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S02.E08: Disclosure

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As Nicky wrestles with a secret she's been keeping from Mia, she teams up with Evan, who makes a major discovery about his former boss. Elsewhere, Althea attempts to pull off a surprise 25th anniversary party for Harmony Dumpling against her mother's wishes, and Ryan begins to question what Sebastian may be hiding from him.

Joe Menendez directed the episode with story by Linda Ge and teleplay by Ryan Johnson & Peter Lalayanis.

Airdate: 5/4/2022


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This show is using its large ensemble cast so much better than others.

Okay, so Sebastian's an ex-con -- but so far it doesn't look like that's going to change much for Ryan/Seb. Also - the parents still don't know they're a couple, right?

Nice to see Mia interacting with some of the other family members. Looks like happy times end here, though.

So Zhilan can talk to Xiao too - and she didn't even have to make tea! That's a little concerning. I guess she kind of had some points, but I hope Mia doesn't listen to her just because Nicky was slow to tell her about what she saw in the dream realm.

Aw, hopefully Althea can expand the search for venture capitalists? There must be people out there not connected to her former boss.

This Tan plan is so complicated; but I guess that helps Nicky & Co. to foil him if there are so many steps.

Things are looking up for Evan! ... Maybe?

Fight scene in the library was cool. But maybe they should find another place for meet-ups and shenanigans, for the sake of the books!

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The last place Althea worked - SLACKER??? - was ready to be bought out... she can get her cash from the idiots buying it.

  • They would be too stupid to be intimidated by SleazeBoss
  • They overvalue things
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Nicky was in a room full of books and the bad guys don't know what the real book looks like, why would she throw the real book in the fire?

I don't like the Sebastian story line, he hits one guy one time and goes to prison. Nicky hits hundreds of people, hundreds of times, but I am sure she will never go to prison. I don't even know why the writers would put that thought into my mind.

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9 minutes ago, AnimeMania said:

I don't like the Sebastian story line, he hits one guy one time and goes to prison. 

This is like Con-Air backstory... Ryan will be unable to choose between Lee Ann Rimes and Trisha Yearwood at karaoke night

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It might have worked out for him at the end, but if I was Russell, I'd really be thinking of maybe doing a change within the leadership of my henchmen squad.  Head guy not only goes to an important drop by himself but freaking leaves the keys in the car so that a glorified unrestrained prisoner can make a getaway?  Yeah, he ain't winning Henchman of the Year, to put it mildly.

So, Sebastian's big secret is that he was in prison for manslaughter after he accidentally killed someone in a bar fight.  That kind of realism does make for an odd juxtaposition because now I"m just wondering how many of the baddies and lackeys that Nicky crew beat the shit out of went home and died in their sleep.  Not surprised Ryan still wants to make it work though, because a little manslaughter is no biggie in TV land!

Hopefully Althea will snap out of her funk soon.  I wonder if the issues that are going on with Chinatown/community (stores closing down and so forth) are setting up to have her to us her app to help with that somehow.

Evan's former boss was actually only working with Russell due to her fear for her family, but is now taking the fall for him.  But, hey, this means Evan will likely get his job back, so that's kind of a win, right?

Zhilan is back and has apparently been communicating with The Alchemist.  Looks like she is already planting the seeds to turn by Mia by telling Mia the truth first.  Of course, Nicky was this close to confessing it all (which might have saved everything), but just had to interrupted at the worst possible moment! 

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23 hours ago, thuganomics85 said:

Hopefully Althea will snap out of her funk soon.  I wonder if the issues that are going on with Chinatown/community (stores closing down and so forth) are setting up to have her to us her app to help with that somehow.

Ooh - That would be a nice way to tie in her arc to everything.

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Nice seeing Mia interacting with more of the family, she is becoming a bit more of a real character now beyond her plot importance, although now we have more upcoming drama with Zhilan and The Alchemist telling Mia about her destiny. Which of course Nicky hasn't told her about yet, because its the CW and everyone is pathologically incapable of not keeping huge secrets from each other. I am glad that Zhilan is back, she's the best. "Yeah I murdered my sister, but that was, like, a month ago. Stop living in the past!"

So we find out that Sebastian's big secret is that he accidently killed someone in a bar fight, which luckily for him Ryan doesn't see as a deal breaker, so now they're moving forward. Lots of romance this season, will Mia be getting a new love interest next? In between all of the attempted murders and ancient prophesies? 

Althea uses her app to help the struggling businesses in their community seems like a great way to bring those two plots together and for Althea to get her groove back. 

Evan's boss is going to jail, which means Evan can hopefully get his job back, but his expression looked a bit ambiguous. Does he want to give up working for the DA? Does he feel bad that his boss was arrested considering she was threatened into working for Russel? Is he worried that he could end up like her if he was threatened? 

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Well this episode happened. I'm willing to give them a couple episodes for plot movement, since they've done a really good job with the characters this season. Love that Zhilan's back. Love that she just straight up said to Mia that Mia was too important for Tan to kill, so Mia should kill Tan. lmao, Never change Zhilan.

Ryan could have used a sibling scene so we got to see him processing what Sebastian told him. I would have moved the first Zhilan scene to last week, to make room for the processing scene. At least the Evan stuff was interesting enough. I personally don't care whatever he chooses, since I never knew why he chose to be a ADA. Maybe he's disillusioned now thanks to this, and he won't take the DA's job back, I don't really care either way. Because if he's gonna be an upstanding lawyer/ADA I don't know that he can stay in the DA's office without taking Tan and the Illuminati, whatever their names were, down. 

I'm glad Nicky was going to tell Mia, that it wasn't going to be something she kept from Mia for a long time. I have no idea why she didn't get the book and put it back in the fire after she got the main guy from Tan's security down. So, that was dumb, but whatever she had an otherwise good episode. Here's hoping that next week picks up.

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There were a couple of dumb things in this episode, as others mentioned.  Throwing the REAL manuscript into the fire as a distraction, and then being completely distracted by the random henchpeople that Nicky and Henry let the head henchperson get away with the book was annoying.  And now Tan knows how to get the mallet for the bell... can't wait for the inevitable race against time to get the mallet first.  If Nicky gets to it first, they will destroy it and then Juliet will make a perfect recreation, until Tan needs the next accessory for bell ringers.  Idiot "whistleblower" should have come to San Francisco with a decoy manuscript ready in case he was forced to give one up.  

It also made no sense why Nicky would just abruptly leave and not finish her conversation with Mia, which will of course make her turn to Zhilan until she realizes she made the wrong choice.  Again.

Sebastian's big secret was not very interesting.

I guess Evan will be back to being in a convenient position to help Nicky.  Will the Tans conveniently let him stay in that position?

Still, like others, I enjoyed the character interactions and their use of the ensemble cast.  I enjoy spending time with these characters.  I wish we saw a bit more of the "community" they keep speaking of.  We should have seen some of the businesses struggling and then closing.  

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