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  1. I hope I am wrong about her, but I have seen this before in this coven.
  2. I so wish Garcelle had brought up the comment that Crystal made about not knowing who Sutton is, maybe she will. Crystal will sit back to see who carries the most weight in this group and that's where her loyalty will lie.
  3. Yes but when you reference some one's mother it's not a joke when used in a demeaning manner, this was just no run of the mill momma joke , this was meant to teardown and hurt .. this is why I say they are fighting words for some people used in this context. It is what it is, Keep the fight with Mia only, call Mia low budget since she's so obsessed with her stripper past , no need to bring her mother into it.
  4. You can't compare that to this, Candance goes for the jugular and becomes more aggressive and that's not going to work out well for her. It's not a matter of living in fear, it's just knowing when to shut the hell up and walk away. That's just common sense.
  5. No that's not what I said, I said if you want to talk shit to someone, if you want to insult their family , or something that's offensive, you have to be prepared for what just might be coming your way . Rarely does anyone get popped for non-aggression, unless the person is mentally ill or holding some type of rage, listen what this all boils down to is.. don't insult people you don't know , be careful with those you do know. I just feels she goes to far and some people can't take it , right or wrong..
  6. what's suppose to be, and what's happening is two different things, you can't judge how a person would react no matter what the rules are. All of these shows can be love and hip hop , Basketball wives, or whatever, it depends on who you are messing with, just push the wrong button and you will get what you are looking for.
  7. I agree, but in this case, if you are going to talk shit, then know how to fight, or get ready to have your edges snatched !
  8. I understand that , but many aren't and don't give a dam. some people never mature , they are street oriented and will die that way . Since she does not know the difference , she should keep her mouth shut and protect her teeth .
  9. Yes, they are , people don't play that stuff about their mommy's, depends on who you talking to . I got some cousins who are about' that life," who will beat your ass just because ,and don't give a dam about going to jail. Candiance needs to watch her mouth because you don't know people .. everybody wasn't raised the same.
  10. Also when I was growing up, those" Yo Mommy" insults were grounds for a ass whoopin !
  11. Thank you , this is exactly what I have been trying to express, however your eloquence is unmatched.
  12. I for one don't give a rats ass about Robyn's menstrual cycle ! Robyn should have stayed home.
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