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S09.E13: Unfinished Business

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20 hours ago, Xebug67 said:

I'll be pissed though if only Heather is reprimanded and faces negative repercussions for her use of the word. 

Her negative repercussion is probably going to be that her Below Deck career is over. I'm not a Heather fan, but I could see her getting at least another season on the show.

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I missed several episodes. Actually I deleted them when I saw stupid lazy ass Rayna in the description. I missed the nice stew being let go or quitting. I put the recent episode on and low and behold Lazy ass is still acting like a victim of something. Eddie is kissing her ass in an effort to look like he gives a shit about a lazy rude employee who is playing victim and nobody will dare call the asshole out. Pathetic and crap. Heather is annoying as well, not because of that stupid incident but because she’s not a good chief stew. Frazier doesn’t bother me  although I did skip episodes so maybe I missed some petty behavior. 


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On 1/25/2022 at 12:59 PM, njbchlover said:

I think that Heather went into this season with Capt. Lee expecting to automatically have the same type of relationship with him as Kate does with Capt. Lee.  I'm sure she's watched ALL seasons of the show, and she came in with those expectations, and oh, how wrong she is!  From the way she TOLD Capt. Lee that he had to do the vow renewal on the last charter, to invading the wheelhouse with those stupid props.  Kate and Captain Lee have a long relationship (I think they worked together at times even prior to the show), and developed a trusting working relationship along with friendship over years.  Heather presumed she would be able to have the same type of relationship, banter and trust between herself and the captain.

IMO, Heather is also immature and into "one-upping", thinking she was going to replace Kate as Capt. Lee's favorite cheif stew (that's immaturity) in one season.  Didn't work that way, because she's basically a crappy chief stew and doesn't understand anything about gaining life experience and utilizing it.  She doesn't know how to effectively manage a team.  Bringing one of her "besties" on for the last 1 - 1/2 charters is all well and good, but don't be doing cheerleader moves and braiding each other's hair while charter guests are on board - show some level of  professionalism.  Don't be chastizing Frazer for DOING HIS JOB of being a stew.  I'm not a huge fan of Fraser and his many insecurities, but he's doing his job taking care of the guests, taking care of getting the crew's lunch served and basically everything else, while you and your bff are braiding hair (in the crew mess, no less - with food on the table!!).  

Heather is no Kate, Heather isn't even at the same level as Fracesca (BD), Hannah (BDM) or Bugsy (BDM).  

About Heather’s presumption about her working relationship with Lee:

I’ve seen this episode a couple times. Not even Kate would dare to show Lee the complete disrespect that Heather did by talking back to him about the guests. Shit, Kate would not have stood for everyone being on dinner break all at once, for that matter. When the guests are above deck, wandering around looking for drinks and everyone is in the galley chowing down, did Heather really think Lee would buy her bullshit about “just having checked on them”? Again, complete disrespect — especially her attitude when she walked away. And Eddie? Eddie of all people should have known better, but then he seemed to be the only one having an “oh, shit” moment when Lee came down the steps. The new girl actually seemed to be smirking. Everybody else kept eating. Amazing.

BD has really jumped the shark (no pun intended) since Kate left, and I’m not quite the fan anymore. Lee can’t (and shouldn’t have to) carry this show on his own, but when he has a new cavalcade of chuckleheads to deal with every season…

(The HamFans were just annoying. Borderline phony, and the role-playing was just 🤢🤮. Nobody messes with Hamilton.)

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On 1/25/2022 at 3:07 PM, iMonrey said:

I'm so over Rayna and her passive aggressive bullshit. And I'm so over the way this show is bending over backwards to coddle her for some unfathomable reason. She is not a victim, she is problem of her own making. And she can shut it with that "God is good" crap she spews, there is nothing about her behavior I would consider particularly Christian. How many times does Heather need to apologize for simply repeating something she herself said? 

Of course Rayna does not want to sit down with Heather and Eddy to put this matter to rest. She knows her hypocrisy would be exposed. And yet the show wants us to believe, for one second, that neither Eddie nor Lee ever once asked Heather what went down. Even though they work in the closest quarters imaginable and literally run into each other 24/7. Even though we see Heather, Lee and Eddy discussing the Hamilton beach picnic up in the wheel house. No, neither of them ever once said "Hey, Heather, what's this I hear about you using the "n" word with Rayna?" Of course they did, it's absurd to imagine otherwise. They know what actually went down. But the show doesn't care if Eddie and Lee look bad. They're all about managing Rayna's image.

It wouldn't surprise me if Heather skips the reunion show (assuming there is one). The NDAs these people have to sign probably prevents her from telling the whole story. Yeah, Heather is maybe not the best Chief Stew we've ever seen, but this bullshit narrative the show is determined to play is making me side with her. 

Did Rayna use the name “Karen” as a derogatory word against a viewer who asked a question? And did she use it to shut down the person and take away their voice? Shame on you Rayna for saying it, shame on the network for broadcasting it, and shame on you Captain Lee for laughing at it.

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Did Rayna use the name “Karen” as a derogatory word against a viewer who asked a question? And did she use it to shut down the person and take away their voice? Shame on you Rayna for saying it, shame on the network for broadcasting it, and shame on you Captain Lee for laughing at it.

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