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S02.E17: Torn

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Twyla is tapped to assist the Rangers on a case as she and Cordell are beginning to grow closer. Meanwhile, Stella re-evaluates her feelings for Todd and Colton while Geri extends an olive branch to Denise.

Airdate: 06/02/2022

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I hope that's not the last of Twlya, she seems better as a character than Geri and the new Ranger. Twyla and Walker have better chemistry and work good together. She should be a series regular more so than Geri.

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LOL - all the ladies want Cordell! Denise still is carrying some kind of torch for him, Geri wants to mark her territory even though she broke up with him (stupid girl) and Twyla is getting all up on that while she can. Can't blame them as hot man is hot.

Geri was really overstepping her bounds today. She might have been right that Cordell's children wouldn't be thrilled at the prospect of him being involved with Twyla, but let's be real here... she wasn't just acting out of concern for August and Stella. She broke up with Cordell in order to foster a closer relationship with her birth family and therefore had no right to interfere with Cordell's new relationship. August probably would never be turning handsprings over his father and Twyla being an item, but Geri's inference pushed Cordell into revealing it too quickly and too soon. Which is a shame because there was some interesting chemistry between Cordell an Twyla. Hope that she comes back soon.

And last I remembered, the Walkers were at least part owners of the Side Step. So where does Geri get the right to remove Denise The Boar from the bar. Especially as it had been a gift from Emily to her husband. I get that she's trying to make nice with Denise, but she and her family had done nothing but make life hell for the Walkers since they strolled back into town. Where does Geri get off on wanting to make the Side Step "comfortable" for her sister. It's not her place and I really hope that she gets her eyes opened to just what kind of people the Davidsons really are.

Glad that Cordell and Liam are finally putting their heads together and looking at what really happened during the race. The idea that Bonham would set his son up with shoddy tack just isn't at all believable. Here's hoping that something comes up from it because I'm fed up with seeing the Davidsons swanning about like their shit doesn't stink. It's past time to take them down a few pegs.

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I'm torn because I like Twyla and she and Cordell have great chemistry, plus I am not thrilled with Geri right now, but Twyla makes a good point that their history is so complicated, dating might not be the best idea.

Geri might have dressed up her apprehension for Cordell and Twyla dating as being worried for the kids, it really feels like she just doesn't like the idea of Cordell dating someone else, which is not at all fair. She broke up with him, she has no place getting involved in his romantic life now, she cant just break up with him and then assume he'll wait for her until she realizes that the Davidsons are sketchy. Also, why does she get to make the bar "nice" for her new sister? Its not even her damn bar, its owned by the people her stupid family have been messing with since they rolled into town. I can get Geri wanting to get to know her biological family, but has she just forgotten what assholes they've been? 

Speaking of, I am glad that Cordell and Liam finally actually talked to each other about what happened at the race and are really asking asking questions. I am sick of the Davidsons always playing the victim, I want to finally get proof of their bullshit. As much as they have tried to portray this family feud with shades of grey, and the Walkers have certainly gone too far a few times, they are still pretty much always been the instigators.  

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Right now, I'm just going to finish off this season of Walker.  It will probably be my last.  A few points about this episode....

.  Cordell and Lliam are just now questioning the race?  If that has never happened before, why they didn't they question it that day?  Besides, it really is Cordell's fault for stopping to help Dan Miller, who had taked a spill.

.  Trey didn't apply for a ranger job did he? 

.  I could do without the kids storyline!

.  Twyla would certainly keep me interested in this show, but it seems she is gone.  What a shame!

.  I guess the show is pointing towards the Davidsons eventually screwing Geri over?

.  Did I say that I think the show can do without the kids storyline?

.  More Twyla and less Walker's kids

Between Walker's goofy expressions and character and not to mention not very good plots, I'm going to give up this show after the season.    

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I had been coming around this board, but I hadn't contributed to any threads on the episodes. I will give my take.

I liked the chemistry between Cordell and Twyla. I hope this isn't the last we'll see of her. I mean I get why they won't get together at this point, but I could see her returning at some point.

This whole ongoing love triangle between Stella, Todd, and Colton hasn't been that good, but in some ways I like Stella with Colton better. I hope it isn't because he reminds her of Trevor. Yes, I know that storyline is done, but just thought I'd make a point about that.

Here is something that I am surprised hasn't been mentioned: In that past episode with that festival, I recall Trey and Cassie sharing a drink together, and at the start of this episode, he was training her. I like how they are bonding a bit, but the last thing I want is for those two to get together. I mean for Trey, it hasn't been that long since Micki left and I don't like the idea that because she is Hispanic that she is too much like a Micki replacement. Granted, I know the two have different personalities, but still. Although there is a side of me that believes that down the road, maybe in season 3 that Lindsey Morgan could return as a guest but that would be it.

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