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S01.E07: Chapter Seven: Impertinent Questions

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wow   what a surprise,  this  was  another  episode   that   continued  to      promote,   encourages,  excuses,  justifies,  rationalizes,  glorifies  and  Romanticizes   ADULTERY/INFIDELITY ???  


I mean I lost   count  at   the  number  of   people   that    Cheated  in this   episode.    How  SAD...

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Wow, this episode was really funny. It was 10x better than the previous episodes, I wish they all had been this good. The show still could be scarier.

Gaynor has a flass.

Patricia has a UTI and a horrible personality.

With all the rich people at the party, I thought when Kilt Guy pulled out that tiny bag of cocaine somebody was going to say "You call that Cocaine, this is Cocaine!" and pull out a sandwich bag of Coke.

Kilt Guy must have snorted all of the cocaine that was in that bag. Good thing he was wearing a cocaine filter.

With that perfect hole in the back of the skull, why would anybody think that wasn't done with a gun? Or were the kids running around looking for a gun?

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Now all of Patricia's f-bombs make sense - to tell her apart from Rosemary. 🤷🏻‍♀️

This episode had me cackling in quite a few places. I really enjoyed the kilt guy and Greg Kinnear in this one. "Sorry I peed your floor." 😂😂

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On 4/10/2022 at 10:19 AM, chediavolo said:

What is “ a new house tea”? 
I enjoyed this episode. Courtney Cox is surprisingly good. I find her husband grating. He’s a dirtbag who is on the verge of cheating himself. 

I'm thinking they mean "house warming party"

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Here is a different episode description:

Pat's deal with Rosemary rekindles her career and her marriage. But when a housewarming party spins out of control, Pat realizes she got more than she bargained for.

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