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S15.E17: Gambler's Fallacy

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Show of hands: Amaro is stalking Maria and she called Benson to get him to quit it, y/n.

Show of hands the second: Rollins should have quit in disgrace to make room on the squad for one of my TV boyfriends, The Logue, y/n. (Better yet, Benson quits in disgust. Rollins is a moron but I don't mind her.)

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This episode felt like a pain in my ass. Rollins needs to go, STAT! Don't be getting Tutuola in trouble! Oh and the rape was horrific. Especially the way the victim handled seeing Rollins. Heart breaking.

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Saw this for the first time last night (rerun).  Was thinking how unrealistic the outcome was for Rollins.  I'm no expert on police force personnel decisions, but how can they let Rollins remain a cop?  Just because she got lucky and ran into Donal Logue working undercover?  She dudn't do one or two bad things; she was a full-on operative for a criminal organization.  I rarely worry about realism in TV shows but this just struck me as too unbelievable.

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