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Casting Spoilers

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Is this confirmed? I use Stop Being Polite for info on the “regular” Challenge, but things tend to change.

We got Ben? And Mike as an alternate? I’m thinking only one of Probst’s wet dreams was allowed to compete at a given period of time.

There’s no one from Tough as Nails, and I’m honestly good with that. I can see some of them liking fame (such as it is), but they can’t risk their livelihoods.

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I was disappointed that Lulu, Cayla, and Joseph were made alternates.  I’m not too disappointed in the cast (surprised by some of the choices) but I was hoping we weren’t going to get MTV people.  I liked it last season when it was all CBS personalities.  

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I guess I'm confused - what is the point of a separate USA show when half the cast is folks from the original Challenge show?

(Darrell, Jonna, and Wes have done the original show, All-Stars, World Championship, and now USA... dang!)

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I barely remember Dusty. I’m blank on Luis. Looks like we’ll be down to two Racers this time. Cayla’s punishment for quitting is being an alternate.

C’mon, bring in the really memorable Racers! Colin & Christie probably wouldn’t be interested, but how about Becca and/or Floyd? Minimum, they’d be able to shut down Tori in a rap battle. And I’d be okay with Leo and/or James. They might annoy, but how were they as bad as some of the a-holes from the first season?

While I’m here . . . I don’t think constant Challenge is a good thing. I’m just saying,

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So someone that must have been confirmed after I last checked the list was Sebastian from Survivor 36.  Which, really?  I wonder if any well known CBS personalities were scared off from doing the show after how some of the S1 participants complained about how it was run (Tyson was the most vocal about it).

ETA: the above link I posted is beginning to post eliminations, so just an FYI if people don't want to find out those spoilers ahead of time (so far one person is gone, and the source is basing it on SM activity since filming is going on.  It may not be an official order).

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Per the link above, the elimination order/winners are (I'll put this in spoiler tags in case it isn't okay to post those spoilers here):



Elimination Matchups

- Ameerah eliminated by Michele (New water strategy one)

- Jonna eliminated by Tori (Balls in)

- Paulie eliminated by Johnny Bananas (Similar to the one bananas lost on Final reckoning faints Paulie/Natalie)

- Luis eliminated by Chris (Pole Wrestle)

- Amanda eliminated by Desi (Double elimination the same night as Luis , so I would assumme same setup? Pole Wrestle)

- Alyssa Lopez elimianted by  Cassidy

- Dusty eliminated by Weston

- Monte eliminated by Tyler

- Sebastian eliminated by Tyler

***Not sure what the match-ups are, but Tiffany, Weston, Alyssa S., Tyler, and Michele are the last 5 eliminated before the final 5.

Eliminated at the final 5:


Cassidy and Josh 

Final 8:


Tori, Chanelle, Desi, Michaela, Johnny Bananas, Cory, Faysal, Chris

Winners are:


Desi and Chris-so once again, two Survivors take The Challenge USA


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@LadyChatts thank you for posting those AND doing so with spoiler bars.  I think we are allowed to post who has been cast for a season, but not the results of eliminations (though I assume w/ spoiler bars it's ok).

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I looked at a cast photo and couldn't find Alyssa at first. Her hair is dark now instead of blond.

I wonder why BB Jasmine wasn't cast.

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