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S01.E05: Alight

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Mae really seems to be working on replacing Jules.  She is trying to take all of the daughters places in Suzanne's life.  Are we expected to think her devil altar is helping her do this or is she really just very good at playing Suzanne and others?  She had Jules seeing her as a friend, while she alienated Jukes from her best friend then made major moves on her "crush".

At first I did not understand Jules rejecting a ride home from the bonfire.  However, I can imagine that level of bad decision making from a person her age.  

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I'm wondering what is going on with the father, he seems to have very little affect even when bad things are going on. I wish he and his wife would have some better communication. I'm not sure I could have a foster child who had obviously been part of a cult and been abused without wanting her to have a lot of counseling and having the police make sure my family would be safe. Suzanne has her reasons I know, but she is so unconcerned about everything despite her having years of experience dealing with traumatized teens and children. I wonder if the state police could get involved since the Sheriff is Amonville is uncooperative. I heard this was based on a true story but wonder how much of it is true. 

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It's a teensy bit more interesting now, although again I'm feeling "Race With the Devil" as the Satan worshippers seem to be closing in from every angle.

On 9/13/2022 at 6:18 PM, Madding crowd said:

I'm wondering what is going on with the father, he seems to have very little affect even when bad things are going on.

Ditto for the bi sister.   She's swanning through every episode yet having minimal influence on the action or characters.   Her function seems to be limited to alienating Jules so that Mae can fill the void.

Suzanne is a moron.   I have binge amnesia -- was it this episode or the last where she finds Mae's freaky shrine out in the woods?  She asks Mae, "What's that?" but is content to stand there listening to Mae's reply without taking a closer look despite that anyone can see it's festooned with photos and personal stuff.  Mae tells her a thinly veiled account of human sacrifice and Suzanne's take-away is, "I think they were going to make her a nun."

Then again, Suzanne's married to the nitwit who, after being told that a strange man walked in and paid to extend his daughter's birthday karaoke party, says "Oh.  Okay," and goes back to the party.

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