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  1. I disagree. I know people will always see her as Samantha, but I liked her in this role. It was a nice change and she played the part well.
  2. Fixed it. But yes, I think Netflix should have picked this up. If it does get saved, Netflix should probably be the way to go.
  3. I haven't been on here lately, as I mainly had been discussing this on Facebook groups. What got me was the ending. The moment I saw Becky approach Eugene with the baby, I knew, I mean I knew who the father of that baby was. The Monreaux family is torn apart, even though I am being Captain Obvious here. That Maxwell song really went well with that whole sequence. Man, I hope this show gets saved and is picked up by another network. There is a petition online for it. We can't let this show go by the wayside. Fox may have cancelled it, but this was one of the best shows I have watched in a while. I was only initially interested in it because I thought "Okay, I might check it out" and it was on after LA's Finest, which I have also gotten into. I really didn't think I was going to be into Filthy Rich as I had become. This show must be saved!
  4. With the real Jason waking up (or so it seems), I really wonder where this will go now. Also, the part about Becky getting a little fresh with Ginger, as it's shown on the preview for next week's episode, I will note that lesbianism is one thing that didn't cross my mind. Then again, so far on the show, it's been shown that she and Eric don't have the greatest marriage. I am still curious about Eugene. I know that this episode has shown that he is very much alive, at least that's how I see it. However, I'm still wondering about the kind of state he was in when he was taken care of by that woman at the swamp, and when he went to that retail store, and finally when he was arrested. A little off-topic, but I have to say that Alanna Ubach (Yopi, Antonio's mom) is still gorgeous. I remember thinking she was cute as far back as when she was on Beakman's World in the early-1990s. I know she is currently 45 and that's not really that old in this day and age, but still. Then again, Rachel York (Tina, Ginger's mom) is also gorgeous, in my opinion.
  5. I don't have Spectrum TV, so I am watching this on Fox. I am actually enjoying this show so far.
  6. My first post on this board (at least for this show) but I have been enjoying this show. I read some of the posts for prior episodes. It seemed plausible that Eugene was in a coma if he managed to get to a retail store and watch the show with the store's manager. Then came last night's episode. The prison guard just let him run off? Then came when he got to the yard of his house. He saw the prison guard, Juliette Lewis's character, and the lady who cared for him after the crash. I figured they were figments of his imagination and then saw Ginger's mom. I am really wondering where they are going with this plot.
  7. At some point, when Jill came in, I was like "this plot is 'pass the baby around.'" Of course, I kind of enjoyed it. Regarding Christy's allergy to cats, I'm glad that the show was consistent in its continuity. Because I actually remembered that when Christy, Bonnie, and the kids were staying with Marjorie, it had been shown that Christy is allergic to cats. I even remember the episode when she was looking for places to crash.
  8. While I found that part funny, I was actually hoping that there was some development in Rudy's character. He has been shown to be arrogant and conniving, so at first I thought that this was a way to give some more insight into his character. But no, it didn't turn out that way. Like I said, when he went back into the kitchen, I found that part to be funny.
  9. I knew that Harris was her last name because of the credits on IMDB and also through Archive of Our Own, as some fanfics were made of Mom.
  10. The more I looked at Wayne, the more I realized who that was. Peter Onorati is definitely one of those guys who you would recognize from stuff you have watched, despite not being a well-known name. I will always remember him as the guy who played Andrew Keegan's character's father in Camp Nowhere, as well as appeared in a 4-part episode of Walker, Texas Ranger as a New York detective. As for other parts, I was laughing at the closing line when Christy said, "I DON'T HAVE A MAN!"
  11. I had wondered what the resolution would be for the Aunt Cookie story. I am not in the least bit surprised. I know that there will be a third episode in that saga, but I don't want it to be so soon. I do know that there will be some resolution to that one and I know that it will not go well. As for the B-plot, I thought it was funny. I had a feeling that the guy was looking elsewhere when Christy made eye contact with him, but the part about him being gay and not speaking English was something I didn't expect. Nice revelation.
  12. The moment I heard Paul (Rudy's sidekick) talk, I was like "He can talk?" I even started thinking of the Planet of the Apes musical sequence from The Simpsons. Also, I had been waiting for a 3rd Rock reunion for quite some time. It finally happened and I was satisfied with that plot.
  13. Now that I think about it, there was one episode where it's blink-and-you'll-miss and you would see the guy who played Dharma's father from Dharma & Greg in an episode of Mom. I don't think he had lines, but it was him. If only he was in a scene with Marjorie, as she played Dharma's mother. Or maybe Jenna Elfman could appear in an episode. I could also imagine for Jill if any fellow My Name is Earl cast members would appear, like Jason Lee, Ethan Suplee, or Eddie Steeples. There is that one show that is on TBS that is done by the same guy who did My Name is Earl and Raising Hope, and Jaime Pressly has appeared on it.
  14. Good news, everyone! It turns out next week's episode will have the 3rd Rock reunion we've all been waiting for. Chef Rudy will return and the plot has something to do with him and Tammy. Can't wait!
  15. Just wondering, but did they change actors for Marjorie's son? I could have sworn that her son was played by someone else back in season 1 (At least I think that was when that episode aired) but now, he was played by Hodges from CSI. I guess Matt Roth was busy or couldn't be reached. Either way, it was a good episode and we finally got a Marjorie storyline after quite a while.
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