over compensated to make up for Brock's absence in Riley's life. Riley is a nice smart young lady , her attitude will improve as she matures. I believe she will make a great tough attorney . However because of Covid and being quarantined, they all had to clean a lot, but a cleaning staff is necessary for that large home , no way she can do that on her own.
  3. Love this picture of Maya ! It appeared staged to me, Todd wanting to be seen handing her a wad of cash.
  4. I am not going to make it through this season, this is really boring.. Bring back the OG'S please! Phaedra, Nene, Sheree, Lisa Wu, Deshawn Snow. At least they had more flavor. I am not a big Nene fan , but she did have presence.
  5. Absolutely agree ! I believe the OG's should have their own Housewives show
  6. Misery loves company . Kenya life is so jacked up, she can't sincerely be happy for anyone else.
  7. I m already bored as hell with this season !! Just not feeling it yet, it's not the same flavor..
  8. I so agree about Monique. The only reason I starting the Housewives franchise was to see the lifestyle of the rich. I as well enjoyed seeing her lifestyle ,regardless I will miss Monique, I hate she let this this happen.
  9. It may be more beneficial to build their own home than to continue renting, rent can be as high as a mortgage depending on where you live.
  10. For someone that has no degree or no Morehouse , or no house as you say , your writing is impeccable and your thought process always complete, no lose ends dangling. I always enjoy reading your comments, you should consider blogging or just writing in general. You really are that good.
  11. Yes, it was a long time, but when you are in crisis mode, that time can just fly by without even a notice. It may have taken her this long to admit her wrong because she felt attacked my Candiace's mouth . I will miss her on the show, I hate this happened because Monique was a real housewife and I loved seeing her lifestyle and interaction with the kids and Chris. However someone should have given Chris a Valium.
  12. Please forgive this, but I really wish it was Gizelle's head that was being slammed into the table instead of Candice. They would find someone else just as nauseating.
  13. amen.. I feel so sorry for those beautiful young ladies, I was a daddy's girl, I know how important that relationship is. Giselle please stop talking about giving FALASHIO on national Tv , also embarrassing for them as well.
  14. Giselle's daughters have witnessed too much heartbreak with their mother, it has affected them greatly.
  15. Yes, well they are paid to bring the drama . I just hate it when they do stupid stuff.
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