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S05.E05: West Coast Offense

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I feel like we had three episodes in one.

The Derek Nichols case could have easily been fodder for a whole episode...and if it was, it could have been better written too.

The Jane Doe saga could have also been a whole episode.

Oh, and this Sanchez stuff probably should have been an episode or two with how simple they've written the story. At this stage, Hondo vs. Sanchez in Hell in a Cell would be the only thing that could save this storyline, and we're not getting that.

I'll give the show this much credit- that final scene of camaraderie was nice. Many in the guest cast were great too, especially Quincy Chad (Nichols) and the actor with the perfect name for his part, Jock McKissic, who played the disgruntled offensive lineman.

I'll also credit the show for not making Joel Johnstone's character, Nichols' manager Wolf, a bad guy when I thought he would be.

Still, it's yet another in a case of "what could have been" if the writing was better. Oh well...on to next week.

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I enjoyed it overall. I think the Sanchez vs Hondo continuing story is interesting as long as they make the journey and the resolution interesting, even if we know Hondo will win somehow in the end

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9 hours ago, SnazzyDaisy said:

What’s the true intention behind the Jane Doe story? To humanise Hick before wrapping up the Hondo-Sanchez saga?

I think the purpose was both to show a personal side to Hicks and to demonstrate his friendship with Deacon.  I don't recall whether they have ever been shown as friends.  Can anyone else get away with calling Hicks Bob?  Certainly not Street.

I liked the story about the football player and his back story with Hondo.  I thought it was a good mystery because everyone involved with the swatting victim seemed to have some motive for the crime, as they all had resentments or financial entanglements. The actor who played the sports agent was entertaining as well.

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The sports agent did seem like the obvious choice and usually is, so I was pleasantly surprised that for once the slick dude in the suit wasn't the bad guy.

I knew beforehand that Hondo would contradict Sanchez, but when all was said and done, I was wondering when that happened. He didn't move in until he was given the go-ahead, so it adds another layer to Sanchez's smarminess that he took what Hondo did as insubordination.

I'm in a wait-and-see approach right now. With the whole team in on it,  I'm thinking they may wind up turning the tables on Sanchez, which is how they get him out of there.

It's interesting how Sanchez walks the line between actually caring about the job he's doing and looking for ways Hondo can screw up. I find it fascinating how he could lay all of that on Hondo and still talk to him like a comrade. 

For these reasons, I believe Sanchez isn't coming off one-dimensional and mustache-twirling so much as a man brown-nosing his way to the top by doing whatever the top brass asks of him.

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