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  1. Iboatedhere

    Drunk History

    I love that the Florida costume in the first story was a remake of Lisa’s.
  2. Iboatedhere

    LSSC: Season Two Episode Talk

    I was young when King of Queens came out and so I feel like I grew up with Leah Remini so I'm always going to have a soft spot for her but I thought that was a great interview. I find the whole Scientology thing fascinating so I can't wait to watch her documentary.
  3. Iboatedhere

    Paranormal Witness

    I know, right???
  4. Iboatedhere

    S07.E03: Teen-A-Witch

    I was hoping it was Little King Trashmouth stealing the pumpkins but seeing Mr. Fischoeder zoom by in his cart and Bob's "Oh my god" was satisfying.
  5. Iboatedhere

    Paranormal Witness

    She did seem pretty quick to jump right to Native American spirits. I don't know if the stories are always true (I like to think that they are because I completely believe in ghosts) but the reenactments always freak me out and make me jump. I'm glad the dogs were okay and they kept them in the house afterwards. Didn't last season have a story with Native American spirits? The one where the Christmas tree was turned completely upside down? I thought that one was a lot better. Last nights episode was pretty good if only because I'm wicked shallow and the actors playing Yates and Brown were very hot. I would have liked to have known more about the history of the prison and theories about who the dude haunting it was and why. Was the woman in the nightgown in the bedroom supposed to be Sylvia Thomas? I actually googled her and her husbands name to see if they were making them up or changed their names and they didn't. Overall I thought it was a little sloppy. I'm longing for another amazing episode like my all time fav Fox Hollow Farm.
  6. Iboatedhere

    Paranormal Witness

    I thought last nights episode was pretty solid. The older daughter had great hair! Yay for original recordings. I didn't hear Stephen, I thought it was too scratchy, but "Richard" and "Yes, she better run" were really clear and made me shiver. And the dog made it to the end!
  7. Iboatedhere

    Paranormal Witness

    While I buy that The Devil could be a guy in an internet gaming chat room (or really any guy leaving douchey comments on a youtube video) I don't buy that you can print out a contract with him on your home computer. He's at least got to mail it to you. But this was a really good example of why you shouldn't open any links from someone you don't know or that look fishy. It's all fun and games until your soul gets sold. All in all I thought this episode was a mess but the guy that played Eric was cute enough to keep my attention. He kind of had a Chris Messina vibe to him.
  8. Iboatedhere

    Paranormal Witness

    I thought last nights episode was a lot better than last weeks. When she was sitting at her computer and the woman was slowly inching her way closer behind her....I couldn't even look. I watched out of the corner of my eye and I was watching it this morning in the daylight. I wouldn't have slept at all if I watched it live. Also the very end where she was hanging and the rope snapped then she climbed up the bed.....nope nope nope. I would have called the cops at the first sign of trouble especially if they knew that there had been squatters in the past. I also would have been on the phone to the brother instead of the father a lot more often. The brother was 5 minutes away! Call him! Obviously the salt ring did something so they should have stayed in the living room. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  9. Iboatedhere

    The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore

    If Ricky just gets high on election day and doesn't vote he should take his ass off this show. You can't make fun of it or talk about it if you don't contribute to it.
  10. Iboatedhere

    S05.E15: Jeff Day / S05.E16: Helmet

    Nick figuring out that the shoulder less Dutch boy outside Dave was referring to was actually Jess was funny. "The one where I'm in a muffin test kitchen and Hilary Clinton tells me my muffins suck." Is the most Jessica Day dream. "Oh god am I unhappy. I'm casting cats." - What commercial/things has that guy been in because I feel like I've seen him everywhere but I can't put my finger on it. Sam's two dads was a nice touch.
  11. Iboatedhere

    The Kitchen

    I'm with Jeff about the mayo thing. Just thinking about licking it off a spoon makes me gag.
  12. Iboatedhere

    The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore

    If Mike doesn't know who those men are then maybe he is one of those men. I was waiting for someone to say that. And I really like Mike. But c'mon, man.
  13. Iboatedhere

    S05.E11: The Apartment

    I was oddly attracted to Schmidt in this episode. Maybe it's because I've been seeing Max Greenfield everywhere while he's been promoting his new movie but...I don't know.
  14. Iboatedhere

    Snark Talk: Home, Home on the (De) Ranged

    Ina has a recipe that we always use. It's delicious.
  15. Iboatedhere

    The Kitchen

    I made a pizza on the back of a cast iron pan like GZ suggested and it got really crispy. I did burn my hand on the handle getting it out but I can't really blame them for that.