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S06.E01: Let the Games Begin

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1 hour ago, Redrum said:

The real world answer is that she would have to leave her full time job. I'm sure instead we'll have a stressed out episode for Hen where she has to choose and then gets some sweet part time set up that would never happen. 

Or maybe the fire house equivalent of a "leave of absence?" 
And then we'll have episodes where she's doing her residency in the hospital where The 118 happens to take accident victims during her shifts.

Just spit-ballin'

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20 hours ago, Redrum said:

I kind of wonder if they were ever address the issue of matching with a hospital for her internship....

That's an easy she will just match with the hospital that they go to most often. I do wonder if they aren't making her acting Captain to set up Hen using her MD to work with the LAFD. There are a few RL examples especially in big cities like LA. I'm sure they will arrange for Hen to work out of the 118 in whatever new capacity they can make up.

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On 9/19/2022 at 10:29 PM, Maverick said:

 I think they did.  There was a scene where Athena asks "why are the police here?"  

Thank you.  It was not clear to me.  It seems an odd choice for the next episode teaser.

On 9/21/2022 at 8:58 AM, tennisgurl said:

the father and son playing golf was cute and they actually did surprise me at the son not getting his hand stuck, we even had one that seemed to be leading to a classic child in peril plot when the kid was actually fine. 

Looks like I missed a good rescue by fast forwarding through the scene.  I was not going to take any chances though.

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On 9/22/2022 at 12:00 PM, Clanstarling said:

I don't know if they have them on cruises (never been on one, never will go on one), but it still seems risky to surround yourself with triggers you can't really get away from.

I agree about the eye shadow - but having just seen a picture of a celebrity (don't know who) wearing the same stuff, I guess it's a trend?

She did wear loose clothes, which could indicate another pregnancy, but could also be that she just didn't bounce back from her last one. It happens, as I sadly know.

She does look on the large side, like she never lost any of that pregnancy weight.  Really notice it on her face.

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