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S04.E12: Mr. Right Now

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With her baby daddy Phil back on the scene, Nomi debates how involved she wants him to be in Luna’s life. Zoey tries to mend the friendship between Luca and Doug as an attempt to improve her internship experience. Vivek feels guilty after lying on his resume. Jazz struggles to accept how Des presents himself.

Airdate: 02/10/2022

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I totally support free expression, but there's a time and a place. If your choices will make others uncomfortable, you do have to ask yourself if that is worth it. I prefer to wear pants at all times, because I feel the most me in them. I hate dresses and skirts, it makes me feel like I'm back in religious school and I feel like I'm stuffed into a cell and choking when I wear them, since they trigger bad memories.

Still, at my grandfather's Orthodox Jewish funeral on Sunday, i found a dress and stockings to wear, because it wasn't about me, it was about supporting my family and showing respect to an awesome man, and my comfort would have been at the comfort of others. 

Wearing a dress means people will stare at Des and Jazz, and it will be the spotlight, instead of enjoying formal together. 

I do see her issues with Des's clothing choices to be a problem, but I hate the selfishness of "I NEED TO BE ME" at a formal public event. It's not like Des is trans and feels like he is being forced to mask. He feels equally cool in male and female dress, so why not be cool with things that make Jazz happy too? If he really felt it was a deal-breaker, say so. And waiting till the last second up so she couldn't get another date instead? Not okay. 

Nomi is still horrid, but she's growing. I think Phil can legitimately have a prior engagement and need to celebrate another day. Luna is two, she won't remember or care. My 22 month old goddaughter doesn't know what day it is, and if I told her today was her birthday and brought a cake, she'd be gleeful. And if I brought her cake in two days, she'd be gleeful. Let's be honest, Luna and Goddaughter just care about the cake. Nomi is resentful she did all the work, after choosing to shut Phil out. Phil can have work to do, Phil can have many reasons he can't make it. It doesn't make him a bad parent. 

I want to throw things at Luca, he's the most selfish, entitled, sexist, lazy, creepy, horrible character ever, Glad his sister can slap sense into him.  

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On 2/11/2022 at 7:09 AM, dungeonwriter said:

Nomi is resentful she did all the work, after choosing to shut Phil out.

100% this.  Nomi is holding Phil accountable for her decisions and for things that she is not communicating to him.  Work trips are often planned weeks or sometimes months in advance.   Nomi probably planned Luna's birthday party around her schedule.  It's not reasonable to assume that either Phil's schedule is wide-open or that he can drop everything.  If you want him there, you need to let him know or ideally, consult him in the planning stages of the party.

Also, it was frustrating when Nomi was criticizing Ana for not taking her side more when Ana was clearly thinking what was best for Luna. 

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Its great that Des wants to express himself, but I thought that him surprising Jazz by wearing a dress after she asked him not to seemed pretty rude. I don't like when people use "I have to live my truth" or "I have to be me" as an excuse to make everything about you and ignore what other people want. He could at least have talked to her beforehand instead of just showing up in a dress, if its such a deal breaker for both of them its probably time to break up. 

Luca is such an ass, I have no idea why anyone wants to hang out with him when they don't have to. 

Nomi was out of line with Phil. I can get still being upset about him being out of their lives for so long and being wary about him disappearing again, but it does seem like he wants to be there for Luna and even if Nomi is still pissed at him, its better for Luna that she knows her dad. Besides, if it that big of a deal that he misses her one birthday? Luna's a toddler, she wont remember if her dad she just met was there when she looks back on her childhood, and I cant imagine she will feel too traumatized right now, she just wants cake and a big stuffed toy. Glad that Ana got Nomi to see sense, its really nice that they have given her a lot of good material in the last few episodes. 

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This episode had super weird pacing for me…it was like a lot of short vignettes and seemed to jump around a lot.

I did like Aaron and Vivek just eating pie the whole episode at a diner on different days.

Yara is always lovely, but she was stunning with her shorter hair tonight.


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