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S10.E17: Jeff Davis 2014.08.04

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Yes, Ryan's line was fantastic, and Jeff's delayed reaction was hilarious.


I liked all the games. It was nice seeing Party Quirks and World's Worst. And YIKES to whatever it was Jeff was doing with his fingers. Crazy. I loved that after each one he screamed in pain. I thought all the World's Worst bits were good.


Greatest Hits was fun, too. The opera song was good, but I loved Jeff doing Christopher Walken, esp when after saying Walken-ish threatening things, he immediately grinned and started dancing goofily.


I liked Irish Drinking Song, particularly Colin's closing line, "Oooo! I get some wood!"

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I actually clapped in glee at the announcement of Party Quirks. Why have they waited so long for it??? (I still automatically envision Tony Slattery as the host of the party, though.)


I concur with the greatness of "I didn't even want to come." Brilliant.


Still cringing over Jeff's finger torture.


The audience member Wayne singled out in Weird Newscasters was awesome.

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I think the intent of Wayne's Newscaster character was different from how he interpreted it. I expected him to pick out people in the audience with bad haircuts, similarly to a previous Weird Newscasters bit when one of them rounded up the bald-headed gang. But maybe Wayne thought that would be too mean to single out people with questionable haircuts, so he turned it around.

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It was such a fun episode! I laughed very hard through the show and just cringed whenever Jeff did the finger torture stuff.


I agree that Party Quirks was a welcome return, as was World's Worst. (Now if they would bring back Three-Headed Broadway Star.)


A great episode to re-watch many times!

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That was fun! I laughed so much I scared the cat. No Helping Hands, no waste of time guest star, just the 4 guys doing great games. Two things: Colin being coarse is just wrong.  And as hilarious as those Greatest Hits were, nothing--nothing, I say--will ever top "KELP!"

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Introductions: Wayne-- Lord of the Dance, Jeff--Lord of the Manor, Colin-- Lord of the Rings, and Ryan-- Lord of the Apes.

Games:: Let's Make A Date, Newsflash, Award Show, Hoedown, and Scenes From A Hat.


Wayne's "Aggressive Thai beauty therapist" was wrong and funny.

Newsflash was, as usual lately, gross.

I loved the callback in Award Show. I also enjoyed the other nominees-- Tony and Sara Flaherty, along with  Portia Jones and Estongela Blank-Smith/ Estronjella Blanksmith.  That was such an...unusual segment. Funny, but unusual.

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