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S38: Casting Speculation & Spoilers

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Usual deal . . . there's a new season starting up (Ride or Die, apparently), and the cast is rumored to have been set. This list is pulled from Stop Being Polite . . . but I think it changed from the last time I read it.

As always: no results spoilers.


Amber Borzotra | Big Brother 16

Analyse Talavera | Big Brother 21 | Rookie

Aneesa Ferreira | Real World Chicago

Corey Lay | 12 Dates of Christmas

Chauncey Palmer | Amber B.’s Boyfriend | Rookie

Devin Walker | Are You the One? 3

Emmy Russ | Beauty & the Nerd Germany | Rookie

Fessy Shafaat | Big Brother 20

Horacio Gutiérrez |  Exatlón Estados Unidos | Rookie

Jack Maddox | Ex on the Peak | Rookie

James Simon | Aneesa’s Friend | Rookie

Jay Starrett | Survivor 33

Johnny Bananas | Real World Key West

Johnny Middlebrooks | Love Island US 2 | Rookie

Josh Martinez | Big Brother 19

Kailah Casillas | Real World Go Big or Go Home

Kaycee Clark | Big Brother 20

Kenny Clark | Kaycee’s Brother | Rookie

Laurel Stucky | Fresh Meat 2

Michele Fitzgerald | Survivor 32

Moriah Jadea | Influencer | Rookie

Nam Vo | Ultimate Beastmaster

Nany Gonzalez | Real World Las Vegas

Nelson Thomas | Are You the One 3

Nurys Mateo | Are You the One? 6 & Ex on the Beach 2 | Rookie

Olivia Kaiser | Love Island US 3 | Rookie

Ravyn Rochelle | Influencer | Rookie

Sam Bird | Love Island UK & Ex on the Peak | Rookie

Tamara Alfaro | Turbo’s Girlfriend | Rookie

Tommy Bracco | Big Brother 21 | Rookie

Tori Deal | Are You the One? 4

Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran | Survivor Turkey

Is "Usual Gang Of Idiots" too harsh? I think the newbies will be paired with the longtime vets because they're friends. On the Facebook group I frequent, Kaycee is compared with furniture quite often . . . so her brother showing up will probably thrill those fans.

Once again, the cast list will probably change from day to day . . . which explains why Turbo is in there. I don't think he should be banned based off WOTW2, but I totally understand the security people being really nervous about him. Fessy and Josh fight each other? They can handle it. Turbo goes ballistic? That would be a lot of consolatory letters to spouses waiting at home.

What are your initial thoughts?

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I’m assuming Aneesa and Tori are locks for the cast as long as they’re hosts of the official Challenge podcast?

Happy to see Laurel back and think she plays it well by coming back only once every couple of years ever since Rivals I.

Pleasantly surprised to see Corey, Jay, Michele, Nam and Turbo back. 

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I'm honestly surprised to see Johnny on this one.  I thought he would "graduate" to All Stars, and be done with this one.  Although apparently you can move back and forth, which I'm not personally a fan of, but they forgot to call and ask my opinion.

There are a lot of "friends of" and "boyfriend of".  The only way I'm cool with this is if it's a partnered game and they are all separated from the person they know.  But regardless, it's so watered down at this point, I don't know how much I really care.  I mean, I'll still watch it, but I'll be shocked if I actually get invested.

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I don't care about anyone on this cast and I cannot stand Turbo, still refuse to watch WOTW1 final due to him winning.  Depending on how spoilers go, I may not even watch this one.  Be the first one I have not watched since the very first Road Rules: All Stars Challenge 20+ years ago.

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6 hours ago, Unclejosh said:

I don't care about anyone on this cast and I cannot stand Turbo, still refuse to watch WOTW1 final due to him winning.

I can't agree on that. One thing . . . if this season is all about friends teaming up, who would Turbo's plus-one be? Or would he himself be a plus-one?

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11 hours ago, Lantern7 said:

I can't agree on that. One thing . . . if this season is all about friends teaming up, who would Turbo's plus-one be? Or would he himself be a plus-one?

According to Reddit, Turbo's partner is his girlfriend. 

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3 hours ago, Unclejosh said:

I think it is a new girlfriend of like a month or 2 unless I heard wrong.

The description is up on SBP. She looks good. I can't imagine going out with a mythical creature. Could she get away with copying his walk?

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Why they choose Argentina again?

Maybe cheaper production crews there or at least the camera and sound crews?

Or maybe they let them do whatever they want down there?

I guess there would be some undeveloped areas if they leave the city but would they want to?  The Challenge USA was filmed in Buenos Aires but the only landmark I recognize is the Punete de la Mujer in Puerto Madero district.

Then they could go to the mountains to the west or some desert areas for the Final.

The first season of All-Star Challenge was filmed in some mountain area, away from big cities.

As for cast now going between the main and seniors (All-Stars) tour, looks like the main show still offers $1 million.  But there are more days of competition and they start out with a larger cast so it's a longer slog and maybe the odds of winning are lower

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