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S02:E07: An Understanding

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Nashville, 1987: Ata and Rocky's marriage hits a rough patch; when teenage Dwayne questions his dad's decision making, Ata tells him the story of how she and Rocky met; in 2032, candidate Johnson decides to face his challenger head on.

Original Air Date: April 26, 2022
Steve Moulton as Haystacks Calhoun

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That was a nice, pleasant story about Rock's parents reconciling.

But if Rock is running for president, shouldn't he be running against his opponent, instead of this childhood rival who has been trolling him.

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Dwayne apparently winning a Tony at some point for his performance in Les Mis is so randomly hilarious, if unlikely.  Can't remember if he said he was Javert or Jean Valijean, but I'm just picturing Kevin Hart in the other role.  Or, if they wanted to really get everyone talking, Vin Diesel!

Still find it interesting how they're really addressing Rocky's flaws this season, but continue to highlight how much he means to both Dewey and Ata, and why they still love him despite his demons.  It's a direction that I enjoy and think they've struck the right balance of showing his imperfections, but also showing that he was good in a lot of ways too.

Seeing how Rocky and Ata met was touching and sweet.

Aww, Randall!  Don't let them guilt you: enjoy all the Trix that you can!

Dwayne is officially going into Brahma Bull mode now!  They will be smelling what The Rock is cooking very soon!

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Last year, I thought the teenage years were the weakest segments, partly because they had the least "real world counterparts," but this year it's proving to be perhaps the strongest segment.

Multiple laugh out lots moments tonight, but the "Wait, who is telling this story?" got me good.

The Gold Coast standing in for Nashville would probably work best if the change the banners on the light standards, haha

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I forgot to mention the most intriguing part of the show for me:  The Keke Pua'a Somoan pork biscuits.  Wow, did those look good.  Teenage Rock's reaction to them had me sold, too.  I've never heard of them, but I'm going to try to make these at some point coming up.  

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Even though the Canada part was a joke, I liked the difference between Rocky hitch hiking in 1950's Canada and how he was treated vs Rocky and Bruno driving through the southern US in the 80's.

I also think it is kind of interesting that high school aged Dewey living in Memphis this season takes place before the same Dewey living in Florida next season. I like that they have enough faith in the audience to understand that.

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