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Timeline Inconsistencies aka Why in the Hell is Liam Still a Toddler?

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I know that in season 1, one set of twins was used and then another set have been used in seasons 2-4. Liam was supposed to be 1 in the first season, and by season 4 he is 3 years old. The twin actors who play him have just turned 4 this past June. Probably one reason for keeping Liam young is to avoid having to deal with lines from such a young actor (remember the twins of Seventh Heaven? They grew up not able to act and could barely manage lines until they were 7). And overall the timeline of the story is supposed to be about 2 years have gone by since it started. Of course, this doesn't explain why Lip was 16 in season 1 and is now 19 or how Debbie went from 10 to 13 either. 

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Oh, man, I could talk about the Shameless timeline ALL DAY (for some reason I get really obsessed wtih show's timelines).  Like CarolMK said, I think on the show the total amount of time passed is about 2 years (to get really technical about it, I think it's been 2 years and 2 or 3 months). Of course some of the characters have magically aged three years, though.  At least most of the time the amount of time passing between seasons made sense--until you get to the break between season three and four.  They end season three in December and they start season four in October/November (Fiona going to the Bears' game) but Svetlana and Carol are still pregnant and I think it's only supposed to be a few months after Ian left for the military?  I think the writer's often revise the timeline later as they revise what they want to do/what season they want to be in and then the audience just has to go with it.

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Liam's age was all sorts of confusing in the first 2 seasons. I thought they kept saying he was 2. But that age didn't make sense compared to the time that their mom allegedly left. Frank said she left when he was 2 months old. But then Fiona said she left when Fiona was a junior in high school, which should have made Liam like 4 or 5 because Fiona was 21 then.

Whatever though... I definitely agree that real little kids trying to deliver lines on shows is often a nightmare. Those Seventh Heaven twins sure were painful to watch, yes.

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I think in "real time" it's only supposed to be about 2 1/2 years since the series started. Ian was 15 in season one and Lip 16. However, last season Lip told Amanda's parents that he was 19, so Ian should be 18 or close to it. Also, if Ian hadn't dropped out, wouldn't he have graduated right about now (summer starting)? The one I'm not quite sure about is Liam, he was supposed to be about 18 months in season one, and he looks to be at least 4 years old by now. It's funny how both actors who play Carl and Debbie are now 15 , they're literally a month apart in real life, but he looks at least 2 years younger than she does. Deb was 10 1/2 in season one, but she looks too old to be age 13, or whatever age she's supposed to be now. I believe Carl is supposed to be either 12 or 13. 

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I think Debs is supposed to be 15-16 now, and Carl like 13. But Debs (or rather, the actress who plays her) certainly filled out since last season. She looks a LOT more grown up now. That girl has more titties than I do at 32!!! I think all the younger Gallaghers have significantly matured since last season. Makes it a bit less believable....and how is Ian still 17? That one I still don't get. He better have a damn birthday this season or I am calling shenanigans.

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