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S04.E08: Life After Lockup: Just a Snitch

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Sara and Shawn’s wedding sparks drama, while Destinie faces an emergency. Chazz wants Branwin to come clean. Kayla snoops on Kevin and Tiffany’s date. Lindsey gets shocking news from her lawyer. Puppy’s revelation stuns Eric. Ray has reservations.

Drama at a wedding?  At Shawn's wedding?  I had no idea such a thing could happen.  Everyone involved is so even keeled.  One thing I can guarantee, Shawn will see himself as the victim. 

Chazz catches more of a clue.  Yet again we will witness: 



Caveman Kevin is back with two women who claim to want him.  He must have returned from the hunt with a large kill. 

Lindsey learns that if she still has warrants for her arrest, she shouldn't be out trolling in parking lots with camera crews following her.  Just speculation on my part.

Eric is stunned that Puppy could be pregnant when they have sex and don't use birth control.  Stunned will likely look like half asleep. Eric hasn't fully opened his eyes in years. 

Ray will again try to show some emotion.  I sense the wild man of the show does not want to sign a prenup. 

Original air date 2022.09.16

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I wonder why Amber thinks Puppy is just like her. Amber seems to have some self-respect, ambition and discipline. Puppy is cowardly, lazy and kind of dumb, imo.

Lot of technicolor hair at Shaun 'n' Sara's wedding. I hadn't realized Gracie was his only daughter; that makes her reaction to the gender reveal slightly more understandable.

Granny Ray is so cute and wise; I also loved that she was wearing little kitten-heeled slides during her talk with her weirdly earnest grandson.

Brittany (the Las Vegas one) saying she's all cried out made me laugh, since we have yet to see any actual tears on her face throughout this boring plotline. What a tempest in a teapot she's making, just to keep those SharpBucks coming.

Branwin's escort site has her as 28 years old and 'slim'. And yet Chazzz wants to give her the benefit of the doubt.

I must have missed something- why did Kevin reject the potential threesome bondage girl? Although it looked like she was a head taller, so maybe he wasn't looking for quite that much domination? Also, Kayla has proudly described herself as 'successful'- anybody know what her career is? (I can guess).

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Brittany sitting on some old trashed tires in the middle of a particularly desolate and ugly strip of desert, the power poles lined up in the near distance... What? Did the dump refuse to let them film there?  So far ninety percent of the screentime Brittany has had last week and this has been her driving around grinding her teeth into the car cam. Her monologues are so boring and girl can't act.  I wonder what Marcellino is doing these last two weeks?  The last time we saw him he was just looking dead eyed at Brit, which is what he should have done when he first met her and then moved on. But here we are now, filming in a desert road side tire dump, listening to Brittany try to convince us that she's 'done'. If only.

I think Amber was referring to the things they shared in their pasts when she said they are the same (she and Puppy) because obviously they are two entirely different people when it comes to dealing with life as she is lived. Amber is who Puppy could have been if she were smart, determined, and resourceful. And yet Amber still wound up in prison, so there's that. Love me some Queen. The look on her face when Amber dropped the Puppy-pregnancy news!  Now there's a GIF waiting to happen.

The Puppy-Eric scene was completely staged. It was one of the few times that Puppy and Amber's scenes have taken me out of the narrative and made me completely aware of the staging and camera angles etc. "Leave!....You're not leaving!"  Eric's face gazing inward through the glass in the door - come on show! We know there's a script but don't make it so obvious.

Destiny and her fake contractions. Braxton-Hicks at seven months? That seems a tad early for them. I am convinced that this was entirely contrived and she just claimed Braxton-Hicks because she was told to do so to explain why she had pain but there was no real reason for alarm after all. No medical personnel said a thing about it - it's just what Destiny said to the camera. It's all a scam for the show. And why is she on my TV again? Begone!

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2 hours ago, Andyourlittledog2 said:

Brittany sitting on some old trashed tires in the middle of a particularly desolate and ugly strip of desert, the power poles lined up in the near distance... What? Did the dump refuse to let them film there? 

Her idea of communing with nature has always been walking three feet from a highway with semis roaring by.  But yeah the power lines and the discarded tires creates quite the tableau.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a white 40-year-old guy with those lines shaved into his head.  Also Eric seems too stupid to find the hole necessary to make a baby.

In Branwin’s defense, that site advertised massages with full nudity.  Not exactly escorting, even with a happy ending.  But yeah 28 and she looked nothing like the pics.

I don’t think I could carry Britney across a threshold.

Oh and Jason seems way too normal for Destinie.

2 hours ago, Andyourlittledog2 said:

And yet Amber still wound up in prison, so there's that.

Well her mom was a a drug lord so not the best example.

Kevin isn’t down with a dominatrix because he thinks he’s the dom.  All 5’2” of him.

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2 hours ago, Andyourlittledog2 said:

The Puppy-Eric scene was completely staged.

Speaking of staged Kevin doesn’t notice Kaylah’s car parked right in front of his house.  Surrounded by a camera crew.  And parked two feet from the curb.  Then she follows him much more closely than Amber and Puppy followed Eric but doesn’t get noticed.  Right.

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Finally got around to this one this evening!

I will say...I only hit the ff button once compared to Teen Mom next chapter!  So there's that!

Brittany in the desert.  I expected a big snake to bite her as she sat on the tire smoking!  I didn't realize she had tattoos under each butt cheek!  I'd love to see them up close!  What can they be???

Sara the wedding voice of reason?  I don't remember a wedding cake being a baby reveal so go producers for a NEW thought!

Puppy...such a bad actor as she plays the victim over and over again!

Destiny that was quite a tray of food you gobbled up!  Must have filmed that scene several times because tray full, tray empty, tray full, tray empty!

The things I notice!

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Poor Gracie. She hasn't seen her dad in almost a year, comes to his wedding to a woman she's never met and who is pregnant with sibling #6, and she has to endure the trashtastic gender reveal wedding cake with the funfetti pink cake on top of it. I know Kelly needs those SharpBucks but I really wish they hadn't used the wedding for the father/daughter reunion. 

I'm sad for Branwin because she's so very, very damaged but I do love that she's making a fool of Chazz. He's the creepiest creep who ever creeped. I hope she finishes that construction program, gets a good paying job, and cleans up her life. 

I'm sick of the Puppy storyline. She's so OBVIOUSLY pregnant and too far along to have an abortion. She needs to leave Eric and be with that awesome crew of lady support she has. 

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7 kids, 6 siblings
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