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Coming Out: Heartstopper in the Media

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I'm a little disheartened to discover that there were enough fans accusing Kit Connor of queerbaiting that he felt compelled to come out as bi. 

I mean, good for him being honest, but no one should be demanding a celebrity be out before they're ready.

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TVLine names Kit Connor and Joe Locke "Performers of the Week" for the Season 2 finale, which features the scene in which Charlie opens up to Nick about his past struggles.

William Gao also receives an Honorable Mention for his work in the third episode, as he portrays Tao's bundle of insecurities in the midst of trying to create the perfect date for/with his crush/longtime friend Elle.

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Katya's insight that some kids feel pressured to have sex wasn't something I had thought of. I also found kissing-only to be unrealistic, but the show does imply that other couples are in fact doing more than that. It seems like a specifically Nick issue, but I also found it rather surprising. I think it's good to normalize not being pressured. But I also think it needed a little more explanation than they gave it, because it just seemed highly unlikely to me that Charlie and Nick would be in this category.

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