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S42 Jenny Kim

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CBS bio

Name: Jenny Kim
Age: 43
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Current Residence: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Creative Director

Favorite Hobbies: Travel, Pilates, writing, watching movies

3 Words to Describe You: Direct, open and compassionate

Pet Peeve: Arrogant people and those with a sense of entitlement

What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? As a designer, my career has certainly taken hard hits during times of recession. In those times, I've never given up and have, at times, shifted gears to a new career path (i.e., I became a certified Pilates instructor following the 2008 recession). I am proud of every twist and turn I have adapted to and can confidently say I am a successful design leader today. 

What is something we would never know from looking at you? I know how to weld and build furniture out of metal. I worked in a metal shop for a year. I’m crafty and good with my hands.

Who is your hero and why? My husband is my hero. He left Australia to follow his dream to live in New York with two suitcases and enough money to last a few months. He’s not afraid to try something different and take risks. He saved me from settling in life and inspires me to always strive for more!

Which past Survivor will you play the game most like? Kelly Wentworth’s tenacity is definitely something I will emulate. I don’t give up! Lauren Beck because she really studied and watched people to understand their motives. I love to study human behavior.

Why do you believe you can be the Sole Survivor? I have a high EQ (emotional intelligence). This means I know how to read people well and understand what they are feeling. I’m also a great listener and leader and know I will be able to gain trust.


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I enjoyed how, in her talking head regarding the triangle puzzle, she very nicely pinpointed the moment she realized her tribemates were going to be no help 😆

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Post show interview with Jenny:




ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tell me what it is like as you are sitting there at Tribal Council watching your fate in the game be determined by a conversation between Daniel and Hai.

JENNY KIM: By a couple of numskulls? Yeah, that was tough to watch. I knew that Mike and I had been working with Chanelle and Daniel for some time. But all along, I knew that Chanelle and Daniel were riding the middle. To what degree, I did not really know until my final Tribal Council. I did not know Daniel was sharing so much in information with Hai until Tribal Council happened and what they did not show was that Hai definitely called Daniel out and shared information that I had shared with him.

So, I already knew I was screwed. I knew my game was sunk, that Daniel was sharing information, that he wasn't keeping my and Mike's secrets under close wrap, and was telling Hai a few different things. So yeah, that was very disappointing. And at that point, my fate was no longer in my hands.




Daniel started off by immediately saying that he wasn't going to go to rocks. What is going through your mind as he says that?

I didn't blame him, to be honest. I knew that as a super fan, he probably was not gonna go to rocks. I knew as a super fan, I would not have gone to rocks in that situation. It would've been very difficult to convince me to do that. So I had a very hard time trying to convince him to go to rocks. And instead, what I did was I tried to lean in with Hai and say, "Hey man, we talked about this." So, Hai and I talked [before Tribal Council] about who to vote for. And when we talked, I got him to basically throw out Lydia and Daniel's names. And at that point I went to Daniel and said, "Hey, man, Hai is throwing out your name. So I don't know if he's playing you or he is playing me, but we gotta stay solid here, because Hai is not to be trusted."


Jenny also didn't know until TC that Chanelle didn't have her vote; she never told anyone but Daniel that she might have lost it.  She's also annoyed that Chanelle and Daniel tried to get Hai and Lydia to split the votes.  She doesn't give a favorable opinion of Daniel's game play because he was so in the middle.

Honestly, aside from seeing Jonathan in the challenge last night, I would have rather just skipped the rest of the episode and had an hour long TC.  Sounds like a lot of fun stuff went down.

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2 hours ago, LadyChatts said:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Tell me what it is like as you are sitting there at Tribal Council watching your fate in the game be determined by a conversation between Daniel and Hai.

JENNY KIM: By a couple of numskulls? Yeah, that was tough to watch.

It’s a shame Jenny is out, because now I like her even more.

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I liked Jenny, although it didn't matter to me if she was gone (mostly because I enjoyed seeing everything blow up in her alliance's face, and it wasn't even her fault for anything).  But that numskull line makes me think she could have been fun.

Another interview from her, talks a lot more about TC.


She was asked why they didn't try to put the target on Mike, since if it was a tie it wouldn't matter because he couldn't vote anyway, and Lydia could have gone home.  She also said that if she knew Chanelle didn't have her vote, she could have targeted her.

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