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S10.E19: Jeff Davis 2

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Best of all I'm Canadian, at 18 I can drink


I don't mean my age, I mean I'm 18 inches long.

and then Scenes from a Hat happened.  That's some of the best I've seen!  Cut from Jeff to Ryan at the desk, and then when Aisha took over!

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I like this show soooo much better without the guest stars. 


That was fun. I liked when Wayne could hardly keep a straight face as he did the Thai waxer. (I've got to think that part of the joke that the writers are doing is to make the most complicated, specific, and convoluted character possible.)


Newsflash… Ugh. I had to look away. At first I thought the showering stuff was just too boring, but then we got the tweezers and… well, just gross.


I loved Colin's face during the Awards Show bit. Even just sitting in the audience he was hilarious looking. 


Hoedown!!!! I'm surprised that Jeff was the last one instead of Ryan.


Scenes From a Hat was great. I always like Colin's stuff, like having an alarm for setting the alarm. Everything else was funny too.

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One thing this iteration does better than the Drew Carey years or the Clive Anderson ones is involve the audience. I hate Moving People or Lving Scenery or whatever they're called when audience members have to be props or move the cast. I just cinge and fast forward. But the way they did it last night and have done in the past, where they pull people from the audience to augment what the cast is already doing, really works for me.

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I wonder how they got Ryan to do Hoedown. Maybe they give him hazard pay since the audience loves it so much.


Jeff being the cameraman, Ryan hitting the buzzer over and over again and Wayne's callback joke as the waxer just killed me.


Funny all around - cemented my love for Jeff Davis as the best 4th chair.

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I wonder how they got Ryan to do Hoedown. Maybe they give him hazard pay since the audience loves it so much.

That's probably why he wasn't fourth. He didn't have to come up with the big punchline, so that took off a lot of the pressure.

I gotta say, that was hands-down the most hilarious SFaH that I've seen in years. Loved the way that Aisha was getting into it too towards the end. :)

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Agreed. I do not miss the guest players either.


This one was hilarious and I always love that dating game.


As mentioned, I too prefer when they let the audience join in, but not the living scenery, the sound effects bit, and that other awful one that blows (imo). I liked that the audience didn't have to come up with anything funny. They just had to fill in and follow along like with the penguin thing.

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This episode is supposed to be repeated tonight at 7:30 Central this evening!


The intros: Wayne--Harlem Shaking, Jeff--Doing The Dougie, Colin--Gungnam Styling, and Ryan--Funky Chicken.

The Games: Weird Newscasters, Irish Drinking Song, Party Quirks, World's Worst, and Greatest Hits.


Colin's joke to "open" the newscast makes five-year-old me giggle.

This PQ is classic and needs to be watched in it's entirety.

The World's Worst has a great callback!

Greatest Hits ,as usual, knocks it out of the park.  Colin's "It's just noise to me," and Jeff's reaction are great.


(According to the CW site, this episode was originally shown on 8/4/14; did I miss something?)

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