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  1. Oh, my god I will never be able to look at my kitchen scrubbie the same way again. 😂😂 This is also accurate as the actress playing Tara has the range of a kitchen scrubbie that is past its prime, goddess bless her. The good news is that Harrison is FLIPPING ADORABLE and we get to see a fair amount of him if she's around. It might just be me and my depression/anxiety combo, but I find myself FFing through pretty much everything on this show these days. I'll stop if I see Jack or Sally, but I have zero blessed clue as to what Amanda or her idiot family is doing. I also don't care abou
  2. When I saw the congenital dude's baby/child pics, it was SO obviously congenital that I couldn't believe all of the other surgeons didn't suspect it. It could also be that they thought that he knew his condition was congenital and figured they didn't have to mention it. And same with Princess Corset of Fakelandia. I love stories like Cassandra's (the transgender Jessica Rabbit model), but ones like PCoF's and others who have obvious body dysmorphia are tedious. Then they don't even have surgery, and it's pointless. If I never see Phoebe Price's face again it will not be a day too soon.
  3. Definitely more gritty than S1, but soooo good. I'm trying to get S4 in the U.S. before it airs on PBS in July.
  4. Unfortunately, Ramona, Leah, and Sonja are boring without the booze. I'd rather have falling-down-drunk Leah and Sonja than sober Leah and Sonja's one-trick-pony wailing about "THE MORGANS ARE MY FAAAAAAMILY!!!" For fuck's sake, Sonja. You've been out of the Morgan's line of vision longer than you were in it - let it GO.
  5. With Jack and Kyle being in such close proximity, she would definitely have the opportunity. And dammit, I was hoping Tara would be done and dusted. That actress is so wooden and really a one-note pony. But Harrison is the cutest little guy and I love seeing him with Jack, so I guess I can put up with boring, plaintive Tara as long as Harrison sticks around. Sigh.
  6. Evan showed that he was a class act (or at least acting for the cameras), and that's all I really got out of this episode. Luis is groce. I really don't have any other word for him. He seems skeevy and like he needs a good scrubbing. I don't blame Milania and Gia for not accepting him. I felt like Jennifer was fighting for her life to say anything and to maintain her relevance. I also might have drifted off but I don't recall her contributing anything important outside of assuring everyone that her children were "just fine" with seeing mommy falling down drunk and puking in a vehicl
  7. Thank you - and I LOVE your username (I have been admiring it from afar for quite a while now). I taught myself PLS-SEM for my PhD dissertation, and fortunately was not as sloshed as LuAnn was during her quarantine because I was writing ... but came close a few times! I have a Drinkworks machine (a cocktail Keurig), so at least that will get me through this season. I am not sure I have much else to look forward to as this is pretty dang dull.
  8. I started drinking 10 minutes in. I had to keep hitting 'pause' and attending to a dog and two cats and just kept pouring. Three cocktails in, I realized I hadn't even finished this episode. 😳 This truly does not bode well for the rest of the season, but I think I'm in good company. 😂😂😂😂😂
  9. I binged all available episodes of Mare of Easttown yesterday and it was fantastic. I absolutely loved The Nevers up until this episode. I haven't been a fan of the 10' tall girl or the multilingual one, but otherwise have enjoyed the characters and the plot. Personally, I HATE it when shit's explained by "oh, it's aliens" or "oh, it's time travel." It's so lazy and often not done well. Obviously there was an other-wordly element to the enormous glowing orb underground as well as the giant flying fishy-looking spaceship thing, but I'm so bummed. I don't know why I'm so bothered by it, but
  10. Same. Jen's mother, and I understand the generational issues she went through as we have the same in my family, is really a manipulative asshole. She's terrorizing Jen's sister as well as Jen with this whole "Your father is abusive" crap. I absolutely believe that her life was hell and I absolutely believe he emotionally and verbally abused her (I am not going to assume physical or sexual abuse - I don't think any of us need to go there). However, this drawn-out bullshit to where she's not even speaking to Jen for what? A year now? I liked her earlier when she supported her gay son at his perf
  11. Andy Cohen, and now Dolores, seems to want this to be The Semi-Real Gorgas of New Jersey Show. Dolores probably realized where Andy's fixation lies, and that's why she's hopped on the "Joe & Melissa are always right!" train. It's tiresome and boring, and we don't need over half of a reunion episode about the two of them sniping at/about Teresa (not that Teresa doesn't deserve every fucking second of it). 🙄
  12. What is up with Melissa's inverted widow's peak? The last few episodes she's had it braided straight back or pinned back. At first glance, I thought she'd actually shaved it! 😳 And I'm not getting the point of Joe shaving his head down to the point where you can see his hair transplant scar. Why spend the money and go through the pain of the plugs if you're just shaving it down? I'm not sure that either Melissa or JoeG know what a "merman" is, because that definitely wasn't it. Teresa's outfit was oddly cute. I have lived with my mom being an older version of Melissa for much of m
  13. I fully and completely support you here. I have been married for 25 years and we separated for one year at about the eight-year mark, and a divorce is a LOT to have to deal with after you've been with someone for a decade. I never personally jumped to file because I only had a part-time job, was in my first year of a master's degree, and had two elementary-aged children full-time + a house to take care of - and I also was diagnosed with cancer and had to do two years of treatments (one year during our separation). I did not want to lose my health, homeowner's, and auto insurance by filing, and
  14. She gets a Porsche and doesn't have to deal with a ring + the baggage that comes with one? And she gets squired around by a guy who actually loves going places with her and is her sounding board and her protector? Fuck, man. Sign me UP!!!
  15. My husband's grandmother was French Canadian and living in the NE, and was legally married (read: pushed by her parents) at 16 to a neighbor who was a decade older. She had her first kid at 16 as well and had 6 kids, and he died a few years before my husband was born. We honestly had no idea how bad it was until I asked, "Oh, Mem, how sad it must have been when Pepe died! I'm so sad that we didn't get to know him." She whipped around and yelled, "IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! I WAS FINALLY FREEEEEEE!" We haven't brought Pepe up again. 😳 None of my husband's siblings had any idea, either
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