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  1. Especially given her academic probation for cheating, and her dropping out mid-semester, and her not only not getting the internship but completely disrupting it so badly that she was fired. In most schools, she'd get an F for the internship and be bounced. If they wanted to be more fair and still get her out, she could have been allowed to do charity hours to something like Dress for Success, and applying her talents to help the less fortunate. That would move my dial from "hell no" to "Meh, hours are hours, she's doing decent work, give her a C and let her be out of our hair."
  2. I'm hate-watching it by now, because all my shows are on hiatus and 22 minutes is the perfect amount of time to watch the show for the bus ride I take. Aaron and Zoey are a seriously toxic couple. They don't listen to each other, they don't communicate, they aren't in love, but in lust. Aaron doesn't respect Zoey, and Zoey doesn't respect Aaron. They are just horrid to each other. And Zoey gets special treatment again. She doesn't have to complete a full internship because strings are pulled. I hope the real world smacks some sense into her, because she ruins her chance to use her
  3. It's entirely possible that the late Mrs. Silver had no idea she was a witch, and hide her powers. We see there are witches who had no idea they had powers. I also wondered if Penelope was adopted or a step-child raised from a young age. But if Silver truly believed witches to be an abomination, killing his daughter makes sick and tragic sense. Better for her to die as a "suicide bomber" than to live as his great shame. Murder on a military base by soldiers is court martial, I believe, not a civilian trial. I do find that incredibly annoying. There's so much rich material to min
  4. Normally, when watching Grown-Ish, I find Aaron sanctimonious and preachy, but here, he was rightly pissed. Luca acted in a way that hurt Zooey and is showing no remorse. That's pretty noxious. Luca is just as self absorbed and sanctimonious, and he came across as sociopathic. "You're welcome." And Zooey had absolutely no leverage to get her outfit back.
  5. A few choices: A. You mark them as absent. Schools often have an attendance policy. B. You ask them to leave the classroom. C. You deduct points from their grades. D. You talk to the Dean. E. You tell them to laugh, but good luck on the final. All of the material will be on it and he doesn't plan on curving grades. Aaron had a variety of choices. He failed to use a single one.
  6. Yes, Luca "You only got the job because you are a pretty girl" Hall gets to pretend he has Zoey's back. That's rich. Jazz is currently carrying the show on her back.
  7. Okay, the writers clearly do not know how a military works. Seriously, there is a chain of command and insubordination is a crime. I also found the General Alder performing the execution to be strange. But yes, it's great seeing Alder finally fall and stop sucking the life of other witches to stay alive. If Alder is 327+, how many biddies died for her?
  8. Aaron is a really sucky teacher, but the students are acting like high school students. Are college students like that? Although the ending of the "same" students and how life-changing it was was poignant. I found the message of "I don't want to be an obstacle" as a way to validate Esme's stealing confusing, but Luca's actions were incredibly foolish, especially without asking. For all he knows, Esme could have agreed to give Zoe a job and that could have put it in jeopardy.
  9. I predicted Javi would walk and I'm glad he did. He can't take the drama, and he shouldn't have to. The episode wasn't as powerful as last week, and "defiling the temple of our friendship" was sickening to me. Kiki is a grown woman, she can decide for herself who she wants to sleep with. If I had a brother or sister close to my age, who fell in love with one of my friends, I'd be happy. I might worry a breakup would make things messy, but seriously, Luca is really misogynist for a "woke" person.
  10. The episode was deeply moving, so I feel churlish nit-picking a minor plot point, but Ana needs serious help. The nerve of Javi to ask someone else's opinion on a gift, instead of magically knowing the right one for her? Asking a friend for advice isn't a sign of poor character, it's a sign of being a normal person. Hell, my friend asked me advice about a gift for their partner yesterday, because they needed some feedback. Javi researched, because he wanted to make Ana happy and Ana always has to find a source of drama and gods help him if he had gotten a bad gift. She needs to ch
  11. Ana and Nomi's friendship is beautiful. I fanfic them going to law school together at Stanford and becoming political commentators on their viral podcast, and then becoming hotshot attorneys at Segal-Torres, specializing in some niche field and making bank. I think they'd make a terrible couple romantically, but as best friends, they could rule the world. Vivek's dad gutted me, the disgust was palpable, and Vivek's heartbreak was right to the feels. Honestly, I also realize how much he shut them out. For the last three years, he's been lying to them over and over again. Drug dealing, ac
  12. I would have loved Tara Strong or Grey DeLisle to voice Teela, and the animation wasn't amazing, but I honestly loved the show. I actually understood Teela's rage. I think a lot of it was guilt, abandonment, and PTSD. She saw her closest friend sacrifice himself in front of her eyes. Worse, it was not a big strong hero but a scared young boy looking back at her. He was so young, so utterly helpless to do anything but be blasted with the full force of magic to bits, to save humanity. And she could do nothing for him. She saw her Prince die in front of her. First day as Man-A
  13. Normally I'd agree his grandfather did it for him, but it sounded like his grandfather never wanted to talk about it, and Paxton convinced him to open up. My grandmother survived Auschwitz, I get how delicate those conversations can be, and he had also clearly researched the issue and created a poster about it. He wanted to go above and beyond, and that meant thinking outside the box, beyond the paper. I kinda admire that, showing how Paxton may not be academic but has other skills like empathy and close family ties. So, well done, Paxton.
  14. Zoey is so incredibly selfish that it is painful. My friend "Tess" was the Rochelle in a situation like that, and telling her almost put her in a mental hospital. Finding out she had been cheated on and lied to and used just sent Tess spiraling into a complete breakdown. When I saw the episode and heard "dumped for someone as shady and backstabbing as you" and how uncomfortable she had felt for months (and yes, Tess actually did have to help the Zoey figure in the equation several times, same industry, and Tess was just as professional and kind) my heart broke for both Rochelle and Tess.
  15. How did Scylla take Bonnie's face to trick him? Wouldn't Bonnie remember having her face burned off? Tiffany being led to be stoned was horrifying, so I like Scylla as an avenging angel. Still doesn't make up for her mass murdering people.
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