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S03.E06: The ATX-Files

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On 2/15/2022 at 6:44 PM, possibilities said:

My theory is that the cat can see Charles, more than that the cat is Charles. But I accept that multiple theories are valid. I have had cats who stayed off the table, so that colors my viewpoint. 

I miss Charles as a character. I wish they hadn't killed him off. 

I agree with both sentiments … I think the cat sees Charles more than that Charles’ spirit inhabits the cat. 

I also miss Charles. Of the three episodes that have made me cry, one was his death and one was this one (the third was Paul with his mom and sister). 

Also also, to respond to a post further up, I am SO hoping for a good strong Nancy-centric episode!!!! 

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What I don't get is why they thought they needed the Wyatt story in the first place. What does it have to do with the 911 concept? Whether or not it's a good storyline is irrelevant to my feeling that I don't tune into this show for this kind of story at all.

I think the producers get that Judd and Grace have become the main draw for the show and are trying to give them more story. The problem is that this show just doesn't do drama well. They need to stick to crazy rescue stories and steer clear of this kind of stuff. 

Question: how is "Marjan" pronounced? I swear I've heard it as both "Mar-Jan" with a hard J and as "Mar-Wan" with a silent J. 

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On 2/18/2022 at 5:08 PM, EllaWycliffe said:

I actually had HUGE issues with this and I normally like Grace. 

I work in the credit card industry. Little pro tip - the police do NOT call regular customer service to get information on customers. I've worked at two of the four major credit card issuers in the United States - there's a special number to a security unit for the police to call. If the police or 911 operators or medical people etc call in for customer info - they get directed to the special number. When Grace bullied the rep to give out private information by *threatening* to make a big public stink about how the rep refused to *give her personal information about a customer* simply because Grace was claiming to be a 911 operator, yeah, I was frowning. Thanks Grace, you got that rep fired for violating privacy laws and the company fined a huge amount if its discovered. 

I know this sounds petty but I am the one who gets the "well I saw on the tv that any yahoo can call you and claim to be the police and get ALL MY INFO" calls. 

Thank you! I've been reading all through this thread, waiting for someone to bring this up. I've never worked in that business, but even I knew they couldn't straight up give the information out like that. Any "nut" could claim to be from emergency services, etc. I'd be pissed if I found out my CC company gave out my info to someone who "claimed" to be a 911 operator.

This and the thing with Wyatt's veganism (along with a ton of other things) really makes me wish that writers would put a lot more effort into doing research, instead of coming up with contrived BS just to create drama. 

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