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  1. /checks watch Yup, it was about time for $Bill to come back begging for Katie to return to him, no questions asked and the water having travelled so far under the bridge it's actually hit the Atlantic Ocean by now.
  2. Holy crap, he looked like he was running the coat room in that horrible suit! I had to do a double take because I thought he was pulling a stunt and dressing up like an employee to throw the wedding.
  3. Big Kim isn't dumb, she's a complete narcissist. Her narcissism rules her control issues, and narcs HATE to be outdone, outshone, or contradicted. There is no way in hell that Big Kim was going to stay away from that gig. She could have easily had someone like Moriah record the gig and then watched it later, but Big Kim had to make it all about her feeling "hurt," and we all know she wasn't hurt - she was outdone by Olivia/the kids who left her. My dad's parents pulled this shit with my mom that Big Kim pulled with Olivia. As my grandparents were not religious, they pulled the "you're men
  4. Yay, Deacon! I guess they needed another shitbag to keep pace with Sheila. I love how Brooke, the one who slept with her daughter's husband and had another daughter with said daughter's husband, is yelling at Hope and demanding that she have zero contact with her father. I'm going to have to go back and revisit all of Deacon's sins, but if memory serves he's nowhere NEAR as insane and clinically psycho/sociopathic as Sheila is so I don't think Brooke is justified like Steffy is with Sheila to insist that Hope have no contact with Deacon (but I'll need to dig back into the archives to conf
  5. Kim in the car talking about how she just wanted to make sure Moriah was safe while wearing her seatbelt UNDER her damn armpit was so on brand for Kim, I just can't. 🙄 Then she sits there like a douchebag with her mask down under her nose - also not surprising. Is Ethan now desperate to get Olivia back because he isn't getting laid? I'm digging Max's mom - well, at least her hair. Here's hoping she can model some positive parenting behaviors to Kim. Oh, who am I kidding. Kim won't emulate anything that won't benefit her directly or magically conjure some carbs. 🙄
  6. Chase's mustache was absolutely ... gross. Too thick in some places, patchy and uneven in others, and going over his lip line. I just want to get in there with a pair of nail scissors and trim the hell out of it, it's so nasty. That being said, I appreciate his calling her out on pursuing a relationship with someone across the globe when she wouldn't even relocate to Wilmington for him, her supposed fiancé. And I love how Sweatney is bitching about her feelings about his engagement, like he's not supposed to be engaged to his babymama or marry her or anything. My god. Why should Sweatney
  7. I completely agree with all of this. She was very attached to Avi from birth, and she surprised me by breastfeeding him and being very protective of him. Even if she pulled off the breastfeeding for a few weeks she gave him a good immunity boost and also would have bonded with him further. Unfortunately, she is terribly unlikable and also selfish and I think that trickles down to the appearances/perception of her mothering. I know that these episodes are edited for both time and content, so with what the producers are showing us I'm not concerned with Avi at all. He's got a little village behi
  8. I have very christian parents and I had a kid out of wedlock, and then that kid also had a kid out of wedlock. My mother got a call from their church friend and she was crowing on the speakerphone about my grandbaby/her great-grandbaby, and the friend said that my dad was probably "pretty upset about having to go through the no-father thing AGAIN." Then this asshole proceeds to spend the remainder of the phone convo bitching about their pastor's father freezing him out because he was living with his ladyfriend without being married and how hurt he was that the pastor's father refused to speak
  9. Areola, why are you wearing super tight jeans with a hole where your cooter might fall out to the paeds? 🙄 I'm not mad at her or her reaction about the baby having surgery. I appreciated the way that she reached over the baby to touch Biniboomboom when she told him that she wasn't mad at him but just mad at the situation, and also when she talked about understanding how he was probably panicked about her taking Avi and not coming back like the first American he knocked up. But way to go dumping that news on him in a public place where you can make a scene and Biniboomboom isn't able to really
  10. The fact that Micah related that his parents discouraged college/university both angers and saddens me. I shouldn't be surprised but I actually seethed when I heard him say that. It is just another disgusting way for Kim and Barry to keep their children ignorant and dependent upon them while exercising their unending control. The rest of the episode was really a nothingburger.
  11. Also, and I'm not a dude so I can't speak to this issue directly, but I'm also thinking that walking around in wet unders/shorts through city streets would cause a certain amount of chafing ... especially with temple undergarments. My friend just got back from Hawai'i and went for a dip with his gf while on a hike, and took off his bottoms to swim because he didn't want to continue hiking in wet shorts and cited chafing specifically.
  12. That was Lydia. I thought that he just used that garage to tinker on his own cars as the owner is a friend of the family?
  13. I honestly thought that Victor was adorable when they showed him on the pixellated screen during the video calls. Now that we have the full-on HD filming experience? Yeah, not so much. I do not even want to know how much bacteria and filth is contained in that dangling hair crap trap on his chin!
  14. Dumb question, and I'm not sure how I missed this - WHAT does Ethan do for a living? I see him tinkering on cars here and there, but I don't know what he actually does for work outside of a TLC paycheck.
  15. Loving Scary Hair's white privilege in this episode, rolling into a devastated island, surveying Victor's brown sisters'/mother's flattened homes, being all "oh, shit that like totally SUCKS for Y'ALL," and then peaces out back to the land of air conditioning and charged cellphones. 🙄 If Victor had left me near the dock and I was around elderly folk trying to clean up I would actually ask if I could lend a hand (well, not moving poop in just a tank top, but I couldn't sit around for an hour+ watching people without helping). If I were marrying into the family I'd stay in my own house that DIDN
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