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  1. I think this the same ad that at the beginning they are discussing someone from a dating app. One of them is listing the qualities including “long hair” and “plays frisbee” when another voice dismissively says “what is he, a Labrador?” I can’t be the only one who grumbled in disgust. Long hair? Do the advertisers not know what a Labbie looks like? Of all dogs to choose!
  2. It is his character. The less said about that the better. I do have to admit that I’m not all that fond of Noth either, but that is more of I can tolerate him in small doses. Or if he is with Jerry Orbach (Law/Order ref). I don’t think 13’s Tardis had changed. It is still the weird crystals uber-dark dreck it was before. I really miss the clean bright control room of the original. The alternate Tardis had that look a bit, though it did seem a bit cluttered with wires or something. I don’t remember what Ruth’s version looked like. (See comment below) Still looked better even with all Daleks about. So, a NuWho idea along with the hybrid human/Dalek creation during Ten and Martha’s run. Not the best episode but still far less aggravating than this one. I am still bugged by what happened to the technology that allowed “Danny Boy” to fly into space. I guess everything is still classified so no one knows about the previous attempt to use Daleks as opposed to the how many times the Daleks have attacked Earth. I heard that line in caps in a Dalek voice. I was so relieved when they finally got back in their shells and sounded like themselves again. Before that my DH made another movie reference to Independence Day with the Dalek using the human to speak. I was also glad to see Ryan and Graham safely off the Tardis. Closer to what happened with Sara Jane or Teegan, them deciding on their own to leave. Loved the call back at the end to Ryan trying to learn how to ride a bike and for Graham to see Grace. I don’t think Ryan saw her or at least he didn’t indicate that he did. I would watch spin off of their adventures. Sad to say, it would be more interesting to me than the current Who because there wouldn’t be the mucking about with the Doctor’s backstory. Did wonder about the trolls though, in Finland? I thought it was Norway. Either way I thought the Scandinavian countries got along with the trolls.
  3. Forgot to mention that I did chirp “hey, the squareness gun!” Nice callback, wonder where Jack got it. Also wanted to ask if there was any significance to the look of the control room on the decoy Tardis. (so sad to see any Tardis destroyed)
  4. Me: (after being relatively quiet during the episode). Aaargh! Why didn’t they kill him off? He can’t be knighted, he’s not a citizen! DH: Why not? Jack Ryan was. Me: ? DH: Patriot Games. It was honorary too. (smiles) I know I indicated I was not planning to watch this one because of Chris Noth, but my family had been asking all week when it was going to be on. Then today, they were reminding me it was going to be on, so I agreed to watch and went in spoiler free. It was better than I had expected, not a Cyberman in sight! Yes, a mention and Jack should have yelled at her about that but I digress. and Regrading the apparent amnesia about Daleks, I ranted about that earlier so DD and I started listing all the people who would remember starting with Wilf . She also said that most governments would have a secrets book where they would have that info and were probably now freaking out seeing them rolled out on TV. On point 3, I had a hard time seeing the character and not the actress. I kept switching between seeing Fanny Dashwood and Brutus in Julius Caesar . When was it established that they could survive outside of their shells? Was that a NuWho thing? I liked all the callbacks too (and no Cybermen!). Avoid “The Time of the Doctor” if you want to keep the creepiness of the Silence intact. I agree. It would have been nice to see them adjusting to the new situation. It is too bad they didn’t go with someone from another time period or another planet. An aside: I did appreciate with tptb did with the promos for the show with the commercial that was introducing the Daleks. First time I saw it, it took a split second to register that it was not going to be another watch commercial.
  5. I found the tag line annoying because it felt to me that it suggests a scenario that we, the audience, have not seen before. Now if it is a quote from one of the trio, then it would make sense because they have never had this experience. Once they meet up with Jack, he might have a few pointers. I also find it tedious that once again someone has thought “oh, let’s use this tech that tried to kill us to be our defense system”. Or at least that the impression I got from the clip. I realize that what happened in WWII in this universe is probably still classified. I guess it is the equivalent to what is supposed to be happening at Area 51.
  6. How can you fight a Dalek without the Doctor? Did anyone else read this and think of “The Stolen Earth”? And maybe also wonder if the copy writer did not or think fans have short memories? Ten did show up, as Thirteen inevitably will here too, but Jack and Torchwood, Rose, Jackie, Mickey, Martha, Sara Jane and Harriet Jones were putting up a good fight without knowing if or when Ten would appear. I doubt they will call back to that time.
  7. It’s been running for 31 years?! Wow! I feel that the Hershey’s people have missed the point in saying that they would run both the new and old versions of the commercial. People don’t like the new one because it interrupts the original so they/we suggested that they separate the two by cutting it into a new commercial. We all wait for that “phew” at the end, Hershey’s tptb.
  8. Yes, it is. It's even their name for the spot: Thank you, @CrazyInAlabama and @Moose135!! I looked up a lyrics video so I could fill in all blanks. I also figured that the other thing that was bugging me was how the song was slowed down for the promo. Just something off.
  9. Does anyone know the name of the song playing under the new CNN promo? It’s driving me crazy, I can almost remember it but it is just on the edge of memory.
  10. Wasn't he the one from that stupid spider episode? Edited to add: I just looked it up, and yeah, he was. But IMDB lists his character as Robertson, not Robinson. In any case, the only Jack I'm looking forward to seeing in the special is Harkness. My thought when reading this was of all the guests tptb picked him? Very unwelcome character.
  11. First they had Donna come on to voice Scrooge’s nemesis and now Missy as his sister? I love the voice casting directors for this show! Thank you for sharing this!
  12. Clogging! How did I miss the clogging commercial? I guess my 2 brain cells didn’t recognize it as part of the series. And I like that one, I try to watch a different dancer each time it comes on. Prevailing Wind you said it, that kid is great!
  13. Geico commercials Ratt problem - clever and fun with a bit of nostalgia thrown in Aunt problem - okay but still amusing Fencing problem - a real stretch, a definite miss for me
  14. Moving this quote over here because this commercial has me scrambling for the remote. Shame on the person who decided to use Nina Simone’s Feeling Good. I don’t think it’s even Nina Simone singing.
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